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What makes a good game? Needs complex rules, countless difficult-to-understand features and long waiting times in which nothing happens? -! As it can go, this shows Merkur with his Diamond and Fruits Slot. This machine is reduced to its basic rules. Who now thinks that the Diamond and Fruits play all important elements are missing, who is deceiving. Three rollers and three rows are available at Diamond and Fruits Online. That does not sound much and reduces the paylines and the profit combinations considerably.

Diamond and fruits from Merkur - a simple and effective machine game

Who but this classic of Mercury wants to understand in the US online casino, which must understand that the reduction to the essence constitutes the main component of the concept. Less is more at Diamond and Fruits. You can play Diamond and Fruits for free and still have the best way to learn how well the game works. An attempt is worth it, especially if you think about it is free and you can start immediately.

The idea behind Diamond and Fruits online and the playful atmosphere

Diamond and fruits online is the perfect game for users who want to engage in something new online, but do not feel like learning countless rules by memorizing. Fast, playful and entertaining - so the slot machine from Mercury can best describe. A strong argument for Diamond and Fruits Online is the atmosphere of the slot. The main characters consist of simply designed fruits:

  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Plum
  • grapes
  • Watermelons.

There are still two symbols that dance from this fruit series:

  • Belly
  • seven.

Already in the first round, the design of the game reminds the first online games from the 1990s. This shows that it does not need much in the casino to create a special atmosphere. Playing for free at Diamond and Fruits is about the essentials. Hardly any other game is deliberately reduced as this. Anyone who is a fan of minimalism anyway and like to refrain from one or the other fruit chips, which finds the perfect game in Diamond and Fruits.

The rules of the Diamond and Fruits Slots - develop their own tips, tricks and strategies

If you play Diamond and Fruits for free, of course you should not completely do without rules and definitely familiarize yourself with them. Although there are not many, but these are crucial when you want to play Diamond and Fruits for free or consciously want to take risks with real money. Since primarily newcomers and interested parties would like to play Diamond and Fruits, it is important that the basic rules are understood:

  • Profit combinations: Diamond and Fruits needs three same symbols to win. This is particularly simple in this game because there are only three rolls. This means that on each roller the same symbol must be seen on the profit-bearing payline. If there are only two main signs on the rolls, so of course it does not come to a profit. The amount of profit while playing Diamond and Fruits for free is only dependent on the symbols that form a winning combination. The reading direction of the profit combinations is no matter at Diamond and Fruits, as all available places must be occupied anyway.
  • special character: For new players, it can be a true bonus that the classic special characters play at Diamond and Fruits, so the wild symbol and the scatter symbol are missing. These are for example free spins, so Free games, the end. But you do not need the symbols as long as you play Diamond and Fruits for free without registration. The profits do not have to wait for a long time.

Fancy a multiplication of profits - with the gamble feature no problem

If you play Diamond and Fruits, you do not have to do without the gambling. If you get a profit while you play Diamond and Fruits for free without registration or try trying real missions, so you can challenge your luck to two gamble features:

  • Card Gambling: The rules of this first variant are explained quickly - it is necessary to correctly guess the color of a capped card. That's many times, but with each attempt can of course be the probability that the profit is lost.
  • Ladder Gambling: This is not about colors, but about the attempt to reach the rung of a ladder at the right time. This variant is something for players who need diamond and fruits for free without registration and need the certain thrill.
  • Heal the profit: This is a practical security variant in the gamble. Here, the player is allowed to retain half of his profit for free and without consequences. So it is only played one half.

The diamond is crucial - a strong replacement for the wild icon and the scatter symbol

The diamond is the most important element at Diamond and Fruits. He does not appear as a separate sign, but only occurs as a supplement to other main signs. There are three elements with a diamond on a payline, this means a big profit. So it is important to always pay attention to the diamonds. They ensure the particularly tension-loaded moments.

To play in peace online - here it is free and possible without registration

If you want to try something new online in US, a visit to our site is worthwhile. Diamond and Fruits is just one of the many games that can be tried for free and without registration. You can play slot machines for free without registration and have the ideal way to snuff into a variety of exciting games. In addition to real classics, the latest offers of the well-known developers. Without risk you can find out so fast, which game is especially. Not necessarily that must be measured at the profits, with us it is all about the fun. You take that with your own smartphone just easily with.

Real tension, greater thrill and even more fun - the slot machine Diamond and Fruits with real money

For free variants, which is always playable at any time without risk, there is of course version, which allows real profits. The rules does not change and free games without deposit are waiting for the player who is in the selection of Online casinos decides for the right offer. Who is ready to go the next step, who takes his experiences from the Free game simply with. So it usually does not take long, until the first surprising profits come to the variant with real money. This will feel much better compared to virtual coins.