The latest casino trend: the online casino with 1 $ deposit

An exciting development in the ever-growing online casino market are casinos with 1 $ deposit. Thus, the 1 $ casinos come to the desire of many players, sometimes only a small sum to invest. The trick: You can also set only the smallest amounts if you make 1 $ deposit in the casino. With 1 $ deposit you can play here similarly long, like elsewhere with 10 euros. So if you want to get in touch and whom the fun of the game is becoming more important, as a high profitual sum, which will definitely be delighted from the 1 $ in the casino.

Therefore jump More and more casinos on this train. So that as a customer, keep track of the overview, our editors regularly filter the Internet for the latest casinos with 1 $ deposit. Everything worth knowing about ingenious or New online casinos Let's introduce you here.

Casino with 5 $ deposit

Casino with 10 $ deposit

This awaits you at the 1 $ deposit in the casino

The 1 $ deposit in casinos are normal online casinos, including some big names. These casinos with 1 $ deposit have decided to reduce their minimum payout limit - either as a limited promotion, but mostly permanent.

Unfortunately, there is currently no online casino with 1 $ deposit offers. Below you can find other offers:

casino bonus TO PLAY
1 Playojo
Welcome bonus 50 free spells for first deposit
2 Casumo
100% welcome bonus of up to 100 $ + 100 free games in Book of Dead
3 Mr play
Welcome bonus 100 spins + 100% to 200 $
4 Karamba
Welcome bonus up to 200 $ + up to 100 spins
5 Slotty Vegas
Welcome package 100% up to 1000 $ + 55 free play without deposit for Book of Dead
Only for players in Austria
TO PLAY Review
6 Royal Panda
Welcome bonus package with up to 1000 $ + 10 Free Spins for Book of Dead
Only for players in Austria

This is often a lowering of the minimum match insert to the slots. Parts can play the 1 $ offer the slots from 0.01 $ per turn. In this case, they could play with 1 $ whopping 100 rounds.

As a customer, you should also pay attention to whether there is a special deposit bonus for the online casino 1 $ deposit.

You want to deposit 1 $ in the online casino? That's how it works

In order to pay the 1 $ in the casino of your choice, you can basically use all payment options. The most famous possibility, of course, is the payment by credit card, ie Visa or Mastercard. Also fast and easy, the transfer with the gambling specialized E-Wallets Skrill and Neteller.

However, our very personal tip is the deposit with the Paysafecard. The Paysafecard is a prepaid payment. It is quasi the same as if you buy Amazon credit cards or mobile phone recharge cards. You will find the Paysafecard almost everywhere where there is also mobile phone or Amazon cards to buy, so in the supermarket, at the gas station, many kiosks and of course in a number of online shops.

But why are we currently recommend this payment method if you want to make 1 $ deposit in a casino?

If you only want to deposit 1 $ in the casino, usually has a high interest in cost control?

When using a prepaid card, you automatically have a limit first, because you can not book more money than you previously purchased paysafe credit. In this way you have a good cost overview and above all an automatic expenditure limit. In addition, the Paysafecard is anonymous, which is always a plus on the Internet for privacy reasons.

Advantages and disadvantages of a 1 $ Casino Deposit Offer

This is probably the most important part of this article. Because there are not only reasons that speak for a 1 $ deposit.

Is correct, a first deposit of only one $ is awesome for players who first slowly with the Real money casinos want to make familiar, and for players, to whom it goes more about the game fun than high profits. Because if you set only a few cents per round, of course, also gains smaller amounts accordingly.

The only exception is the jackpot slots, where it is possible with very, very good luck to gain handsome sums with small amounts.

If you are before deciding whether you want to use the 1 $ Casino deposit offer, it is especially important to note the following two things:

Advantage: You get to this one $ significantly higher first payment bonus. This is one of the one hand an advantage, but on the other hand a disadvantage.

Disadvantage: Because in this way you then have your first payment bonus in this casino with 1 $ deposit already consumed. So if you are very satisfied with this 1 $ Casino very satisfied and now want to make a significantly higher game deposit, you will not get the first payment bonus. And since the casinos at this bonus traditionally show themselves very spendlettes, they should think closely in advance, which is personally worthwhile for them.

For lovers of live games, the 1 $ bonus is also not recommended as these games can not be played with cent amounts.

If you want to keep the losses low in a pick-up strap or just occasionally and play with small inserts, casinos with 1 $ deposit are an interesting alternative.

Which bonus offers are players who only want 1 $ deposit in the casino?

Of course, the casinos with 1 $ deposit is more likely to win new customers who make higher deposits. Therefore, the selection of bonus offers at a higher deposit, mostly from 10 euros, significantly larger.

But even casinos with 1 $ deposit offer partly very interesting bonus offer.

Basically, there are three different bonus offers that you can get in online casinos with 1 $ deposit.

  • Least lucrative is the classic first payment bonus. Because this bonus is mainly geared to higher deposits. But if you can deposit 1 $ in online casinos, the bonus percentage will be left equal to 1 Euro. This gives players the opportunity to make a 1 $ deposit in the casino, but without pushing this low-price sector. After all, the casino bonus with 1 $ deposit from the point of view of casinos should remain a niche product.
  • However, a few casinos go a different way, a completely different. Here players who deposit in the online casino 1 $ are really attracted, because with a first deposit of one $ you get a lot of one as a bonus, what you would get at a higher deposit.

