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There are in the Casino slot machines, who are not really? Yes, that's actually and the game we want to introduce our readers today belongs to this category Automatic Games. Poker has been more and more popular in the US players in recent years, sometimes spoken by a poker boom. Probably Novoline wanted to react with American Poker 2 online on these evident trend and offer players a combination of two of the most popular games in the casino.

American Poker 2 by Novoline has neither rolls or free spins, nor paylines. If you put on strict standards, then you could call American Poker 2 as a mix of slot machine and table game. Many of a player from US, the name Online Video Poker has ever encountered and probably meets this preamble most likely. Tickets are actually used to play and they probably wonder why we will describe the American Poker 2 slot yet as one. Among other things, this is due to the bonus functions and a map that comes close to a wild symbol in their function.

You probably already recognized it that we have to do it in our current test with a fascinating and extremely interesting candidate. However, this article is by no means exclusively on experienced poker professionals. We do not make newcomers in the slot machines and poker scene in the rain and explain the rules, main signs and winning combinations. Of course you can play American Poker 2 for free without registration, where and how do you know about us. Contact the poker table and take place, because the cards were already mixed.

American Poker 2 at a glance

Novoline has decided on a mix of good graphic details and simplem field. For example, with American Poker 2, we were able to discover very detailed playing card symbols. Meanwhile, in the background of the playing field is more simple, because the dark blue is quite clearly reminiscent of a poker table. Through this combination of very nice playing cards and classic monochrome background is created an extremely pleasant gaming atmosphere, which fully meets both the card game poker as well as an automatic machine game. It is probably advisable to give yourself an impression of this almost unique atmosphere. That's why we want to give our readers the tip to play American Poker 2 for free.

As far as the sound effects are concerned, they will meet perfect conditions for achieving the American Poker 2 slot gains. As you certainly know, the poker can influence a strategy of winning opportunities. Therefore, unlike other games in the poker's highest concentration is announced and intrusive background noise or even music would only bother us.

Bonus functions are actually completely unknown at the poker. Exactly at this point comes at the American Poker 2 fortunately the side of the slot machine to light. However, on scatter symbols or free spins, you will not meet, regardless of whether you play American Poker 2 for free without registration or place with real money at the game table. Nonetheless, the game with these two functions offers plenty of potential to increase its profit or achieve a profit.


In principle, this bonus is nothing but a kind of jackpot. However, we do not have any influence on the profit of this jackpot and there are no tricks that accelerate the profit of the minibonus. The motto here is "Jacks or Better" and thus already gives a significant reference to the functioning of the bonus. Every time a bube, king, lady or an ace is pulled, a certain amount dependent on its use flows into the jackpot. This is conveniently attached directly above the field, so that you have the value constantly in view. After a not further defined in the rules but certain number of drawings of these cards and the associated deposits, you will receive the entire jackpot as a profit paid out. However, the minibonus can only be won when a second game round was initiated by the player. By this type of bonus, Novoline has ensured that American Poker 2 can win online, even if you are losing. Because sooner or later one gets his prize money from the minibonus, which was accumulated in the course of the games just by card drawing.

The Gamble Feature

The gamble feature is one of the most popular and most widespread bonus functions of slot machines in Online Casino. However, it does not complement online slot such as American Poker 2. The similarities are actually hard to overlook, because in both games cards are used. While the poker with the cards of winning combinations are formed, the choices are made by the gamble function only from a red or black game card. The feature can be used by the player after a profit was achieved and is free of charge. If they were right with their prediction, then it's a place on the nine-stage winning table upwards. On the other hand, her tip was wrong, then the profit is gone. Of course, you can cancel the function at any time and pay off your profit. To warm up for this bonus or to familiarize yourself with him, you can play American Poker 2 for free.

How to Play American Poker 2 Online

With this machine game is the field in the center of the screen. Directly underneath the only setting of the game was positioned, the definition of the operating height. Right there is the button attached to which the cards are dealt. In addition to these two, there is only another button, which for opening the rules. The payout table can be seen directly above the cards, for example, when you play American Poker 2 for free.

If we deal with the question of how American Poker 2 gains are achieved, then we have to deal with the poker game and its rules. By clicking on "Draw" the player will first be dealt with five cards. Now you have to find out on the basis of the enclosed cards, with which cards you have the best chances to make a winning combination. By clicking you confirm your decision and with another click on "Draw" the second round is initiated. Only the cards are exchanged, which are not marked with "Hold". The aim of the game is to form the card combination with the highest possible value according to the payout table and the general poker rules.

American Poker II US video verification

Of course, it is also possible to exchange all five tickets and not to retain. If you have achieved a profit, the already mentioned GAMBLE feature is started automatically. This also applies in the event that it came to a payout by the minibonus. For the poker beginners among our readers, we have created the following table of profit combinations and the following explanations:

  • Two pair
  • Three of a child
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Four of a child
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush
  • Five of a child

The winning combinations declared

If you can not do anything with these concepts, this area depends on it. Then you can play American Poker 2 for free and test your acquired knowledge.

  • Two pair. Behind this name, nothing else hides as a card combination that consists of two same cards. For example, if you have a boy twice a six and twice, then you may chain a two pair win.
  • Three of a child. Three of a child is meant three same cards. Like the Two Pair, it's all about the card value, ie three times a four, a lady etc.
  • Straight. This term is probably known to you in German, because the speech is here from the street and thus of five consecutive card values.
  • Flush. A flush consists of five same-colored cards, for example, five times PIK or Karo.
  • FULL HOUSE. This combination has three cards with a common value and two cards with a second shared value.
  • Four of a child. This is nothing but an extension of the Three of A child with another playing card.
  • Straight flush. This represents a combination of the straight and the flush with their respective rules.
  • Royal flush. The Royal Flush is a straight flush starting with an ace.
  • Five of a child. This combination can not actually be achieved at the poker, as each card exists only four times in a deck. At American Poker 2, the Joker helps you achieve this value.

Conclusion and American Poker 2 for free

American Poker 2 brings powerful variety to the online casino. This crossing of slot machines and poker makes much more fun than it looks at first glance. The machine game offers the player good chances of winning, which can be influenced with his decisions up to a certain point. If then that happened for a profit was luck in the game, the gamble feature can make it even higher.
Therefore, our recommendation for American Poker 2 is online: Get in poker game today and play the slot machines for free without registration!

American Poker 2 with real money play

On the way to the game with real money you meet the registration form of the respective casino. However, this formality only takes a few moments and is even in some online casinos with Free play without deposit rewarded. In addition, almost all providers then grant a deposit bonus to their new players in the context of the welcome bonus.