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The 100 000 pyramid - an overview

If you love quiz shows, the 100 000 pyramid slot is just right for you. Thematically, the slot machine from IGT picks up the American quiz show, which was first broadcast in 1973. Also in US there was a similar format under the title "The Pyramid", which was seen from 1979 to 1994 with Dieter Thomas Heck as a moderator.

The graphic design aims completely on the popular show. The background of the rolls is represented by the television studio with its numerous headlights. On the colorful symbols are different prices that gave it in the TV show like a car, a clock or a camera to see. All symbols are provided with a golden edge, also the main game field is edited by a golden frame. The slot title The 100 000 pyramid can be seen in the middle of the rolling.

Not only the graphics, but also the sound attacks the model from television. The melody does not have an intrusive, but rather increases the voltage at each revolution. If the music nevertheless will become too much if you play the 100 000 pyramid online, you can deactivate it at any time via the corresponding menu item.

By playing the 100 000 pyramid for free, you have the opportunity to test the slot extensively without having to guess terms as in the TV show. The game is played over five rollers and three rows for up to a maximum of 15 possible paylines.

If you want to play the 100 000 pyramid and just not at home on your computer, that's no problem. The machine was designed so that it works easily on the common mobile terminals. You just have to make an online connection via a browser and the exciting game can start. It does not matter if you play the 100 000 pyramid for free or use real money.

So the 100 000 pyramid of IGT is played

When you play the 100 000 pyramid, it is important to know the value of the individual symbols. These can be found in the payout table. There are all signs and the possible gains in the basic game as well as in free-play mode. It is important that all line gains counted from links counted and multiplied by the previously selected line use.

It does not matter if you play the 100 000 pyramid for free or to gamble real money, you must first choose the number of lines and use per line. Both works over the corresponding minus or plus button below the rollers. This allows you to reduce or increase your entry.

The 100 000 pyramid is started by clicking on the Golden Spin Button, which can be found in the middle under the field. As with many other slot machines, you can also enable the 100 000 pyramid online a car innlay function. Decide how many round the rollers should turn automatically. Then so many rounds run one after the other as they have entered. Currently, you can stop autoplay via the STOP button. If your balance is insufficient, the function will be stopped.

Even though the menu function and rules are very clearly built in this machine game, they will not find a secure strategy nor any tips and tricks in this way, despite everything that can take home the grand prize home. Therefore, you should definitely play the 100 000 pyramid for free to understand the rules.

The symbols at the 100 000 pyramid

All signs at The 100 000 Pyramid online fit to the rates show. The following illustrations can be found on the symbols:

  • A red mystery 7
  • A stack of gold bars
  • The shadow of two participants with the lettering "The Contescuts"
  • A red car on the letter A
  • A Holiday Poster on the Letter K
  • A clock on the letter q
  • A TV on the letter J
  • The camera on a golden 10

The logo with the golden lettering The 100 000 pyramid on a blue background is called wild symbol in Slot of IGT used. The wild icon can replace all other characters.

A special feature gets the Wild 7 attributed as a symbol. As soon as she appears on the roll several times, she can help you to a high profit. Create it that the symbol is displayed five times, you have cracked the jackpot.

The Winner's Circle Bonus

The Winner Circle icon is, so to speak, the main sign at the 100 000 pyramid online. Once this character can be found at least three times on the rolls, the Winner's Circle Bonus of the same name is activated. The presentation of the playing field changes and a pyramid appears. This pyramid consists of 15 boxes which are arranged one above the other in 5 rows.

The Winner's Circle Bonus starts with two free plays, a 1x multiplier and five selection chances. You can use this selection function to select and open various boxes at The 100 000 Pyramid. You start with the lowest level of the pyramid. Behind the revealed boxes hide More free games or multipliers.

If you discover an arrow, you will get to the next higher level of the pyramid. After you have opened all boxes that are available in this round, the free revolutions begin.

Overall, you can reach the 100 000 Pyramid Winner's Circle Bonus up to 36 Free Spins and a maximum multiplier of nine. This usually results in many profit combinations and a very high profit, which is credited at the end of the free spins on your player account.

Also, during this bonus, the Winner Circle characters as Scatter symbol. The scatter gains are multiplied by the free-play value.

So that you understand the construction of the bonus game, you should best play the 100 000 pyramid free without registration. You will quickly see that the feature is easy to understand.

Conclusion: Fun and tension are guaranteed at the 100 000 pyramid

The 100 000 pyramid slot does not have to hide from television before his role model. Thanks to the lucrative profit opportunities and the varied bonus game, this range does not get any boredom. And the good is that you can play the machine for free and without registration.

So grab your chance: The 100 000 pyramid for free play without registration. This will tell you the slot before you may want to put a real money later. On our platform you will find Many casino games free without registration. Of course, the 100 000 pyramid can also be found in our assortment.

Playing with real money

After you could play and test the 100 000 pyramid for free, it is understandable if you want to put real money now. Look after one Matching online casino In which it is a great welcome offer like one Casino bonus without deposit gives. Of course, the casino should be certified according to the US gaming guidelines.