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To the delight of many US game enthusiasts, Gamomat published in January 2020 a new-digit version of the popular Bally Wulff Classiker Books & Pearls. Another sensational special feature added to the original machine game, which ensures even more thrills and fantastic winning opportunities. The result is a captivating pirate adventure, which loots the legendy pyramid resources of Egypt from buccaneers of the seas.

Books & Pearls Respins of Amun-Re by Gamomat

Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re online in profile:

  • Adventure Slot of Gamomat
  • 5 rolls with 3 rows
  • 5 or 10 paylines selectable
  • Wild, scatter and bonus icons
  • Bonus Feature with Respins
  • Free Spin feature with random symbol
  • Free Spin Feature with multiplier
  • Gamble feature with conductor or card risk
  • Entry voltage 0.10 to 12, - Euro
  • RTP Average 96.1%
  • Profit distribution with high volatility

With us online players can now very uncomplicated Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re game for free without registration and try out risk free.

Theme and graphics in the books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re Slot

Optically, the slot machine impresses with a clear precession design in harmonious color design. Obviously attracted by gold-free pyramids, the buccaneers take Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re online course on a lonely bay in front of Egypt's coastal landscape. On the rollers appearing, lovingly designed themed graphics suggest the player to valuable prey.

The regular profit symbols include imposing pirate ships with full-bloated sails, before shoulder gold and jewels over-swelling treasure chests, heavy ship anchors with thick shipwright and control rudder velvet associated ship's bell. In addition, with Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-re six card signs from nine to ass in the colors pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and red for profit distributions.

The voltage is increased by four special symbols with particularly profitable properties. These include the captain of the pirate gang, huge beads on golden emperor, mystical books with artistic ornament and magical circular fireballs with the magical power of the Egyptian sun god Amun-re. Books & Pearls: Play Respins of Amun-Re is the ideal opportunity to explore the gameplay with all the trump.

Sail and books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re

To start the exciting adventure trip, is first selected on the bottom left of the betting insert. The player has the choice either from 0.20 and up to 12 $ for all 10 payout lines as a total use per game round or alternatively to set only 5 paylines from 0.10 to 6 $ per spin. Depending on the round of lap, there is a possible line insert between 0.10 and 1.20 euros.

Other recruitment options include turbo pins, sound deactivation and full screen mode as well as left-handed function for mobile phone players. To start, the tap of the rotary button or the autostart key, depending on whether you prefer to play it with manual or automatic rolling rotations. In the info menu, all rules for the game are visible and already after a few round books & Pearls: RESPUINS OF AMUN-REGE For free, every leisure player should be attentive to the lucrative extras of the machine game.

Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re online with divine magic

The excellent equipment of the online slots of Gamomat Falls definitely through its extraordinary variety of exciting special features. The game course brings non-changing adventures for profitable prey features. Especially four very special icons with spectacular additional functions.

Main sign at Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re:

  • pirate - Wild icon as a replacement for each sign except scatter and bonus symbol.
  • pearl - Scatter icon for activating 15 free plays with 3x multiplier.
  • a book - Scatter symbols for 10 Free spins with extra random symbol.
  • Fireball - Bonus symbol to trigger 3 Amun-Re Respins.

Thus, by the landing of one or more pirate jokers, the player captures better yields and when placing 3-5 scatter symbols somewhere in the roller window, additional free spins are triggered. Which of Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re In Pearl Feature All free game gains triple and the book feature provides increased winning opportunities due to a random bonus sign.

Before the free play start, an icon is selected to randomly randomly, with which profit combinations are considered to be scattern in X-arbitrary position. Where the landed extra bonus symbols then expand over all three rows. The process can be tracked simply because free spins will appear all other symbols on a dark ground. Both free play features can be extended by landing further scatter symbols.

The book & Pearls: Respins of Amun-re bonus game

Placed the player in the basic game At least five bonus symbols is triggered the unique Respin feature. Each landed fireball shows the earnings total of 1-75x to the total assignment. In addition, Amun-Re icons appear with Big, Mega, Monsters and Legendary, who are visible after the current use on the left side of the rollers.

During the Amun-Re Bonus Game, the landed fireballs remain as sticky symbols and all other icons disappear from the rollers. In the following three RESINS, only fireballs or empty fields turn. Each other bonus symbol requires the number of remaining RESINs on three.

This can be repeated until all 15 fields are filled with fire balls and the online player thereby rejects the Super RA bonus profit nor on top of that. With books & Pearls: RESPUINS OF AMUN-RE GAME FREE PLAY PLAY PLAYERS WITHOUT Login to explore all tricks and find out how to become a successful online buccaneer. Parallel to this is an excellent way to test your own intuition with the two additional risk games lossless.

The treasure chest in the books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re Slot plunder

Except for Scatterns and bonus symbols, profits are always generated in the left role in all active payout lines and generated in contiguous order. The profit factors vary according to symbol type, insert height and the number of identical icons. Who at Books & Pearls: RESPUINS OF AMUN-RE GAME A direct view into the payout tables is throwing, the current amounts are already given to the set game use.

Payout factors x line use:

Profit symbols 5 icons 4 icons 3 icons 2 icons
Map sign 9 50x 12.5x 2.5x 1x
Map sign 10-A 50x 12.5x 2.5x -
Anchor / steering wheel 250x 50x 7.5x -
Treasure chest 375x 75x 12.5x 2.5x
Sailing ship 1.000x 250x 25x 2.5x
Wild pirate 2.500x 500x 50x 5x

Scatter symbol Factors x Total insert:

pearl 100x 10x 2.5x 1x
a book 100x 10x 2.5x -

If book free play rounds, coincidence falls on the pirate wild symbol as a bonus sign, achieved profit combinations are distributed worth the value of ships. In Respin Feature, the bonus gains of Big fire balls are based on 50x, MEGA 100x, Monster 200x and Legendary 500x the total use. The Super-Ra main win also brings the 1.500 times total use and during the entire Amun-re bonus game is a maximum win of the 9.000-fold use possible.

More booty, more fun with books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re by Gamomat

The experienced Bally Wulff Software Team of the Berlin GameProvider knows exactly what slot friends love in US. How supplies Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re at every rolling sprea entertaining variety and an action-packed game adventure full of tension. Two different free play features and the breathtaking amun bonus game provide lucrative winning opportunities for mitigating playing pleasure on the current band.

Despite the first-class and elaborate special equipment, the high-quality slot machine is easy to handle and easy to use for beginners. Especially since the low insert limit from 20 cents per spin moves in a flexible scope, which is generally preferred by many recreational players. In addition, the imaginative pirate adventure in the sign of the Egyptian sun god is ideal for mobile game enthusiasts.

Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re game without registration

Before investing your own money, it is always better, some round books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re free to play and get an overview of yourself. We set Play slot machines for free without registration available, so on our homepage generally no personal information is required for registration. In this way, each recreational player can determine completely without your own risk, whether books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re corresponds to its own taste, and at please already think about his individual strategy for real game mode. With us every online player can play in Fun mode as he is considered necessary or having fun.

Books & Pearls: Respins of Amun-Re online with real money

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