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Colorful, loud and striking - that's the crucial motto playing for free at the Explodiac. A voice motivated from the OFF to turn the rollers and immediately feels a hype or a fair. The design of the game fits perfectly with the rules and design of the main and special characters. Not for nothing, this game carries the explosion in his name. Immerse the right special characters, so this slot with classic five rolls comes to two explosions. On the one hand, many main characters turn into bombs that go into the air with effective explosions and on the other hand the profits can also explode. With this game everything is aligned with this explosive effect.

Explodiac by Bally Wulff - A slot machine with explosion guarantee

Presents the game in its construction as a rather classic, even restrained, so shows the Developer Bally Wulff When using the wild symbol, what he is capable of game design in terms of game design. Since it does not take much to trigger the effect, a single bomb, so a wild symbol ranges, the profits come practically on the assembly line. While the scatter symbol is eliminated - which means that there is no free spins, so free spins - the winnings slightly small, yet it is like it's too much more successful rounds than in a conventional game. This circumstance ensures that the Explodiac is very entertaining for free. Who does not like to wait for profits, which decides for Explodiac from Bally Wulff.

The Explodiac for free, however, not only proves to be particularly entertaining, but also as ideal for players who tend to be a bit of nostalgia. Explodiac is quite modern and versatile with its paylines and other elements, yet a classic, some nostalgic character remains. This exudes its own charm, some recent games often miss.

So Explodiac is played online - the rules and important tips and tricks to the game

Play the Explodiac for free without registration proves to be the perfect opportunity to enter the rules deeper. In Explodiac, two different phases can be spoken in which the player can influence his potential profit:

  • Before the spin when putting
  • After a profit in the gamble

The setting proves to play with the Explodiac for free to play as particularly easy. This is due to the fact that there are ten paylines that are already in front of the spin. So it is not the player to decide which paylines are active and how many should be played. This means that its own use is not multiplied by the factor of active lines. Thus, the own use is much more manageable.

If there is a profit combination at Explodiac, so that means that three same icons are located side by side on a payline. It should be noted that profit combinations are valid only if they start on a payline already at the first roller. So it is evaluated from left to right. How high the profit fails, this depends on the number of the same symbols on a payline and on the other of the type of symbols. If these are symbols with low payout and greater frequency, the profit falls lower than in the costly designed high-paying symbols, which are accordingly rare.

The particularities

The Explodiac play is mainly due to the wild symbol and the gamble features after winning. These features draw the following effects:

  • The wild symbol: It replaces each main symbol in a possible profit combination and also ensures that all adjacent symbols are also transformed into bombs, so in wild symbols.
  • The ladder gamble feature: Here it is important to climb a ladder. With every score achieved, the profit rises, but you click at the wrong moment, so you fall off and the whole profit is passé.
  • The Card Gamble feature: Here the player tries to guess the color of a map. If he is right, the profit doubles.

A short conclusion to play online - Explodiac Free play without registration

Explodiac is a slot machine waiting for a few surprises. Who says that Bally Wulff has missed the chance to make a modern and exciting game that can be reassured. Conscious, the developer team seems to have attention to the iconic basic features of the rolling game. In the case of Explodiac, a gentle transition was created from the analogue machine to the game on the Internet.

It does not always need all sorts of frills and features that make the game unnecessarily long and complicated. At a slot ultimately, there is always the probability, which is why it's most beautiful to leave the game in a classic construction. With its charm and the colors used, the Explodiac Slot reminds well in some classics from analogue times.

If you draw a conclusion to the game of Bally Wulff, so you can find that it has succeeded in creating a game that is simple, but still versatile and exciting in its construction. In perfection, it has been possible to integrate the wild icon in the vending machines. If said bomb seems that the game also gives his name, it will be really exciting. By expanding the functions of the wild symbol at Explodiac online, no further special character needs, such as a scatter symbol. As a player, a deliberately focuses on a single special symbol that is still occurring only on three of the five rolls.

The game is varied because the bomb symbol does not just do its typical tasks in the form of the wild symbol, but no matter where it appears and in which quantity, ensures great profits. So it only needs a symbol per round to provide tension for moments.

It is best to make yourself a picture of it. This is especially easy if you take some time on our side and that Play slot machines for free without registration exploited. All machines are tested without obligation, free, with infinite credit and without registration. This is not only perfect if you want to get to know one or the other new game, but also if the boredom is reflected again or you want to better deepen into the rules of a particular game.

The games on our side are all responsively designed, which means that you have the game that you may have started at home at home computer, simply taking part thanks to the smartphone or tablet. So you can easily play in the train or in the bus or use its terminal space-saving and user-friendly on the couch or in bed. No longer longer it needs big and bulky machines to enjoy Explodiac. It's worth a try.

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Thus, main signs and winning combinations are even more important - the Explodiac slot with real money

Who experienced real satisfaction and luck torques without registration, who will probably take the next logical step online at Explodiac online. Why should one finally give up the good strategy that you have developed in many laps, just give up or only use for fictitious profits. If you have not collected great experience in the game for real money, it may not be so easy to find the US online casino at the beginning, which best suits one. Alone in US there are a variety of casinos that are proud to offer such a classic as the Explodiac Slot. Maybe you have already found the right casino because you may have already had good experiences there for free.

The fact is that it is always worth the game to throw a look at the entire offer. Only if you know under what conditions Other casinos Offering the popular Explodiac online, you can overshadow full of ELAN in the first rounds of the game.

The comparison of individual casinos is already meaningful alone, because some playclips some beginners and new users one bonus offer not irrelevant to the first rounds at Explodiac. How about the first rounds at the slot could be played without any risk, but any gains can still be kept in respect of the sales requirements? Thanks to the Free games without deposit Lighter than you think. Sometimes the change from Explodiac to play for free to play for the game to make real money easier.

Finally, there are no changes regarding the regulations or the general start, but it's about real money, so you dear your decisions and assignments rather very well. It is sometimes really recommendable to hear only spontaneously on his gut feeling. On the probabilities, the Explodiac has no influence anyway, yet with the experience the routine comes to a feeling that can help to assess certain situations better and more precisely.

Due to the many attractive offers it can be worthwhile for some players of the attempt to play with real money, in any case. It is not one, so it only needs a change back to the free variant or you decide shortly for another game, on which you have thrown an eye when trying out. It is quite at one of yourself which ways you take and how much you want to go into the hands of exciting risk.