The Cashback Casino Bonus: What does that mean?

If you are new arrival in the casino world, then you will see a term more frequently under the variety of bonus programs: the Casino Cashback. Behind it hides a kind of money back premium of the arcade. It is one of the most sought-after actions at all, the reason: she usually has only a few conditions and is very easy to use.

The principle is explained quickly. They play normally in the casino, numbers what they want and put what they want. However, there is a loss, the casino operator reimburses a certain amount of it. How to do and how to participate in the coveted action can be found here.

How does a Cashback Casino work?

If you are fortunate and you will find one of the few gambling halls that this action offers, then you do not have to pay attention to it - at least if you are entitled to participate in the offer. At the core, the online casino cashback is not a money back guarantee, as it would mean that they could get everything used back. In fact, you will always receive only a part of the loss on your player account. This share is usually between 5% to 20%.

Looking at the gain of the arcade of their missions, but that is still at least 80%. The game hall thus dispenses in this case on a part of its profit. This generosity is therefore usually reserved for only a few customers. But the Cashback Casino has in a doubt something about it, because this is about a marketing instrument. We have everything you need to comply with for you.

How do I get the bonus?

Cashback bonuses are not as common as other comparable bonus programs. Often this action is not advertised as a promotion for all, but is reserved for only a few existing customers. We show you the tricks as you can still come to a cashback casino.

  • to register. In any case, one of the prerequisites is to be participated in this action that you sign up. Because only then you can also pay real money to the account, with which you play then. Otherwise, the potential reimbursement of the loss does not help you.
  • Partnerships. Many casino sites use other platforms as a springboard for new customers. To do this, enter the pages exclusive links for their visitors, which they can then redeem on their casino side. For this, the new players only have to follow the link, sign up and then the bonus can be used. So look for a premium this type, is worth a look at partner platforms or in player forums.
  • Bonus codes. Not only via a link also via a classic code one can often encounter such a action. To do this you have to remember the code you can find in advertising or on partner sites. Then you have to visit the casino page, log in and finally enter the code in the field provided to participate in the action. Mostly you need to enter the bonus code in the deposit, as it looks like this, however, holds each play hall different.
  • Customer service questions. If you miss such action in your favorite scasino, ask customer support. Mostly there can be something of the casinos.

The most important conditions

Even if the casino cashback is one of the most uncomplicated offers, that does not mean that there are not conditions that you should consider. Legally seen, these conditions must be clearly available and understandable for them. Mostly you will find the information in the small print or the terms and conditions. That's why they are often forced to dig up something. Most of the skylacts offer a small bonus cashback, without further sales requirements or profit limits.

Member account

To activate the bonus, you need a member account. So you have to deposit your name, the address and other contact details at the arcade, to be able to play with real money at all. For a later payment, a valid bank account (or equivalent payment method) is also necessary.


Actions are usually not designed in the long run. With a few exceptions, this also meets cashback casino bonuses. Often only VIP customers get access to a permanent cash baking program. For the others, such offers are often limited to a day. So you can put within a day, as much as you want, and get a part of the loss as thanks for it. Such temporary offers are ideal for beginners or players who want to risk something more and look forward to a small security network.

But in addition to limiting the action itself, the cashback can be limited again to a certain time, for example about a certain number of games.

Limits and sales requirements

In a few cases, the Cashback Casino bonus can also come to further conditions, which usually become clear only by a look at the terms and conditions. So it may be that the returned money is paid as a bonus credit. This often means that bonus conditions have to be met before the amount can be paid. Or on the refund amount, a profit fluid is raised instead of a piercing factor and you can only pay off a limited amount.

You may know similar procedures from other bonus offers, for example if you Free games without deposit obtain.

Only exclusive games

In many cases, cashback boni are limited to just a game or a special game category. The reason for this is that you can pay special attention to a game and attract customers. For the customer, it is therefore slightly less risky in extreme cases to try the new game. Since the Live Casino is excluded from many bonus actions, cashback usually comes into question only for casino games. For which games your selected action is possible, you will find out in the conditions of participation.

Cashback types

A cashback in Online casinos can have very different intentions. Sometimes casino operators try to attract new customers, sometimes the bonus is targeted as an advantage of existing customers or to those who should start playing after a longer break again. Because in the core, gambling portals, this action serves as an incentive for customers, to turn a further round as possible in the casino carussel. It is an advertising measure, which of course is well calculated and should bring more sales to the game room.

Nevertheless, this is different, unlike other bonus actions with high sales conditions, not necessarily in the foreground. We have compiled the most important types for you:

  • The first payment bonus:

If the cashback occurs as a new customer bonus, it is intended for all newcomers who are still sometimes dealing with missions. Cashback ensures a small safety net in the game. So as a freshman put 10 $ and lose everything, get at least $ 1 or 2 $ (per height of the bonus). In addition to this money back premium, you can often also Play slot machines for free or enjoy more benefits. How extensive the welcome package fails, depends entirely from the arcade.

  • VIP Cashback:

This form of the premium can be found frequently in a loyalty program of a gaming acinos. The focus here is on existing customers, which, as in other areas, is usually the main source of income for casino companies. With a money back premium, especially those can start something that play extensively and accordingly also lose from time to time. For these customers, such a percentage is worthwhile, especially when it comes to high amounts. If no further demands follow the cashback, this can be very lucrative for these players.

  • Live Casino Cashback:

One of the most famous forms for this type of bonus is the cashback for the live casino. Only with live play losses can be retracted. Why many games restrict the live casino, is that there are not many bonus offers for classic live casino games. Therefore, many games used this bonus type to make some advertising for the live casino.

  • Other cashback actions:

Each game room has its own restrictions and requirements regarding the contents of a cashback. Since this premium is an advantage for customers, for example, it is often awarded as a gain in a tournament or other special occasions. In most cases, such actions are temporary or present in a special framework.

But there are also portals that offer such actions permanently for their customers or at least regularly, such as on a particular day of the week. It is therefore worthwhile to look for such offers.

How to use a cashback bonus

Ultimately, using such a bonus is not very difficult. Because everything you need to do is easy to play as you would otherwise do. Only when it comes to losses, this cashback is active. Because only then you get a share of playful money back to your player account.

Here again all steps in detail:

  1. Set up member account
  2. Cashback demand
  3. Make missions
  4. To play
  5. When it comes to loss, content retained

Note this, however, that some gambling halls do not pay the cashback as real money, but upload bonus credit on their game account account. However, bonus money often has more or less hidden sales requirements. A look at the terms and conditions gives you certainty.


Offers, which do not hide sales requirements or other clauses in small print, are the best deals in virtual gambling halls. Cashbacks are usually part of this variety. Because they are clear and uncomplicated in their rules. If it comes to a loss, it is cushioned by a small financial syringe of the gambling portal. This animates customers to try new games or to put riskier, and the gambling portal has a satisfied customer more. Thus, this casinobon type is very interesting for all involved and very much recommended thanks to its comparatively small conditions.