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Of this online slot, not only natural players will be enthusiastic. Because the completely available automatic machine game Butterfly Staxx convinces not only by its pretty look, even the profit opportunities are likely to convince most interested parties. Those who first do not want to use real money, can alternatively play Butterfly Staxx free of charge without registration.

As a result, the players have the opportunity to get to know all the peculiarities, additional functions and bonus games. Because also play at the Butterfly Staxx for free, these can be explored unrestricted. Only then is it recommended to start Butterfly Staxx in the online casino and to activate the rolling rotations with genuine use.

Butterfly Staxx - Overview and play features

The Butterfly Staxx Slot of Netent follows a classic construction, as it is likely to be known from numerous other machine games. On five rollers and four rows are the symbols that can form a winning combination from the links.

Butterfly Staxx Online still holds some peculiarities that you other slots Do not know in the form. As soon as a roller is completely occupied with butterflies, this moves along with all other butterflies to the left. This activates free spins and players can benefit from an additional bonus.

Sound and design

If you think of playing at the machine in gaming halls, probably associate this with all certain feelings. There it is often hectic and loud. Even with digital machine games, the sound of mechanical rollers are often recorded, added to the clack of coins in the output shafts and numerous other noises.

On the internet Butterfly Staxx is likely to arouse with players completely other sensations, for which the sound and graphic design contribute significantly. Butterfly Staxx is accompanied by a soundtrack that radiates absolute serenity.

This recalls the 8-bit soundtracks of different gaming classics from the 80s and early 90s and is likely to wake up the one or the other childhood reminder at Butterfly Staxx Online. With its natural sounds, he radiates the absolute opposite of hustle.

This is supported by the natural graphic design. In the background of the Butterfly Staxx playing field, an idyllic landscape presents itself in the sunset, framed the rollers of blooming bushes and other plants. In conjunction with the main character inspired from flora and fauna, the rolls of butterfly staxx play a coherent overall picture. After a long working day, a round butterfly staxx can thus be fully contributed to relaxation.

All characteristics of the title at a glance here:

  • 5 rolls and 4 rows
  • Theme: Butterflies, Nature
  • Additive
  • Freespiel possible
  • 40 paylines

How to Play Butterfly Staxx

If you have already aroused interest in the Butterfly Staxx Slot, there are now two options: either you play free of charge and without registration with virtual missions or you start the atmospheric machine play of Netent in Online Casino, where you use real money to get the rollers in motion. So or so you should first deal with the most important rules and winning combinations.

The symbols at Butterfly Staxx

It is certainly only the least surprise that in this game butterflies and other natural symbols are in the foreground. The namesome butterflies are not only the sign with the highest value in the Butterfly Staxx Slot, they also solve multiple appearance Free Spins the end.

The nearest lower winning rank at Butterfly Staxx of Net Occupy flowers in different colors. To achieve a profit, at least three red, blue or purple flowers must appear on the paylines. Any further flowering in the right color means that the gain is doubled online at Butterfly Staxx.

In the other symbols, which ensure the right combination for a profit distribution at the Butterfly Staxx Slot, it is well-known classic:

  • Ass
  • king
  • lady
  • Bub

The four playing card symbols all have the same value, regardless of whether they play Butterfly Staxx for free or use real money. However, it is not possible to combine different equivalent symbols with each other for a profit.

Additional functions and bonus games

In modern casino play additional functions that the gaming experience lift to the next level is no longer missing. Butterfly Staxx also holds some additional functions and surprises. Especially high popularity, for example, the wild symbol should be delighted. This appears in the form of a colorful bloom with the lettering "Wild".

In its function as a Joker, it replaces each other character and thus helps to form profit combinations. The game can not replace the scatter symbol. This triggers an additional play at Butterfly Staxx Online, the so-called butterfly spins.

There is a simple rule: The more scatters appear on anywhere on the rolls of Butterfly Staxx, the more spins are unlocked as a bonus. As soon as at least three of these symbols appear, the usual playing field will be replaced and you can play the bonus game of Butterfly Staxx for free.

On all rollers, instead of the above-described symbols, can now see cocons that may be either activated or disabled. From active cocoons hatch the bonus game of this slot machine due to butterflies. These are then moving in their row on the first place seen from the left, which is not already occupied.

Tips and Tricks

It's best to get to know the functionality of re-spins and the butterfly spins when you play Butterfly Staxx for free. In particular, in terms of butterfly spins, the one or the other strategy can be tested. At Butterfly Staxx you play the bonus game with the same use as in the round in which it was activated.

Conclusion: Butterfly Staxx Free play without registration!

With us you have the ideal way to play Butterfly Staxx for free and get to know this slot from Netent. As a player from US, our platform is available where you Casino games free without registration start and try all the peculiarities.

Butterfly staxx to play real money

If you want to appreciate the original feeling from the casino, the free version will not be enough in the long run. If you use real money, you can also win real money. Be sure to compare our selection of online casinos where you play Butterfly Staxx and also free games, one Casino bonus without deposit and other attractive bonuses can use.

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