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As a slot machine tester you can sometimes be brought in situations in which you are about to make a backdrop. Sometimes we get it to do with the fear. You wonder now what our problem is? Well, the thing is that: How would you react when you enter your office in the morning and find a note on the desk, on the stand, Dead or Alive? Before the first coffee, we at least frightened powerfully, because in US this means dead or alive. Oha! Then, fortunately, everything clarified and we are richer with a machine games, which we can offer for free and without registration for playing.

But let us first bring light into the darkness and report about our shock seconds in the morning hour.

Our experiences and experiences with the Dead Or Alive Slot

Yes, they have read it correctly and can now relax again. Dead or Alive is a slot machine that Netent invented. Phew, so luck, because Netent is a very serious and prominent playman, who would probably no dead fly from the wall, as it is said so beautiful in a US proverb. Instead, that brings Team of Netent very good games out and made us play a taste for free on the date of the Dead Or Alive without registration. We really thought that we are quasi already mouse cheers, until we dawned us then. Somewhere we know the phrase dead or alive. No, not from US, but from the Wild West! There, the saying is always on the search posters. Well, then we did not want to be like that. If it is necessary to make a seduly dingfest and to help the sheriff, we are happy to play for free to go to the Dead Or Alive!

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So class is dead or alive online

We were immediately highly motivated and still made our jokes. Dead Or Alive, that's somehow a wordwitz, if you translate that in German. Play dead or alive. We can say we played alive, and how! The slot machine is very authentic designed, with all sound effects that would suggest in the wild west. In the distance a dog barks, hoof trapping is heard and we were at Dead or Alive online right in our element. The rolls and the whole game are great and detailed illustrated. We searched for the casino, Pardon Saloon and did not do anything unloaded to deliver the searched rogue to the sheriff. We were very successful and forks on the paylines one after the other. Instead of a bounty there were Free Spins and bonus. Almost we forgot that the whole spectacle turned online, because the hours passed as in flight.

With Dead or Alive of Netent we have discovered new pages to us

After a short time we understood the rules at Dead or Alive online and seized with the right strategy the missing tune as on the assembly line. So about something has to feel a gold rush. At Dead Or Alive by Netent we finally could swing the Lasso and bring our great tricks in the online casino. Should we ever give up our activity as slot machine professionals and make a retraining, then certainly a cowboy. Playing the successful Dead Or Alive for free has led us in mind how fulfilling the criminal hunt is when you succeed! Incidentally, you really can not complain about the real money that there is a bounty and reward for tips. Conclusion: Would ever be a job change necessary, we would play a full-time Dead Or Alive for free. We like this strategy well because we could work with dead or alive online because it is free and because we daily Free games get in abundance.

How to Play Dead Or Alive online without registration

If you are looking forward to it, how the wild west looks "inside", we can warmly play you Dead Or Alive for free without registration. Of course, you can wait a while, after all, the game does not run away. But if you want to be a neo-cowboy on the machine, you should also be prepared. So, we want to. The starting signal for the rolls give you with a push of a button on the switch below in the middle. The machine game can be compared well with a revolver. If you shoot, you must also reload each time. So here too, because after every finished shoot is a renewed starting necessary. If you swap the revolver against an automatic machine gun, you do not need to refurbish. So it is, if you activate the autoplay function, which is the same to the left next to the regular start button. We hope these parables illustrate the gameplay well enough.

What can Dead Or Alive?

You could already get started at the Dead Or Alive Slot now, because the most important functions know you now. If you want more information, we praise your attitude. It's good to prepare properly before taking a dangerous enemy, in a fight for life and death. You do not need to shear hazards at Dead Or Alive, you will be protected by the thick glass of your computer screen. If you play Dead or Alive for free, you will immediately spy the well-known five rolls and three rows, which is largely known as the best arrangement in online slots. This is due to the versatile nature of this grid, which was also used very effectively here. A somewhat unorthodox choice was hit with the nine paylines. Finally, most machines have either five, ten or fifteen paylines. Why the odd number? We do not know it.

The Dead or Alive main sign

We assume that the Dead Or Alive Slot is a window in the wild west, or something like that. Finally, the main characters are largely such as cowboys, sheriff badges and the like are designed. How to know, you may know some of the winners, with which they probably will make such some winning combinations. For the sake of simplicity, we have sorted all the pictures according to their value.

Here you are:

  • The map characters from the 10 to ASS are also represented in this game as the lowest symbols, as with almost every other machine, also from tradition
  • The glass with whiskey
  • The cool western boots
  • The white cowboy hat
  • The revolver in the holster
  • The sheriff badge in the iconic star shape is the best main sign

The special profit symbols and bonus rounds at Dead Or Alive

Now they know all regular winners, but what about those who have special skills? A machine without a variety would eventually be boring. Here are two symbol types that prove you the opposite. Explore this to the Dead Or Alive for free.

Wild symbol: If you are trained in the technical terms of the machine world, you will know that an ordinary wild symbol is quasi a joker that can replace any symbol to complete a payline. At the Dead Or Alive you will find that the developers have gone a step further. The wilds appear as "Wanted, Dead or Alive" poster who mapped different faces. However, all have the same special feature that has something to do with the other bonus symbol.

Scatter symbol: We should urgently talk about the scatter symbol, which gives away as in pretty much any other machine free spins. So you get three scatters that you can recognize as a crossed revolver, you immediately win twelve free spins. Dead Or Alive Online will sweeten the free rounds even by receiving all gains twice. But that's not all, because the game is a so-called Sticky Wild. Thus, the symbol, while it appears in free rounds, continues to receive. Quasi remains sticking for the remaining rounds to the rollers. If a game sticks on any role, your free spins will be extended by five more spins.

Our judgment: Dead Or Alive Play for free is a perfect for cowboys

In advance: If the cowboys are talking, we also believe the cowgirls among them. Is quite logical, or? All Play slot machines for free without registration, And who feels the challenge Dead or Alive has grown, should do that. It does not matter if you are male or female. Counting their talents on the rolls, then collect pluses at the sheriff and not only secure his goodwill, but can certainly be promoted one day to the aid manufacturer. Until the far far, it says: always nicely practicing diligent and grab the fleeting rogues - Dead or Alive!

Dead Or Alive to play real money and pick up bounty in the casino

What make real cowboys before they go on bounty hunting? Right, you search for the Best online casino. Suggestions for this can be found on our search posters. Find with detective flair free games without deposit or a welcome bonus for the casino account that you open. Only then do you invest real money, agree? Finally, it is a little risky, because criminal hunt is in true life when we are allowed to advise, not your main job. Remember that a Halunke maybe fidget if you want to feed him Dead Or Alive's just punishment.