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Explodiac Maxi Play is a particularly exciting slot machine of the Well-known provider Gamomat, who serves the classic fruits genre in an online casino and can provide a lot of fun and variety as well as profits. If you now think that a machine game with fruits would not have to offer, they are unfortunately wrong. Explodiac Maxi Play is a slot machine that can impress with many peculiarities. For this reason, we also decided to take the Explodiac Maxi Play Slot just under the magnifying glass and to create an extensive review. If you want to test this game online in a casino, they are therefore perfectly prepared and can enjoy this unique Game from Gamomat completely carefree. Explodiac Maxi Play is classic with five different rollers as well as three different rows on which the winning combinations are formed, played in an online casino.

Explodiac Maxi Play by Gamomat - Game description and overview

With our review you will get to know the rules of Explodiac Maxi Play exactly and also get many important tips and tricks that you will understand very quickly and can also use for your very personal strategy. Of course, you can not only use genuine money in a casino on the internet. In addition, you can also offer you the opportunity on our website to play Explodiac Maxi Play for free, whereby you first get to know the machine and internalize the many different features as well as the gameplay.

So Explodiac Maxi Play is played online

If you play Explodiac Maxi Play and want to use real money, the right and correct preparation is particularly important. The Explodiac Maxi Play Slot surprises namely compared to many other fruit slots through some special features. The high quality of Gamomat can already be seen at first glance. In the first step, however, we want to deal with the different main characters, which you expect to play at Explodiac Maxi Play:

  • seven
  • melon
  • Grapes
  • plum
  • orange
  • lemon
  • cherry

This allows you to see very nicely that the classic symbols are present, which you expect with a fruit solder. Overall, Explodiac Maxi Play offers you the opportunity to play either with ten active paylines or alternatively also to put 20 different paylines. Another number of paylines can not be used at the Explodiac Maxi Play do not use. In order to successfully play Explodiac Maxi Play of Gamomat, of course, it also depends on the choice of the right missions and limits. You have the opportunity to participate in this slot machine from a low use of only $ 0.10.

On the other hand, you can also use up to 12 $ per round, if you have chosen the maximum use and also play with 20 active paylines per spin. Thus, you can see that Explodiac Maxi Play is always best suited for beginners and high scooters. If you do not know exactly what commitment to play this machine, you should first play Explodiac Maxi Play for free. If you play Explodiac Maxi Play for free, then you have the opportunity to develop a feeling for this machine and then determine the right amount of use targeted. This option will be particularly provided for free and even without registration. A free game is therefore highly recommended especially for newcomers in the world of online casinos.

Many exciting additional functions at Explodiac Maxi Play Online

If you have chosen Explodiac Maxi Play Online, we can congratulate you in any case because you can not only put an excellent base game, but can also benefit from a number of additional functions. At this point, of course, the wild symbol is to be called directly at the beginning. Here Explodiac Maxi Play of Gamomat has a lot of other slot machines a lot ahead and is by no means comparing to the old-baked topic. With Explodiac Maxi Play, you also have the option of even sustainably improving this symbol. Namely, you can add a double multiplier to the Wild Symbol, for which, however, increased use is required. The game symbol also also has the ability to expand and complete many lucrative winning combinations.

However, on a scatter symbol, you must refrain from Explodiac Maxi Play. Thus, it is not possible to put in the Free games to get. But even if no free spins are provided with Explodiac Maxi Play for the customers, the lucrativity can not be ignored by the excellent wild symbol. Of course you can also play Explodiac Maxi Play for free and try all the features without risk.

Exciting gamble functions at Explodiac Maxi Play

In addition to the attractive profits from the basic game and the diverse wild symbol, Explodiac Maxi Play has a lot more to offer for you. Explodiac Maxi Play impresses with two exciting risk functions, which in our opinion are definitely worth a look. You can either use the card risk or the risk ladies. This option will always be offered at Explodiac Maxi Play if you have achieved a profit. When card risk, you must predict the color of a particular card to double your profit. For the riskers, however, you must try to stay by clicking on a high level of the ladder to generate an additional profit. Incidentally, both risk functions are also available if you want to play Explodiac Maxi Play for free.

Explodiac maxi play play for free without registration

However, before placing yourself in the pleasure, you should first try Explodiac Maxi Play for free without registration. Unfortunately, this possibility will be in the Online casinos often no longer offered. In US, the online gambling is regulated. But you still have the opportunity for us, Many casino games free without registration and even testing in German. In this way, there are numerous slot machines that you can try to your heart's content before being active in a real online casino.

Explodiac Maxi Play to play real money in the online casino

If you have already tested this slot machine and familiarized yourself with the rules and gameplay, you can do a deposit in a reputable online casino and play real money. Also look after an attractive bonus to get extra capital for Explodiac Maxi Play on land. Look for a reinforced after one Casino bonus without deposit, Since you do not have to transfer a bank transfer to activate this bonus action.