Online Casino with PayPal

Why should you use PayPal?

PayPal is an online company that works like a kind of bank. Many companies, online casinos included, accept PayPal transfers as numerous benefits. But many wonder why you should use PayPal and whether there are any benefits in this means of payment.

If you log in to PayPal, you must deposit your personal information such as name, address and account information. You then get his login data sent by email and can get started directly. To be able to use PayPal, you have to transfer money from his banking to his PayPal account. If you go shopping online, you can easily click on the PayPal logo for the specified means of payment and the money is deducted directly from the PayPal account.

Paying with PayPal has the advantage that it goes fast - mostly with a click is already everything. And Furthermore, you do not have to reveal your data on the visited pages - this is especially interesting for people who do not like to enter credit card numbers online or to preserve their anonymity.

PayPal is safe and reliable and the data that you enter there will not be passed on to third parties.

PayPal is particularly suitable for the deposit of credit on accounts Online casinos, Since it works quickly and easily and you can get started directly with the gaming. And often you are in the middle of a game if you need to recharge your account. You do not want to fill out long forms, but quickly return to happen.

The benefits of PayPal as a means of payment

PayPal is a secure payment method. Because if you entered his data on PayPal, you do not have to enter them on other pages. This is especially beneficial if you have to make payments on pages that may not appear in a serious or where you have to reveal too many personal data.

Furthermore, PayPal is a very fast payment program - mostly you only have to click on the PayPal logo with the means of payment and everything is already done and the amount is then deducted from the PayPal account. It really is not faster and easier!

Especially when playing in the online casino payments often have to be done quickly, so you can return to the virtual game table or machines.

Online casinos with PayPal

Many online casinos accept PayPal as a means of payment. Below you will receive a brief overview of the most popular online casinos that accept PayPal as a means of payment and the bonuses offered to your players:

  • at 888slots There are different bonuses. For first payers there is a first payment bonus (100%) to a maximum of 140 euros. Then there is still the 88 $ Free Play Bonus and with this credit you can try certain games on the side of 888 without having a deposit made even. And especially interesting for PayPal users is the 30 $ PayPal bonus. Who selects this payment method gets automatically 30 $ credited to his casino account! All bonuses will be added to the game account within a few minutes, so you can start playing immediately.
  • If you log in to William Hill, you will receive 150% in the first deposit (up to a maximum value of 300 euros). In addition, there are still 50 free spells that can be applied to selected games. All bonuses are credited immediately and PayPal is accepted here as a means of payment.
  • At the Casino Club it is definitely worth looking by. During the new registration you get not only 400 free spins, but also up to 1000 euros! And even with this online casino, everything is credited immediately and PayPal is welcome as numerous benefits.
  • Through the PayPal Ladbrokes cooperation, it is now possible to quickly conclude sports betting, easy and safe and conveniently to pay by mouse click. Who logs in here can choose one of many bonuses and credit them on his account. Here is certainly something for everyone!
  • Betway offers an exclusive bonus for PayPal users: In the first deposit, there is a 50 $ bonus! This will be credited immediately after the deposit and can be used when playing on the Betway page.

As you can see, the online casino PayPal deposit is not only fast and safe, but can even bring an extra credit!

Safety when using PayPal

Many people are a bit skeptical about Paypal, but there is no reason to skepticism!

When paying PayPal you do not have to specify personal information - just the email address with which you have registered his PayPal account. One click is sufficient to handle the payment! You do not have to specify credit cardnumbers or bank accounts that could possibly get into the wrong hands.

If you make a payment with PayPal, all data is transmitted encrypted. This means that your data is safe and can be read by Nimandem.

And of course, your PAYPAL data will never be passed on to third parties - so you can be sure that your payments will be treated and edited quickly, sovereign and above all confidential.

In order to guarantee the security of his data, you should never write down your login data of the PayPal account or share with others, as this could lead to any abuse.

What costs are at PayPal?

As a rule, it is valid that you can do his account for free at PayPal. Who makes payments in euros, can do this without any costs for one.

