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Double Triple Chance to play for free without registration, what does that sound for you? Really good, or? So we thought as we were to play Double Triple Chance for free. We have tested the machine game extensively for you and are still impressed. The game is something special, but we'll tell you the details later. The manufacturer was pretty creative, as far as the rules and free spells are concerned. In US, the slot machine in the online casino is an absolute racer. We tell you what the USA find the Double Triple Chance of Merkur so great and with which strategy you get the best at Double Triple Chance.

All loves the Double Triple Chance Slot - but why actually?

If in US said a whole nation talks about a game, then there must be something. Is it just the fact that Double Triple Chance is possible to play for free? We did not want to believe that, because we have many other games in the program. We went online, opened the game and were surprised first. There is no 3D graphics and prominent is only the slot provider on this machine.

Honestly, at the first moment, the slot machine looked very simple for us at the first moment, as if the graphics could have painted a child. A bit cheesy, a bit of one-dimensional and the music in the background was pleasant, but obviously did not come from a famous composer. Any tricks had to give it, because the slot machine is loved by casino fans hot and intimately loved, anyway. Or therefore? That already meets, we would say. At the Double Triple Chance for free, we collected impressions and found an answer to the question of what makes the charm of Double Triple Chance.

We grabbed our double triple chance and fell in love with the game

Meanwhile, we have also developed a preference for Double Triple Chance, which means in US as much as "double triple chance". There is actually a reason that we will explain more detailed. The question of the trigger for the run on the machine we now clearly see that playing is so amazing. Strong beginners have their bright pleasure, without having to tug the rules forever forever eternally. In addition, the illustration is really cute and reminds us almost to a children's toys. This simple style is often found in the casino at the old, classic slot machines. It's really like the manufacturer of the game would have removed one of these machines directly from a game room from the wall and into the Modern online casino fed.

The nostalgic feeling in combination with choice functions, that's exactly what is made of Double Triple Chance to a small star and insider tip. We will now explain to you even more so you can get started happy.

How to play Double Triple Chance online without registration

Are you already more experienced in the world of slot machines, or a perfect slot novice? So or so, you certainly know how a slot machine looks like. In the word alone should already take pictures of games in their thoughts that have five rollers and are divided into three rows. This is represented today's standard and at least 90% of the machine games. But if you play Double Triple Chance, you will immediately notice the difference. The biggest change should be due to them first, because there are three rollers. Yes, Double Triple Chance is a true one-armed bandit. Have you ever heard of it? Single-armed bandits are almost the predecessors of modern Slotautomatomats, which probably seen Mercury the rare chance and has taken to redegree an old slot formula online. Now you do not need to be surprised if you only get a 3 × 3 grid for winning combinations. In addition, there are five payments.

Maybe they have been brought by this unique view a little bit out of the concept, which is why we want to help you with some of the main functions a little bit on the jumps. See the green button, which was placed far left in the corner? You know such a function maybe, because here you start the game. Yes, it's the start button, which activates a single spin. In contrast to the switch to the left next to it, which starts the autoplay function. The rolls turn infinite at Double Triple Chance, as long as they do not deactivate the feature online again.

The Double Triple Chance main sign

We want to mention a disadvantage of the three rolls in advance. There are fewer symbols at the same time displayed on the rolls, which makes it harder to improve this correctly. Finally, you only see a grid of a total of nine fields, with many of the main characters appearing several times on the coils. That's actually the meaning, because they receive their profits. We thought about everything you should learn now to the symbols. If not, you can play for free at the Double Triple Chance without login to explore the vending machine for free. We personally find it really great that we through the Team of Mercury Spontaneously without registration the machine game called Double Triple Chance can try online. But it's just as easy for you to query our clever list. Luckily we are with such a listing and tips on the point, give you an overview of the profit symbols, which are also arranged for your value:

  • The green gems bring almost nothing into the round and give their merely their use again.
  • The fruit varieties lemon, cherry, plum and orange can play them at the double triple chance each play their depths eight times.
  • The gold bells are made of pure gold, as the name already states what is converted to 12x of their use.
  • The watermelon is particularly tall and ripe, which probably contributes to the high profit. You get your mission through you 40x.
  • The sevens are traditionally worth the most value and give them handsome 150x their amount as a profit.

The special profit symbols and bonus rounds at Double Triple Chance

Double Triple Chance Online gives you a lot of additional opportunities. We also start with the symbols, for which you should look for the double triple chance for free of charge.

Scatter symbol and wild symbol:

In most slot machines, which are active in the market today, there is a large number of bonus symbols, mostly the game and scatter. The former can replace any profit sign to make a winning combination. Thus, it's a kind of joker and it will be clear immediately why Double Triple Chance is not online. The fact that only three symbols are bonded together to obtain a profit, a joker would bring the profits from balance. Every round would be a gain for the player and Mercury would go bankrupt. The other symbol, however, the scatter symbol is superfluous by the bonus of the double triple chance slot.

Bonus function:

If you find a screen filled with a single fruit variety, the Rewin feature activates. Here you can get the profit of this full screen immediately. A bike turns, which decides whether the game is ended or not. It ends up in green, get immediately a Rewin as a bonus. When it lands on red, the game will be over and your profit will be paid. The Rewin feature can take place up six times in a row. Thus, you can, according to calculations, get up to 240x of your deposit value.

Another bonus game in the Double Triple Chance Slot

If this (or another) profit is not quite enough, there is still one last bonus function. You can activate the so-called card GAMBLE after each profit, making you your profit on the game. If you guess the right card color, your sum will be doubled with immediate effect. The best thing is because you can perform this procedure with Double Triple Chance online immediately several times in succession. So even the originally smallest profit becomes a veritable jackpot. Attention is installed, because if you choose the wrong color, your hard gain returns to the double triple chance slot or in the casino.

Our verdict: Double Triple Chance is the largest double triple opportunity

If you do not want to take the same real money in your hands without knowing a game more closely, get the best unlimited free spins. The online casino grants you game money Play slot machines for free without registration. We believe that you make a good choice with Double Triple Chance, but try it best yourself! Be curious and make a nice time in the casino!

Double Triple Chance to play real money and snatch bonus

Double Triple Chance has liked to play for free and they play with the idea of playing real money? Understandable! So many chances in a single machine, that's something special. If we are just on the subject of opportunities, you should not miss you to check on our side which Free games without deposit Currently available. Log in to an online casino with a good welcome bonus, then multiply your chances again considerably. We wish you a lot of success at the great slot double triple chance!