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Whenever in Spain, the traditional bullfights were held, the animal rights called the plan. Many people find the fighting but at least secretly very exciting. Of course this is a huge conflict of interest! Luckily Mercury has found a way out. It goes to the bullring, but now quite unopolently and online! We had the pleasure and were allowed to test the machine game extensively. The results are class what means for them: the release is done and the arena is opened to the El Torero free play without registration! Please feel your red cloth and find yourself to the Fiesta in the casino, Olé, Olé!

Our experiences with the El Torero Slot

Passing the times when the USA are freaked out in every bull preservation season. El Torero was not a hero in true life, but was considered a bull aquat, considering the animal welfare campaigns in US. For all traditions also made protests in Spain. Every year there were accidents. El Torero was taken from a bull on the horns and many said that happens very right. The game was as good as! If you were questioning a bull, if he would rather land well Done on the grill or would have to compete in the arena in the traditional games, we are not sure which fate he would choose. The whole topic has always been controversially discussed and many El Torero became unemployed. Then something wonderful happened.

El Torero of Merkur was invented and now everyone can play legitimate, ethical and morally harmless and animal welfare conform El Torero for free. Big pounding, whether in Spain, Austria, Switzerland or US! The cattle are happy, the players are looking forward to. That was a genius stroke of Mercury! On top of that, playing is still free and possible without registration. El Torero is also in wages and bread and can train his tricks as often as he wants. We tester have found great pleasure on the machine game and know the rules now in and out. That's why we like to give you tips and explain everything. The slot machine is totally fiery-spirited after Spanish Art. Sound and graphics are really appealing in our eyes.

How to play El Torero online without registration

If you have been on the slot world for some time, you already know that every slot has to have certain features to go through as a good automaton. Number 1 is on this list, very clear, the start button. You must confess that without this switch does not happen much. Since they should be facilitated when we reveal that El Torero in fact has one. If you look more closely, a button with the inscription "Auto" is available over the "Start" button online. This means no car is meant, but the integrated autoplay function. If you press this, and then the start button, the rollers turn quasi infinity. Of course you can also stop the whole thing by simply pressing "Stop Auto". Thus, then the circulation is interrupted and you can step in to manually resolve the autoplay.

Whether you have already played slots or not, you have certainly seen the rollers of a machine game. We would like to bet with you that there were five rollers, which each could map three symbols, right? Ha, we thought. So El Torero is now known to you, because the same grid was used here. This means that you should always see fifteen main sign at the same time. If you play El Torero for free, you will notice that it was implemented especially well here. Paired with the a total of ten paylines, which reveal a medium sized number of profit opportunities, the basic design is well assembled.

The El Torero main sign

Since you always get fifteen symbols at the same time, it would be beneficial if you would get the unique winner at least soon to face and get to know the functions closer. We can say the same way that all main signs only have a function. This is the task of filling your pockets with profit combinations. No comic cuticle, not a big drum and turn. So we like our signs best. If you have any problems not to get special function for each of the nine main icons, you should know that most signs like these are also standard characters. Yes, such a shocker. We have sorted this once to profit sums to make you a lot to simplify. Alternatively, you can also play El Torero for free as a training without registration. This may be a bit complicated for imprinting profit symbols, but is generally a good and fun strategy.

We have sorted the winning sign according to your value:

  • The card characters from the 10 to AS ass are relatively inconspicuous and give them between 0.5x and 10x of your use.
  • The rose, the spring hat and the Spanish guitar each have the same value, which between 1.5x and 25x of your operating amount is.
  • The Spanish woman skillfully holds the fan in front of her face to look mysterious. She also creates it and brings between 0.2x and 50x of your use.

The special profit symbols and bonus rounds at El Torero

We did not want to give the impression as if there were no special characters at El Torero Online. Of the Manufacturer Mercury has certainly taken care of some highlights that can meet you for free at the El Torero.

Wild symbol: Everyone knows it, everyone loves it. A wild symbol may only be missing in rare cases without being painfully missing. El Torero Online has a high-class game. This is the Torero, which shows an impressive animation during its activation. Each symbol except the scatter can be replaced. The Torero applies if you do not know how a kind of joker and completes paylines. Nothing more than that, nothing less. However, there is an interesting interaction with the scatter we will illustrate the same.

Scatter symbol: We hope you have had fun with a scatter symbol. This is not really practical, but also makes a lot of fun. Maybe you can play El Torero for free and try the process? No matter, we come to the essence. The scatter is an important part of the slot culture and is the primary source of free spells in almost every slot. So here, because if you find three bull scatters, you get ten free spins. These can even win again within the free rounds to extend their duration for free. Practical, right? The last cool function on the El Torero slot is the fact that within the freunden all wilds are held. Thus, all fields turn new, except the Toreros, which can act as Wilds on the new symbols.

Bonus game: If you have achieved a profit, maybe think of it "That was already relatively good, but I wish I had won twice". That would be a really violent coincidence, because this is possible at El Torero online in fact. After each of your profits, two buttons start flashing. The one proclaimed "gamble" and "red", while the other almost "gamble" and "black" screams. The two switches open for the time being the bonus game, the Card Gamble. Here you can use to express your profit in US to get it back to double height. You only need to choose red or black, then a card is pulled. If your prognosis is right, your profit is doubled. If not, he is lost. You can even repeat the process to increase your account with a little luck with the El Torero powerful.

Our judgment: El Torero for free is a valuable contribution to bull protection

Play slot machines for free Without registration, Spanish occurs? Dear El Torero (or La Torera, if you are a player): That must not be completely! On our site this is normal, because we are always looking for the Best sillets for free testing. As a bonus we find out even which online casino makes the best deals. But first, the main thing is that they are in the fighting arena in shape. With the game money you go no risk and you do not even have to register to make use of this offer. In the case of El Torero, the simple reason is that you should get the opportunity to spend very relaxed time with the cattle. In the machine game nothing is notplifier to the bullfights, it is also for the animal only game!

El Torero to play real money? A fair fight!

If you like the slot machine and you like the wild bull at the EL Torero for free play well under control, keep in mind: You can prove in such a lot of online casino at very good conditions on the El Torero slot and use real money. Do not shy away from a bonus or Free games without deposit. You can be sure that El Torero would personally do it as well. Nobody would be so crazy to voluntarily go to the arena if he does not get a support for it. Just check ours Casino and your options before you arrange a deposit. If all goes well, you can play at the El Torero for real money as a winner. We definitely fire and cheer them!