Only when receiving money you have to pay 1.9% plus 0.35 $ per reception amount. For foreign currencies, additional costs may be charged. A list of exact costs is listed in detail on the page of PayPal.

The annual limit is 2500 euros. If you want to cancel this limit, you must confirm your identity and show documents like a copy of the passport and address confirmation.

How to use PayPal?

To use PayPal, you have to register first. For this you go to the page of Paypal and click on "log in again".

You will be guided step by step through the registration form - it is not complicated and done relatively quickly. You have to enter some data here, for example the name, age, residence and bank details. It should be noted that you have to be 18 years old to open a PayPal account.

After entering all requested data, you get an email sent. It is asked to confirm his email address. If you click on the sleeve link, everything is done then.

It is important that you do not pass on its login data and its password to other persons to prevent any abuse.

When the account is created, you can start with the deposit. If you click on "pay money" in your account overview, you can enter how much money you want to deposit from his bank account to the PayPal account. Within a few minutes everything is done.

If you want to make a payment with PayPal, you only have to click on the PayPal logo at the offered payment methods, confirm the amount, his email address with which you are registered with PayPal - and ready!

You should not be afraid to use PayPal. The site is extremely simple and clearly designed and there are no complicated functions and applications.

PayPal and Mobile Online Casinos

The deposit of credit on a casino account can be considerably facilitated by the use of PayPal. Once one has registered all his data at PayPal and created his account, all transactions can be done within a few seconds problems and you can get started on a slot machine!

Especially for players who often play in mobile online casinos, the use of PayPal is a true blessing. One click is enough and the payment is done. You do not have to fill out more long forms that are barely visible on the smartphone's display, sometimes not loading properly and take an eternity until they are filled out.

And anyone who is just in the middle of a game does not want to continue playing again in 10 minutes, but best immediately - and the payment via PayPal allows you exactly that!

Play now in a PayPal Casino US!

Alternatives to PayPal

Of course, PayPal is not the only provider of secure and fast transactions and in the following we will introduce you to two more known payment platforms briefly:

  • Skrill: Most online casinos and companies trust in payments by Skrill. Basically, it works exactly like PayPal. You have to register to create an account and can then deposit money from his account and use as a means of payment. The difference to PayPal is that you always have to pay 1% at Skrill - whether you send or receive money. For PayPal, on the other hand, one has to pay 1.9% when receiving money - if you have to pay something yourself, the transaction is free.
  • Ukash is a slightly different payment method. Here you can on the websites MMOVK and Becharge.Buy vouchers in the desired value, which you can then redeem on other websites. After the payment you get an email sent with a 19-digit code, which you have to specify DAN in the payment. The acquisition of these vouchers has the advantage that you do not have to give any personal data from themselves.

Which means of payment is best, lump-sum can not be answered. If you get money often credited to your account, you may be superior to open a Skrill account, as the fee is only 1%, but at Paypal is 1.9% - and is not possible with Ukash at all.

Who often has to make payments, which is well advised with PayPal, because you do not have to pay any fees. The same applies to Ukash. At Skrill, however, the 1% fees are again.

frequently asked Questions

  • Why do you use PayPal as numbers?

Payment by PayPal is fast, safe and within seconds. You do not have to reveal any data from yourself, which could possibly advise third parties.

  • Is paying with PayPal safe?

Absolutely! All data that is transmitted via PayPal are encrypted and are treated confidentially. Since you do not have to specify data such as credit card numbers or his address when buying, paying paypal to one of the safest cash and cash equivalents.

  • What costs are at PayPal?

Everyone can set up a cost-sensitive PayPal account and make free payments. Only if you get money on his account, 1.9% fall.

  • Everyone can have a PayPal account?

no. To have an account at PayPal you have to be at least 18 years old.

  • Accept all online casinos PayPal?

Not all online casinos accept PayPal as a means of payment, but most! On the pages of the respective casinos all means of payment are clearly listed and you can immediately see if PayPal is accepted or not.

  • What advantages do you have to pay with Paylpal in an online casino?

Many online casinos offer their players special bonuses when they make a deposit via PayPal. Often you get 20 $ or more in the first deposit!