Ghostbolt Games is a independent games company based in Canberra, Australia. It was founded in 2016 by Jack Ewens, Michael Lenarcic, Llewelyn Byrd and Andrew Stark.

The company is focused on creating its maiden game and is planning on releasing it in the future.



Jack Ewens - Jack is a programmer from Sunny Queensland, Australia. He moved to Canberra to study at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. He's been making games as a hobby for about 9 years and is looking to put that experience to use in Ghostbolt's premier game Scrapper. 

Michael Lenarcic - Michael is a 3D artist, raised in Canberra, Australia. He's been at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment for the last 4 years studying both the Screen and Games aspects of the interactive industry. He particularly enjoys Environment and Technical Art.

Llewelyn Byrd - Llewelyn is a programmer with 4 years of experience, who has been living in Canberra for over 10 years. He studied many different fields of media in High school and College (Film-making, animation, web design, etc.), and eventually realised that games programming was the one that best suited him.

 Andrew Stark - Andrew is a 3D artist who was born and raised in Canberra ACT. Ever since Andrew was a little kid, he loved the whole 3D world and still loves the whole 3D gaming world. Andrew loves and likes a bit of everything when it comes to concept, modelling, rigging and animation.


Working on a exciting new project? Ghostbolt Games would love to hear from you! Anything from a small mobile app to a full blown game, Ghostbolt Games would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss potential partnerships or contracts.

For any inquiries, get in touch with us at contact@ghostboltgames.com


Special Thanks

We'd like to give a huge shout-out to the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, CanDev, and GamePlus for supporting us

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