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Book of Gods by Big Time Gaming - An epic fight against the gods

Players who want to play Book of Gods are mostly looking for a machine game that offers completely new perspectives. Big Time Gaming, the developers behind Book of Gods online, are known for their creativity and their inventive spirit. Also with this new game, which takes up the mystical Egyptian gods on the topic, it once again succeeded in presenting the player's something completely new. Book of Gods surprised with fine peculiarities that you have never seen in other slots or in a similar way. in the Online Casino You get it suddenly with clone gods and the possibility of easy to buy features, rather than waiting for them to do.

These are just a few of the many details that want to play everyone who wants to play Book of Gods for free or try his luck with the real missions, promise an unforgettable time. Who has caught up one or the other tips and tricks, which, who has suffered something complicated, has completely understood, who certainly consider it twice, whether it is worthwhile to return to an ordinary roll game again.

Based on these ideas design and atmosphere of the Book of God's slot

Anyone who deals with the adventure, the Book of Gods online with themselves, who gets it to do with the most famous gods from the Egyptian story. If you have the luck and get bonus rounds, the individual gods will be presented even before the laps in detail. The gods are not playable at Book of Gods, but rather present the main characters with high payout.

In addition to the thematic, above all, another idea dominates the game - the cloning. This refers to Book of Gods online that it is determined before each round, which main sign has the potential to clon yourself on the rollers. The selected symbol is visible on a small book in which a random generator opens a page in front of the spin. Important is important for anyone who does not just want to play Book of Gods for free, but the real missions also like to dare that the choice can only fall on the main signs with low payout. The four gods, who take a more important role in the game, receive the ability to cloned first with the special rounds.

The rules of the Book of God's slots: winning combinations, strategies and free spins

Interested, whether you want to play Book of Gods for free or want to play in real money mode, have the task of making winning combinations with the same symbols. In contrast to other slots, this task is quickly becoming a minor matter when the possibility of cloning for one is open to Book of Gods. This feature is available for free during the game, it only needs to be waiting until it says fate well with one.

The main sign of the slot machine Book of Gods in detail

For the skin characters of Book of Gods, in the US online casino, as already mentioned, between the symbols with lower and those with high payout. That's nothing unusual, but at Book of Gods Online, the main characters are especially as some of them have also in ordinary rounds and in a corresponding number of the ability to cloning. In addition to this special ability, of course, the design of the main sign in the focus of the beholder. Finally, it is not only the scope of the game, which it has to succeed in conveying a story to the player, but also the main characters must be characters that support supporting for the framework and the theme of the slots.

  • Symbols with low payout: With Book of Gods online, these main signs are based on the symbols that you know from a French map. This means that this from the 9, over the 10, the boys, the ladies and the king rang to ass. These main signs are that already possible during the conventional rounds to clon themselves independently.

So that it is Game of Big Time Gaming Where comes, two important factors must be fulfilled. On the one hand, the symbol must be selected by chance before the round in the book of the spells, which is located on the left side of the rollers,. On the other hand, a winning combination must appear in which at least three of the winning symbols are occupied by the selected symbol. If that is the case, this same symbols run a magical construct full of fine lines, which announces that the cloning takes place immediately. Finally, if so far, so extend the symbols that cloned themselves, vertically over the entire roller on which they are. This increases the number of possible combinations on the paylines of course considerably and a mostly surprisingly high profit is the result.

  • The Egyptian gods: The four gods, which everyone meets, who can play on our Book of Gods for free, one or the other may know about history lessons. Hardly elsewhere you will find these legendary creatures such as colorful and lifelike as at Book of Gods. The gods take as a main sign with high payout the main role in the game of Big Time Gaming. However, they are not only nice to look at, but show their special skills during free spins in the casino. Before the spins, one of the four deities is selected by chance. This is a personal lucky charm for the following rounds and will also be presented in detail with your name and individual presentation.

Everyone wants to play the Book of Gods and can do with us for free and without registration, will be pleased that the gods do not need a complete profit combination to trigger the cloning. It is enough if only a symbol on the five rolls is occupied by a deity. If the rolls come to a standstill, the god figure grows and extends over the entire roller where it is located. With a profit, therefore, is usually expected in almost every spin.

Of course, Book of Gods also does not dispense with the scatter symbol and the wild symbol. These two special characters become a single symbol, represented by the holy book, united. This proves to be a real advantage, because after all, the book succeeds in the appearance that every other main sign, even the gods, is easily replaced and additionally it is able to trigger the feature as soon as three or more of the special character appear simultaneously.

Too often, one or the other has certainly asked, which is why it actually lasts until a feature or another profit-bearing effect is activated. Book of Gods is finally an end by its special rules. If you do not have patience anymore, waiting to make up to three or more scatter symbols simultaneously, now has the option to easily buy the feature trigger. That sounds pretty relaxed, but Book of Gods are certainly surprised by the high price that you have to pay for.

But it is reassuring that as another special character, the manufacturer's logo appears on the rollers. If the time has come, the one who wants to play Book of Gods for free is granted a small discount. The longer you collect, the cheaper and therefore very likely too lucrative is the purchased feature. With a little luck, it succeeds in switching the feature to the ordinary and free way while waiting for more price reductions.

Book of Gods for free Play without registration - a conclusion to the playful possibilities

Who fancy a bit of a groundbreaking and fundamentally new, who does not come around this game. All who play Book of Gods for free without registration, are especially convinced of the possibilities of cloning. Especially nice thing is that this special during the Free Spins continued. If the free spells are unlocked, you know as a player already very carefully, what happens to one.

If the game sounds like something complex for one or the other, then ours are Casino games free without registration The best way to deal with the matter for free and without risk. Who lies this kind of game, which finds many other exciting variants that in terms of fun and entertainment this modern classic in hardly standing in hardness.

A true bonus - that brings an advantage in the online casino in US

Testing yourself and find out what lies and where the own strengths lie - that can turn out, especially as an advantage, if you actually intend to play in the future with real money.

Book of Gods online to play real money - here the machine game shows its true strengths

In the game with the Egyptian gods, the big profits usually come very suddenly. This applies to the free variant alike as for the variant with real money. A Casino bonus without deposit represents an excellent way to deal more closely with the real variant in the casino. Although you do not take your own risk, the chances of a profit remain the same. Nothing feels better than a profit, for which no own commitment had to be risked. Especially with a game like Book of Gods, where everything can happen in every round, it is worth taking a trial.