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Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe is an interesting slot machine that comes from the prestigious Developer Studio Novoline has been developed. The game is a classic slot, which has existed since 2006, but has been modernized with some bonus features. As a topic, the deep sea was chosen, in which one can dive by collecting atmospheric symbols. Also through musical accompaniment and graphic effects, the feeling of Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe is clearly upgraded online.

The archetypal construction with 5 rolls and 3 rows makes it easy to find an entry into the Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Slot, especially if you have already made experience with similar games. All rules and features can be viewed online for free on this website, as well as the payout table. So it gets even easier to make an impression of the game flow and the profit opportunities. Despite the simple basic principle, Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe remains exciting in the long run. This is mainly responsible for the bonus features, through which it is possible to get free spins and high profit multipliers.

Donate in Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe from Novoline and seek the treasures of the deep sea

In this review, the rules and main characters are explained that you need to play for Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe. By some tips and tricks, the players in US online casinos should be made possible to develop their own strategy. So you can inform yourself without registration or obligations about the slot. Another way to deal closely with the game is to use the Free demo version. Through this you can play Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe for free, without registration or risk. When playing Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe for free, you can not win real money, but no credit can be lost.

The most important information about the Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Slot at a glance

topic ocean
developer Novoline
Rolling and rows 5 x 3
Profit lines 10
jackpot no
RTP 95.13%
volatility High
Service options 0.10 - 100 credits
Free games Yes
Multipliers Yes
AutoPlay feature Yes
Mobile version Yes

Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe play - the rules and symbols explained

At Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Online, a profit is achieved if at least 3 same symbols are collected on an active payline. This is always started with the roller far left and only adjacent rolls are being considered. Only the highest profit combination is paid per line. Profits from different lines are added together to obtain the overall gain. The quotation amount of a payout line is calculated from the use per line and the multiplier of the displayed symbol combination.

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The use at Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe can be varied between 0.10 and 100 credits. Also, the number of payments can be set up to a maximum of 10. Thus, the player has several ways to influence the overall use and thus the profit options. In the payout table online, all profit opportunities are displayed depending on their own use.

The RTP of the slot is 95.13%. This represents a statistical expectation value, which should be distributed distributed by its missions in winning when a large number of games is completed. Due to the high variance of these results, the individual gaming experience can differ significantly from this computational value.

The symbols at Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Online

At Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe, a total of 13 symbols can be collected, which are doped with different profits. There are also 2 bonus icons that unlock additional features. The following symbols can be found in the machine game:

  • Playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K, A
  • Seahorse
  • Fisherman
  • lobster
  • Skate
  • Pearl (Scatter symbol)
  • Dolphin (Wild Symbol)

The wild symbol, represented by a dolphin, offers the highest payout quotas when a winning combination is achieved. In addition, the wild symbol can replace any basis icon in a winning combination. If such a profit is triggered, this will be doubled again. The eponymous dolphin therefore pays out in more than one way.

As a second special character, the pearl occurs as a scatter symbol. This differs in several aspects of the regular symbols in the game. Already 2 scatters are enough to trigger a profit. In addition, scatter combinations are considered independent of paylines, so that only a certain number of rollers must be displayed, regardless of the position. Only the highest scatter combination is paid off and added to line winning. If at least 3 scatter symbols are displayed, you will also switch 15 free spins free. These are played with the same use and the same number of paylines, as the round in which they were won, but all winnings are multiplied by 3. So during free spins, you have a good chance of high winnings and can even trigger the feature again to accumulate even more free spells.

The card gamble at Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Online

Instead of a win that you have to be released, you can also continue to play around this. For this, a gamble option was integrated into the game by Novoline, through which it is possible to increase its own profit with a little luck,. However, one inevitably goes a risk.

If you won a spin, you have the option to start the gamble feature. The goal is to predict whether the next card, which is uncovered from a classic game card deck, is red or black. If you have predicted the right color, your own profit doubles and you can continue the card gamble. Through the use, the maximum is defined, which one can gain in the card gamble. As soon as you get wrong, you lose your entire profit.

Summary and Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe Free play without registration

Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe is a new edition of an older slot that has already experienced enormous popularity for years. Therefore, it is not surprised that the developer studio has also achieved a success with the deluxe version. The game principle remained captivating unchanged, but by technical innovations and interesting bonuses, the slot machine could be hoppeted new life. So it is still a varied and exciting experience to test Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe in a casino or online playground. Also in the long run is ensured for tension and the stylish symbols help to fit in the illustrated underwater world. Overall, the machine game makes a rounded and modern impression. Everyone who feels interested in this review should give the slot machine a chance and evaluate himself.

The best way to deal with the slot is to try out the demo version. So you can play Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe for free without having to set real money or to enter another risk. You do not have to register or sign up to play Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe for free, so you can always win your own impression. All rules, profit options and special characters are also explained in the demo version, so that you are on the best way to develop your own strategy.
Many online casinos and other websites offer game machines for free nowadays without registration. So you can test for example on automatic games x countless free free machine games and so own experiences with Diverse slots collect. In the enormous selection, it will certainly not be difficult to find an appealing game or offer. It is worthwhile to risk your own look.

Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe to play real money

Of course you can not just try his luck with Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe for play money. The slot can also be tested with real money. Although Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe play for free, they can not lose a real profit. This lacks a crucial aspect of online gambling, which makes much of its attraction for many players in US. Nevertheless, Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe is playing for free an ideal way to familiarize yourself with the slot, so when playing for real money no ambiousness.

To play in an online casino games to play real money, you have to register first. Since the registration in a casino requires that you are authenticated, this process can be associated with a little effort. In order to create the creation of a user account still inviting, promotions are often offered through which you can secure lucrative bonuses or welcome packages. A very popular bonus are Free games without deposit. You get a fixed number of free spins at a selected slot, which can be used to a fixed bet with real money. So you have the opportunity to make first experiences with the playing to make real money without having to risk something to lose something or only credit balances. You should not see free games with real money as a way to make money. Mostly, there are sales conditions that allow significantly more difficult amounts to pay off.

Also starting credit, deposit bonus and many more interesting promotions are waiting in US online casinos to be requested. But you should always note that all the promotions associated with conscience. Therefore, it is necessary to find out thoroughly, before one bonus striking. Otherwise, it can happen that a safely believed advantage is lost again, because you have not held on the conditions. By carefully researching such incidents can be easily avoided and wins a better assessment of how lucrative a promotion is actually.

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