To German: Here there is a difference between the first payment bonus and the casino bonus deposit at 1 Euro.

  • In addition to the first payment bonus, there is also a registration bonus in almost every 1 $ Casino. This Bonus without deposit If you always secure yourself first and the Use free spins. You should first implement the resulting profits according to the bonus requirements and only deposit 1 $ in the online casino to get the first payment bonus.

But the Casino bonus with 1 $ deposit is only one factor, as important is the minimum game amount per turn.

What restrictions and minimum amounts are there for the 1 $ Casino Deposit?

Basically, there are the following three restrictions to observe. Of course, these can vary slightly from 1 $ Casino to 1 $ Casino.

  • Bonus usually only for new customers: To get a high bonus on the 1 $ Deposit (BSPW. 20 $ bonus), you have to be a new customer. Because these high bonus offers fall under the category "First Deposit Bonus". However, many casinos with 1 $ deposit also offer a bonus on the second, third or fourth deposit. Therefore, it may also be possible that you also get a bonus as an existing customer in the online casino on a 1 $ deposit. However, this promotion will only be about 0.50 $ or 1 euros. Therefore, it is usually worthwhile for existing customers significantly more to make a higher deposit.
  • Minimum insert per turn: Whether you get a bonus of 15 $ or only one $ in the casino on your 1 $ deposit, should not be the only criterion for you. It is just as important to see how high (better said like low) is the minimum insert per turn, because even here there are partly serious differences. For example, if this is 0.10 $ in a 1 $ Casino, but in another casino but only 0.01 euros, this means: In the first casino you could play with a $ 10 turns, but in the other casino whole 100 times the rollers turn. The 1 $ deposit in the casino can thus bring very different fun.
  • Bonus not available in all countries: The specific regulations regarding the validity of these bonuses can be found in the terms and conditions and bonus conditions of your respective 1 $ casinos.


We welcome the development in the market that economical players will now be integrated into Igaming. Of course, the 1 $ Deposit sector is more likely to remain a niche product, as most players are the high money gains important - and you can not reach with mini game inserts. Scattered super-lucky mushrooms, which have brought a fat jackpot with miniature missions, except.

Therefore, we see the greatest potential at the small deposits - and on the super small missions from 0.01 $ - especially in that so curious gamers can be carefully snapped into the real money game in 1 $ casinos to the thrill with the mini-amounts to know each player so loves.

And also for players with a limited budget, it is a fair opportunity to participate more active and regularly at the Igaming Market by making 1 $ deposit in casinos.

Even if the offers are still very different, we are very satisfied with the development and give both thumbs up.

frequently asked Questions

💰 Is it safe to play in a casino with 1 $ minimum deposit?

In principle, every 1 $ casino is safe, as long as it has a valid lucky license from a reputable authority. In addition to an online casino with US license, it is mainly game banks with licenses from Curacao, from Malta, as well as Cyprus, which is most commonly held. Your advantage: mostly it is a casino without limit. Licenses from Great Britain and Gibraltar are also occasional.

In principle, as long as the license is from a European country, safety is guaranteed. So you can also play in good conscience in such a online casino without US license.

💰 Accordingly, it is safe to play in a casino with 1 $ deposit.

Another security aspect on a 1 $ Casino is, of course, that in the case of a pitch string, you can only lose smallest amounts. As a rule, they secure against high losses. On the other hand, their opportunities for high profits in this style of course are also negligently low.

💰 Can I play in a casino from 1 $ deposit on my mobile device?

Nowadays it is on the agenda that casino friends can play from mobile devices. Incidentally, this trend is even more pronounced in many countries than here in Europe. Therefore, the casinos with 1 $ deposit do not distinguish between mobile and desktop players. You can play with your paid 1 $ so from any device. There is also the opportunity to test the slot machines for free in demo mode. So you can test the performance on your device well.

💰 Fall in a casino from 1 $ deposit also charges?

In the vast majority cases fall for you no fees. Because as the online shopping too, the dealer (in this case the 1 $ Casino) takes over the transaction fees for you. An exception are, for example, payments with crypto currencies. Here it is traditionally so that the station pays a kind of network fee if he ships crypto currencies. Transfers with the Paysafecard are in principle free. At Giropay there is a fee or. You pay a monthly 9.90 $ and has 100 transactions inclusive. Sofort transfers (immediately) costs about 0.25 $ in a transfer of 1 Euro, so less recommended. Other well-known providers without transaction fees are Trustly, Neteller and Skrill.

💰 There are payout limits for 1 $ Casino bonus offers?

Even if it is "only" 1 Euro, the 1 $ Casino Bonus is a first payment bonus. Since you deposit in the casino 1 euro, so you are a paying customer and thus enjoy all rights of a paying customer. Therefore, there is no maximum payout limit for your 1 $ bonus credit.

Important: Of course, the sales requirements for bonus profits continue to apply. These are usually 40 times the won bonus care. More detailed information on the terms of sales of your respective 1 $ casinos can be found in the terms and conditions and bonus conditions.

The money, which is after fulfilling the requirements on your player account, then belongs to 100%. No matter how high the sum may be.