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Who did not love them as a child, the adventures of bold heroes and wild dragons sitting on a large mountain from gold? If you play Dragon's Treasure for free, you quickly see that Mercur has picked up this story. Mercury Has the Dragon's Treasure Slot designed to feel as a player like the title of hero. If you play Dragon's Treasure, you can feel a special atmosphere in the casino. This reminds of a dense and enchanted forest because of the color scheme. Behind every corner can lurk the dragon. If the hero had to be a fight in the say in the say, the dragon only promises as a symbol only good while playing Dragon's Treasure for free.

Dragon's Treasure by Mercury - Who steals the gold of the dragon in this slot machine?

The fear of the dragon has exchanged the development team of Mercury against the hope for a great profit exchanged. At Dragon's Treasure online, which is based on five rollers and three rows, the next profit is never far away. Conscious is the game designed so that it comes to many win. This offers players, on the one hand, the opportunity to gamble the profits just achieved, on the other hand is permanently for Kurzweil and exciting entertainment.

With five fixed paylines for success - the secret behind Dragon's Treasure Online

With just five paylines, Dragon's Treasure comes out. That does not sound much, but ensures frequent profits. How high a profit fails, which is of course highly dependent on which main sign when playing in Casino in US End at the paylines. The design of the main character gives a good indication of how high the profit fails if you play Dragon's Treasure for free without registration and it comes to success. The blond knight and the dark-haired hero both strive for the treasure of the dragon. Thus, these two main signs that allow maximum profit. Furthermore, under the main sign still a treasure chest and of course the golden sword of the hero. The list of symbols is completed with the card characters from the ace to the boy. Mercury is very consistent and creative in the design of the symbols. The fact that the main characters can be easily distinguished from each other at a glance, it is, as long as they play Dragon's Treasure, particularly easy to apply to the Fast's own strategy.

The rules of Dragon's Treasure online promise a real adventure

Two elements ensure the special moments, even if you play Dragon's Treasure for free. On the one hand, the gamble feature is meant and the symbol of the dragon. This combines the strengths of the wild symbol and the scatter symbol together. So the dragon appears on the rolls, so tension and big gains are almost preprogrammed. As long as you play Dragon's Treasure for free, you can get to know the dragon's most personally.

The power of the dragon at Dragon's Treasure

The dragon combines forces as a symbol of each other, which rarely can be seen in this way. In order to better understand this special character at Dragon's Treasure Online, it is advisable to take a look at the individual features of the dragon by playing Dragon's Treasure for free:

  • The dragon as a wild symbol: As a wild symbol, the dragon is able to replace every main sign that is missing so far to complete a profit combination. At the slot machine Dragon's Treasure is therefore crucial the position of the dragon on the rolls. Only when he appears in the right place, he unfolds his effect as a wild symbol and occurs at the point of the missing symbol.
  • The dragon as scatter symbolIf you want to play Dragon's Treasure for free or do the luck with real money want to challenge, the dragon as Scatter symbol represents much more powerful. Here he shows his strength, regardless of the position he appears. Of course, the dragon looks at Dragon's Treasure only as Scatter when three or more of them appear at the same time. Is that the case, so you not only get a big profit, but additionally ten Free Spins, So free free games. As if that were not already a bonus enough, the player also has the chance to select one of the main characters as a special symbol before each of the free rounds. This will then be at Dragon's Treasure for a round to the wild symbol. To the common tips and tricks in this feature counts to be fast in the selection. If you do not use your chance early enough at Dragon's Treasure, the system will determine what the main character is as a wild symbol during the free spells.

At Dragon's Treasure around the big win

Once you have retracted a profit, it is possible to gamble about it. This sometimes means a multiplication of one's own profit. But caution is quite offer here, because for example, you should play Dragon's Treasure for free without registration and during the meantime only once the wrong decision will make, that already means that the entire profit is lost.

This game is there to try out online - what keeps the Dragon's Treasure Slot hidden yet?

As a slot, Dragon's Treasure combines the advantages of a modern game with the charm and the character of a true analog classic. To understand what fascination this game exercises, it is easy to try it on our site. This is completely free and who liked it, Play slot machines for free without registration to be able to choose between dozens of other exciting games. If you want to access a game without registration, you do this easily on our site. Which device is preferable to play is no matter. With the smartphone or the tablet you can play as exciting rounds as on the home machine.

The next level at this machine game - play real money in the US online casino

The story, which is based on Dragon's Treasure, contributes to the fact that the tension rises when playing. Anyone who wants to go a step and feel like real profits, who tries to make real money. Above all, this is worthwhile if you previously receive free spins without deposit from the casino of choice. This has a significant effect on the success of the start and nothing tastes sweet than gains that did not have to be made for its own money expenses. Who knows how well it starts at the beginning, and maybe the little one is bonus At the start of the incentive to make the very big profits to drive with a little higher risk.

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