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There is probably hardly a topic in slot machines, which appears more often than "Egypt". Also the Scandinavian provider Netent has already adopted this topic often and also inspired by coins of Egypt by the corresponding ancient mythology. You can decide if you play coins of Egypt for free without registration or in one of the virtual game banks play the slot directly to real money.

The coins of Egypt slot at a glance

With COINS OF EGYPT from Netent to an exciting adventure. In the Old Egyptian, explore the Temple of Horus and Anubis and try to secure the enormous riches of the pharaohs at the same time. Already the presentation of the online slots can guess that it is exciting here. That the gaming experience becomes profitably, there are numerous bonus features, free spins and special symbols.

As early as 2018, the game came to the online casinos and was also playable in US, as long as the provider cooperated with the provider. whose software offered. The machine game was promptly a complete success with the US players and also experienced an onslaught in other countries.

The reason for this is obvious. Netent relies on five rolls and 20 paylines at the Coins of Egypt Slot. In addition, the profit symbols have a 3D effect on or. These are "relief-like" designed. Last but not least, an interesting bonus game does not have to be dispensed with. Especially the latter ensures tremendous profits and for a lot of variety during the game.

design & Sound

Especially on the larger screens makes the design of the Slots a lot. But also on the mobile terminals the slot machine can be seen. But who wants to experience the maximum game fun, which better uses a larger display. Even the sound fits perfectly with the topic and underlines the ambience. Even if the topic "Old Egypt" is already popular and the market with slots of this kind is well filled, the Swedes have done very good work here.

Regardless of your budget, you can play coins of Egypt for free and get a first overview of the machine.

The gameplay of Coins of Egypt Online

The machine game is played on five rollers, three rows and 20 paylines. If you have already caught up a strategy with regard to your use, you can also use the autoplay feature that automatically starts each spin. For the inserts you can select from a wide range: 0.20 $ to 200 $ are possible. The RTP of the slot is not to be despised with a value of 96.97%.

The symbols

What good is the best use strategy if you do not have knowledge about the payout table of the slot. To internalize these, you should use the opportunity and play coins of Egypt for free. Many of the reputable online casinos Enable this even without registration and also with us there is the demo version.

For the winners, there are those who are only seen in the basic game, and the main signs that only appear in the bonus game. The "normal" profit images are:

  • Horus with golden wings
  • Anubis
  • pharaoh
  • Isis
  • a scorpion

There are also five more symbols at Coins of Egypt, which are different small beetles, which provide the low profits. You should pay particular attention to the fly with the golden wings. Because this will not guarantee you nerves, but she brings you luck in the form of the Joker. As a wild symbol, it replaces all other symbols, with the exception of Scatter, Chest Seal and Collect symbols. This allows you to complement profit combinations and lead to a payout.

The bonus features at coins of Egypt

If you play Coins of Egypt, you will notice that there are still some other winners next to the symbols already mentioned. These main signs are closely linked to the topic. One of them is the coin with the pharaoh as embossing. This coin can appear on the rolls for each spin once or three times, and with a value of two- to 15 times its use.

However, this lucky coin shows only on the rolling one, two and three. However, the sums are only added and paid if the coin also shows on the fifth roller. Test this profitable feature by playing coins of Egypt for free.

However, the most important feature is the free play function. The feature is triggered as soon as the scatter symbol pointing to rolling one, three and five. The sum of the coins with this rotation is then added to each of the displayed treasure chests. Within the Free Spins you can collect three different coins:

  • Rubinadler
  • Gold cats
  • Emerald

With every coin you earn and collect, the value increases in the associated chest that can be seen over the rolls. Once you have collected three coins of the same kind, the free-playing round ends and the collected amount of the corresponding chest occurs in addition to the regular profit for payment.

Positive is at this bonus function that she simply continues. This means that there is no fixed number of free rotations. Play coins of Egypt online in Free demo mode without registration and make yourself the experience how lucrative this feature can be.

COINS OF EGYPT Free play without registration

Actually, we can summarize ourselves in terms of the conclusion: Coins of Egypt is a by and through successful machine. The symbols are not only brilliantly succeeded, but make the game "alive" act. There are also the pleasant sound effects. A well thought-out gameplay is offered here.

The functions are interesting and profitable for our experience. We can only recommend you to play coins of Egypt online at least for some rounds, because this is an entertaining video slot that is certainly one of the best with Egyptian theme.

For the first spins we can only give you one of the heart. Use the following offer: Play slot machines for free without registration! It is a safe way to familiarize yourself with the machine, its rules and the gameplay. Surely this test report also helps to handle the play of Coins of Egypt, but the feeling of exploring and getting to know everything itself is to be replaced by anything.

You can play coins of Egypt for free or real money. Both ensures a high fun factor. But they should take time and not directly invite their own financial risk. You will see that this ultimately pays off. Because you will not only get to know the gameplay in the demo version, but you have a variety of other options available:

  • Play for free and without registration in a casino, then you can develop a strategy, for example. For the bets. Juggling around with these and find out for themselves, with what use they want to play later in order to collect as many profits and few losses.
  • There are a variety of tips and tricks that circulate online. From experience, we know that these usually do not keep what they promise. But while you play coins of Egypt for free, you can test everything and do not have to worry if it does not come out as losses.
  • The free demo version is also ideally suited for all who just want to play these machines for fun. Even if the inserts are low, not every one of the born casino players and would not like to risk his hard-earned money. Some simply plays only a pastime and to distract yourself from the stressful everyday life for some time.

You should not miss the gaming experience at Coins of Egypt, which is our conclusion.

Coins of Egypt online to play real money

Surely it brings security with you when you play coins of Egypt for free, because eventually played here with virtual money. But there is also a disadvantage. After all, this slot is extremely lucrative and in the end it is annoying if the big gains are not payable. At the moment you will ask yourself where you can play coins of Egypt online for real money.

The answer is easy: There are a variety of reputable online casinos where the Netent Games are offered and including Coins of Egypt. With us you will find a selection of providers.

It is best if you look at a comparison and compare the individual providers. In addition, you should pay attention to it in the online casino if it Free games without deposit exists if you want to play coins of Egypt without your own financial risk. With such a bonus you do not have to deposit a single cent and can play directly with real money. Because in that case you play with a free credit.

Here is an important note: Profits that you achieve through these free spins can not be paid out directly. But the profits are converted into bonus money and this is subject to certain bonus conditions. This means that you have to implement this multiple before a payment is possible.

In addition, the sum of the payout is usually leased at 100 $ or 200 $. Even if the prospect of a payout is rather low, there is a fact that you should not forget: you have not invested a single cent yourself and still played coins of Egypt with real money and won.