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With the introduction of the transitional regime for the US gambling agreement also returns Player Mercury back to the online segment. With Fruitinator, the well-known playman with the sun logo sets a very classic purist slot. Much easier can not run a classic machine. And that this type of machine entertainment is still pleased with a big fan base, is no secret. The Mercury games put on a simple structure and move graphically at a time in which video games like Indiana Jones could still convince with 256 colors.

That these simple machines still enjoy so high in popularity despite the appearance, is probably simply because many gamblers have made their first steps on a machine with the sun. Often the first major profits were generated here and a heart for playing in such machines developed.

Fruitinator of Mercury

In short, those who still play Mercury today makes this often for reasons of nostalgia. So also with the fruity action of this title. Fruitinator online sets as a slot machine to five rollers. Each roll has three symbol images. Only five paylines offer here the opportunity to meet winning combinations. From three symbols of the same kind there is a proceed. The player expects the classic fruits as symbols as well as the seven and the bell. Free spins or a scatter symbol is not available here. The same applies to the wild symbol.

The Fruitinator Slot focuses on the essence as a machine game: the ongoing spin of the rollers. Once the game is interrupted, then only for a short time for a gain or change in one of the two risk games.

When you play Fruitinator for free, you will first and foremost an overview of the simple gameplay. For such simple machines, it is less about testing a strategy for use with the demo version.

Demo versions of these very simple machines are just there to be able to check without logging on whether one of the game flow. Should this be the case, does not speak about it, an online casino with lucrative bonus to see and then try his luck with real money.

Fruitinator - it will not be much easier!

Fruitinator wants to appeal with his simple gameplay, especially the machine fans who can start something with the original gambling entertainment games. Therefore, the classic symbols with the fruits and the well-known bells and 7-lucky symbols are found in this game. These are all symbols that have inspired players since day one of the slot entertainment players. The rules are basically hardly worth mentioning.

After setting a mission, the rollers are set in motion. Now at least two resp. Three of the main signs are made to generate a profit. The highest possible profits gives the bell in fivefacher execution and the lucky number seven. If you play Fruitinator for free to check if you are this kind of very simple game, basically rich a handful of spins.

For decades, everything revolved around this simple gameplay. From the models with mechanical interior to the first digital variants with screen - the puristic classics of the playman with the sun in the logo should have seen anyone who is interested in machine games, once.

If you belong to the younger players who have no nostalgic memory or personal connection to these machines, it could be that they can start with these titles relatively little. Nevertheless, we recommend that you also give an anxious old retro slots like this here. With the free demo version Finally, they have nothing to lose.

Wild symbol

A wild icon is not available at Fruitinator online. The machine is completely dispensed with special functions or free spins. Normally, wild symbols are replaced with machines other characters. You complete profit rows, so to speak. On a corresponding function, however, it has to be dispensed with.

Scatter icon / free games

Also scatter symbols are looking for fruitinator in vain. They would only need if there would be an option for free spins. But what there are, two different risk games that a round profit can be multiplied again. The well-known riskers and the classic guess of the next card color are available. You can also try the GAMBLE option online for free playing Fruitinator online as soon as you have achieved a virtual profit.


If you play Fruitinator, microins are available from 5 cents, provided that the casino plays with. Online gambling halls that are already considered to the transitional regulation, with Fruitinator online often only maximal missions of 1 $ per spin. In Casino, The not observe this transitional regime can be set as part of up to 10 $ per round. The number of paylines and the coin value can not be changed here.

RTP (Theoretical Return to Player)

The RTP from the Fruitinator Slot convinces despite the simple construction. With a value of 96.01%, the 96% mark is cracked. On the other hand, the volatility does not look so convincing. You will notice that you have to wait many spins on a win when you play Fruitinator for free. The pretty ordinary payout ratio ensures that if a profit is taken when playing, it is mostly worthwhile.

Experienced players use these machines, for example, for a fast credit boost. That is, he is only fed until a relatively high gain appears. Ideally, this profit exceeds the previously paid missions. In this case, the fast balance boost would have risen. If the budget is now further increased, it is identical, but then mandatory on another machine. Again, we have good news: Mercury offers a whole range of these very simple puristic machines that are all suitable for almost perfectly to increase credit. Of course you need a little luck.

Play fruitinator for free without registration

We will not be tired of pointing out that it is important in this type of very simple machines that if you play Fruitinator for free, try to find out if you enjoy this kind of gambling entertainment. This is usually evident after a few attempts. If you like you, then read our guide to this machine carefully and internalize the tips and tricks we have.

We will not only provide you with a guide to this popular online slot in German. In addition to Fruitinator you will find a variety of other online machines as a demo version including instructions. If Fruitinator makes you fun of Merkur's fun, you may now ask yourself where you best pursue the real money game.

And also for this question we have the perfect answer: you have already landed in the best casino comparison for US. We not only introduce you to the best automata, but also recommend the right casino in which you can play safely and carefree for real money.

If you play Fruitinator for free and note that you do not really enjoy the title, just change to another slot. With us you can play countless slot machines for free without registration. You probably can do more with this type of machine entertainment.

If you are now thinking that you need to download and install extra annoying software or apps if you play with us Fruitinator for free without registration, we can give all-clear. With us you play comfortably via the website and not via software installations. Incidentally, this also applies to the recommended casino providers. In general, these also cover their complete game portfolios without software installation or app download.

At the beginning of the online gambling there were differences here: some providers did not offer a number of their machines via mobile offers. That too has changed in the meantime and as good as every machine can also be made sense on small screens.

Fruitinator - play now with real money

Merkur knows exactly that there is still a decent fan base for games like Fruitinator. Who thinks that nowadays only video slots with elaborate graphics are in demand, which is wrong. And who believes that the classics are exclusively the generation Ü40 at home, which lies even more. Although many of the old Merkur slots still look as if they came from the nineties, they still inspire a whole series of younger players.

The machines just have a very special charm. Many enthusiasts have started their gambling career with the machines of Merkur. They connect with the games nostalgic memories of very high profits. And that's why we are pleased that the playman is currently conquering the online market in US.

Although the then partial withdrawal from the online business, as well as that of Novoline, could be felt, because competitors established alternative offers, that does not mean that the dinosaurs of the machine entertainment today no longer have any existence. But on the contrary! Mercury machines and here in particular Puristic offers such as Fruitinator, for many players, are the basic gambling.

There are no bonus games in which they are annoyed if they do not meet. There are no additional functions here. Here is just about the achievement of matching profits. If you play for free Fruitinator and our demo version our demo version, you can quickly get an overview of the gameplay and check if you feel real gambling joy here. If so, choose one of our casino recommendations that list the Mercury machine in the portfolio. Ideally, you also get a handful there Free games without deposit For your first steps at Fruitinator.