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Gold prospects for all users in the game Gold Cup by Mercury. Everything revolves around the topic of football and the Golden Cup, as noted at first glance. The graphic is not really stunning, true sports fans will still like the machine games game. Background sounds are not available at Gold Cup. Only when the roles are turning, one hears a quiet music.

The game is played on five rollers, three rows and with five fixed paylines. There are not many settings options. That's why the machine is ideal for those who like it. To find out if you like the slot, everyone can play with us Gold Cup for free without registration. If you like please it, will be happy later in real money mode.

The rules: This is how Gold Cup is played online

There is not much to explain. The player determines only the use per round. This is between 1 $ and 50 $. Attention: The inserts vary from casino to casino, but move in a corresponding frame. If the bet was placed, then clicked on the start button. Already the rollers turn and the tension rises. Which winning combinations appear?

Tip: There is a practical startup mode at Gold Cup. Who activates this, saves the constant manual start. In the episode, the rolls move until the mode is disabled.

The main signs at the Gold Cup Slot

  • Since everything turns online in Gold Cup online, the characters remember as well. There are different jerseys, a football and a football player as symbols on the roll field. To obtain a profit, at least three same images are necessary. For example, if you set 50 $, gets 100 $ in three identical jerseys.
  • The trophy acts in this game as a wild symbol and replaces all other pictures. Unfortunately there is no more to say. Who wants to achieve the main profit, requires five kickers.
  • On a scatter symbol was waived online at Gold Cup. Nor are free games or multipliers on board. If the many football symbols were not available, you could almost believe it is an old retro slot with fruits. If you do not like it as overload, this casino game is guaranteed.

Further appealing facts about Gold Cup

The RTP value is 96.01% when you play Gold Cup. A good value in the middle area. On quotas alone, a player should never rely. After all, these are long-term calculations. With happiness, you already win in the first round, but it can take a long time, until something jumps out.

In the end, the coincidence always decides when it comes to a proceed. In any case, the quotas at Gold Cup online are better than in the land-based casino. There are some machines at 50%. The probability of winning in the online casino is quite higher.

Anyone achieving a profit at Gold Cup can take a risk as with all Merkur slots. The ticket risk and the impact risk are available to choose from. When card risk you choose between black or red. If the right card color will appear then the round gain is doubled. In the ladder game, a glowing lath hikes up and down on the sprouts. On these are different amounts of money. Depending on where the bar stops, the lucky knight wins the amount that is displayed or loses everything.

With the gold Cup risk game, the player can only risk one half and keep the others.

Gold Cup game for free without registration

Who wants to make a picture yourself, can be the Play slot machines for free without registration. We always recommend to play every slot for free for free to get an overview. In this machine game, it is not difficult to understand the rules, but sometimes there are several adjustment options that are quite the one or the other.

Players can play Gold Cup for free to test the different uses. Some even create their own strategy or try tips and tricks. Not to forget it is a slot machine and this can not be manipulated. Tactics like Martingale, in which one increases round for round the inserts, do not improve the probability, but one has the feeling that you have gold Cup under control.

Tip: If Gold Cup should not be the right game, you will find many more with us Mercury hits. You can play and try all these games as well as Gold Cup for free. In the area of the machine games, there is a lot of free and without registration to discover. Nobody has to go out empty.

Now play in real money mode Gold Cup and win

Who no longer wants to play Gold Cup for free, rises directly into the mode with real money. For this we recommend the gamer to grab the free games without deposit. Free Spins are offered in so many online casino. So you can continue to play Gold Cup for free and still win something. A Bonus in the casino So can be worthwhile.

But beware, all bonus offers must be released. Otherwise, no disbursement takes place. That's why it is indispensable to read the bonus conditions. In the terms and conditions, how often the bonus amount needs to be implemented how long the gamer has time at which games are the premiums and more.

Safe and serious casinos are always licensed

An important point is also that players only in Licensed casinos play should. There are currently no licenses for online casinos in US, a new Gambling State Treaty will be negotiated. However, those looking for US platforms is found in Malta. These are all licensed at the Malta Gaming Authority, the casino provider strictly monitored.

Also we present you some gambling portals where you can get started directly. Of course, we recommend only serious and secure pages we have tested. All of these casino sites use SSL encryption, have privacy policies and have transparent terms and conditions. The regulations serve mainly the safety of the players. Licensed casinos must adhere to these guidelines, otherwise they lose their license.

Become a football star now by starting and get starting the Gold Cup Slot of Mercury. With us you can play Gold Cup for free - as long as you like. Even if the slot machine looks a bit simple, football fans are certainly delighted, after all, everything turns around your favorite topic. Just try the online slot for free.