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The Columbus Deluxe Slot is a new version of the already in many online casinos Represented original Columbus slot machines. This game is far more than a pure machine game, rather one goes as a player on a historic journey into the past. However, the sails are not set in Spain, but in US. If you go online on board one of the three ships from Christopher Columbus, then your goal is the same. There is a new world to discover, full of treasures, riches and of course entertaining game fun coupled with a portion of thrill. In contrast to Columbus, fortunately, you do not need the resources of the Spanish Queen Isabella, because you can play Columbus Deluxe for free without registration.

However, Novoline has thought of everything to make the game as detailed as possible. The Spanish ruler will make you the same on your rolls as well as the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. With these three ships, the American continent was discovered in 1492 by Columbus. For this reason, the ships at the Columbus Deluxe also play a particularly important role. In addition to the ships and Queen Isabella, however, there are other utensils on the rollers of Columbus Deluxe, which help the courageous sailor at his crossing over the Atlantic.

With which main sign you play is, however, only one of many information we are revealing our readers in this article. With us you will learn why you should play Columbus Deluxe for free, which rules need to be considered and what it has with the paylines and the profit combinations. We invite all US players to come on board, because the wind is particularly favorable today.

Columbus Deluxe online at a glance

If you would take the music and the sounds as well as the first optical impression as a benchmark to rate Columbus Deluxe, then you would probably settle the game at most in the midfield. With this assessment, however, one would be completely wrong, because the slot has a lot to offer. If you see something more closely, then you can see, for example, that above the brown background is the camp of Columbus and its crew. Whether it is actually the first camp of Europeans on the North American continent, we leave their imagination. Incidentally, you can take a look at the playing field in just a few seconds by playing Columbus Deluxe for free without registration.

However, if we look at the motifs on the rollers, then quickly becomes clear what the deluxe is on behalf of the machine game. While the numbers and letters are held in authentic forms of 1492, Novoline has added the main sign even crisp animations added. Especially good have the well-rehearsed sequences before and during the free spells. What we have already arrived at one of the most important points - the bonus functions.

The Columbus Deluxe Slot was equipped by Novoline with three bonus features before sailing it into the online casinos. In addition to the already announced and popular with the US players Free Spins Does the slot machine also have a wild symbol as well as a gamble feature and with each individual function we are now following.

The wild symbol

A wild symbol increases the chances of winning a profit, which will play in the Columbus Deluxe already after a few spins. The motive can help to make winning combinations as it replaces all other symbols except the scatter symbol. At Columbus Deluxe, the wild symbol can also land as a separate profit combination, if at least two Wilds on a payline are seen after a spin.

The free spells

Columbus Deluxe from Novoline offers the brave adventurer with a free spins bonus function the chance to achieve even greater profits. The bonus round is reached when three scatter symbols are visible after a spin. But beware, the Nina is only on roller one, the pinta on rolling three and the Santa Maria on rolling five. On what position the three ships land on their role, however, is irrelevant. During free spins, the three scatter symbols no longer look back on the sky blue Atlantic, but the reddish sunset. Another graphic highlight is the animations that can be admired during and in front of the spins. If during the free spins, the three ships should land again, then you can look forward to more Free Spins.

The Gamble Feature

This type of bonus feature is welcome each player. With her you can double his profits if you are in the truest sense of the word on the right card. Basically, each player has the same 50/50 chance to properly tap the drawn card, but with a strategy and luck, you may be able to get a small advantage. That's why we want to give you the tip to play Columbus Deluxe for free and pay close attention to the list of recently drawn cards. Remember, however, that this feature is optional and you do not need to use them. If you are unsure, it would probably be advisable to give up the gamble function. In addition, you can always cancel the function and take your profits in its menu in its menu. In addition, you, even if you have a lucky strap, can take the Gamble Feature a maximum of five times.

How to play Columbus Deluxe Online

Even if you play Columbus Deluxe for free, the first steps are always the same. We truly reveal no secret tricks if we do not give you the hint immediately to indicate the rolls. Instead, look at the playing field of Columbus Deluxe with its five roles and three rows in peace and gain such an overview. In the left corner, the information about the rules, symbols, and the bonus functions is hidden behind the button with the question mark. A little further on the right is the configuration menu of paylines. Here, the player offers the opportunity to determine with a total of six levels, whether he wants to play with one or up to ten lines.

In addition, the operating height is determined. The minimum use of Columbus Deluxe Online is 0.20 $ and the peak set proud 100 $. Whether highholler or beginner, caution is the mother of the porcelain bank and therefore you should play at the beginning of the seafaring Columbus Deluxe for free. With the free version you can experiment with these settings completely safely and that also completely without registration! Last but not least, the spins can be started. The associated button can be found on the right side of the screen. For this you have the choice between the autoplay function or the manual start.

Overview of the symbols and how to win at Columbus Deluxe

There is no player in the casino a better feeling as to be able to look forward to a profit. Sometimes it can be a somewhat complicated way to win. At Columbus Deluxe, this is not the case, on the contrary, the rules are designed so that beginners can quickly find themselves. The game principle can basically summarize as follows. The more the same motives land on a payline, the greater the gain for the player. In addition, all symbols have a fixed minimum number that must be watching for a spin to be able to marry a profit. In the case of Columbus Deluxe, these are two or three dependent on the subject. However, remember that all paylines are always from left to right and accordingly also be examined from links beginning on winning combinations.

In addition to the three ships, there are nine more symbols that the slot machines are played. Of course, Christopher Columbus is highly personal. The exact value of the motives as well as the minimum price for a winning combination can be found in the game in the game. With these symbols go to a journey of discovery:

  • The number ten as well as the letters from A to J
  • A sextant
  • A golden necklace
  • The Spanish Queen Isabella
  • Christopher Columbus as a wild symbol
  • The three ships Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria as a scatter symbol

Conclusion and Columbus Deluxe for free

Columbus Deluxe serves as proof that it does not always have to be futuristic in the online casino to design an interesting and entertaining slot machine. We have made our test on an online machine game that combines a very interesting topic with very good opportunities on regular profits. For this purpose, the RTP of 95.02% and the low volatility are responsible for this purpose. However, this does not mean that you have to dispense with higher profits on the way to the discovery of America. Thanks to the free games and especially the Gamble Feature, it is practically possible to discover its own treasures in the New World at any time.

Join us with us Christopher Columbus in his historic Atlantic crossing by the same name Play slot machines for free without registration.

Columbus Deluxe online with real money

They have played Columbus Deluxe for free and convinced themselves that we did not promise too much with our conclusion? Then you are ready to challenge your luck with real money. By the way, you already knew that the registration in the casino even a free welcome bonus is connected? For some providers, new players can even secure free spells without deposit in addition to the first-time pay bonus. So the search for a new continent can start, you will not find too?