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Gems Of The Gods Slot Machine From Push Gaming

Push Gaming continues well-known success pattern and sends another colorful as well as profitable slovertaineuer into the race for the favor of the US player with Gems of the Gods. On the way to the Olympo, the player has to collect stones, ie in Gems, collect and slowly boost on the successor. If you want to get to know the gameplay, you can play for free on our site Gems of the Gods and collect the necessary experience points. So professionals go the way to the Olymp by playing risks for free and free of charge each revolution.

Colorful Olymp - The essential counts for the player

The essence of newcomers and professionals are equally the fun, the profit opportunities and a large portion of thrills. Missing action conversions are replaced by innovative game approaches. Gems of the Gods online lets the gems only so dieth. The game has a well-known system that the players internalize quickly. The first rolling revolutions should be free and without registration. Now you can play Gems of the Gods for free and collecting the stones can begin.

Info and corner data from Gems of God

  • Manufacturer: Push Gaming
  • Payout: 96.55%
  • Rollers: 5
  • Maximum use: 100
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Freespiel: Yes
  • Scatter & Wild symbol: yes
  • Special features: Yes

The rules of Gems of the Gods online

The payout table brings the following main sign and special symbols to light. With a little luck, the profit barometer quickly moves to the height.

The red square ruby - the most lucrative stone of the Gems of the Gods Slots

  • 6 * 50,00
  • 5 * 25,00
  • 4 * 2.50
  • 3 * 0.50

The pink octagon - eight corners with a lot of power

  • 6 * 30,00
  • 5 * 15,00
  • 4 * 1.50
  • 3 * 0,40

Purple is the Pentagon - five corners

  • 6 * 25,00
  • 5 * 12.50
  • 4 * 1.40
  • 3 * 0.35

The blue hexagon - a guarantee for profits

  • 6 * 20,00
  • 5 * 10,00
  • 4 * 1.25
  • 3 * 0.30

A turquoise square - lucrative

  • 6 * 15,00
  • 5 * 7.50
  • 4 * 1.00
  • 3 * 0.25

And finally the green triangle

  • 6 * 10,00
  • 5 * 5,00
  • 4 * 0.75
  • 3 * 0.20

If the player sees these combinations, then profits are to be expected and the Olymp is approaching closer. Do you want to try the game? Then you should not hesitate and play Gems of the Gods for free and collect the first experience points. It is quite an acceptable strategy that is often preferred by professional players.

Bonus and free spins at Gems of the Gods

At the Lightning Feature, it becomes loud and violently in the Olympus. The lightning symbol is a special feature that raises the game fun and also allows greater profits. If the flash turns on, then some gems are suddenly converted through the energy and take a new gem shape. Gems of the Gods offers the player another opportunity. Who knows, maybe exactly the gems are shaped, which were expected as longing. If you want to find out, you can play Gems of the Gods for free and just try the innovative feature.

The wild symbol is known to replace missing symbols and completes combinations on the paylines. The wild symbol is displayed online by Gems of the Gods by a golden coin. This is predictable with the lettering wildly.

And of course, the scatter symbol may not be missing at Gems of the Gods. Another coin takes over this task. An intricate sign symbolizes the power of free spins. Free Spins are provided to the player, starting with five. Would you like to try the feature for free? Then it's time for you to play in Gems of the Gods for free without registration and roll up the coins. Without risk and at no cost, the practice round is fun.

Gemstone hunt in the Olympus - Easy implementation for the player

Gems of the Gods is a simple game. The game run is quickly recognizable and the chances of success are gratifying. Graphically, the Game will no player overwhelming, new entrants quickly find the right turn here. On our side you can play Gems of the Gods for free without registration and directly with a little luck the first profits retract. The RTP is over 96%. In US, Gems of the Gods already has a high number of fans. Elaborate and distracting graphics will miss nobody here. The game lives from collecting the stones, a very lucrative affair.

Which tips and tricks are there and what rules are crucial?

The first recommendation is: Gems of the Gods for free play and collect important experience points. Because in later real money mode, the salt in the playful soup in the casino online gaming, these experience points are worth money worth. Another tip is to make use of an attractive offer. For example, you can Casino games free without registration use, the first successes and profits are generated.

A conclusion: The game of the gods will find many friends

If you have sufficiently tested and recorded the machine game Gems of the Gods, you can switch to online casino mode. Here every roll of rolling and all incoming winning combinations is now directly to the baren coin. Tip: the Casino bonus without deposit Use and immediately go to the search for the valuable gemstones. Whether new entrants or professional, a bonus can bring a countable success into the winning box.

The Gems of the Gods Slot is graphic and this five times five grid opens another world to the player. The player has everything in mind immediately and can react quickly quickly. Gems of the Gods by Push Gaming is the perfect entry for many online casino lovers. In addition to the clear look, Gems of the Gods has another great advantage. Everyone still has a small profit has potential for big profit. Various multipliers and also free play options can duplicate a sum quickly with well-intentioned Fortuna.

Welcome to the online casino - the royal class of playing

A new concept, a reduced colorful graphic, the simplified game principle, all this brings a new wind into the casino world. Gems of the Gods play and discover a new feeling feeling, this is usually the first impression of the players. Pendant exciting Video Slots are already enchanted from the first moment. This implementation focuses on the essentials and that is, of course, in the eyes of the players. The slot machine is a real alternative to the classics and will guarantee players a lot of fun. Gems of the Gods plays for a successful and worthwhile entertainment. Push Gaming likes to risk a lot with the implementation, but the success gives the developers right. A colorful game conquers the local Online casinos and makes some players dream of the Olympus. Anyone who achieves the highest gains that will love the stony colorful way.