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Gold of Persia was to release time Mercury's answer to Novolines Success with Book of Ra. Instead of classic purist machines, Gold of Persia uses online on the gameplay of a video slots. The slot machine with five rollers, three profit symbols per roll and five paylines relies on the typical video slot elements with a free play mode, scatter symbol and wild symbol.

At the same time, the Gold of Persia Slot waives additional functions during the free spins. When the machine saw the light of the world, the machine game set standards with the "thousand average night" setting: because this game combined, so to speak, very much Puristic Merkur machine with the new elements as you know about video slots.

If you play Gold of Persia for free, you will notice after a few spins that you expect much more elements here than with the manufacturer's simple Purist machines. Here you can also try a strategy for use in the free play.

Demo versions of the category Video Slot should you test a little longer without registration. We recommend, even if it is played for free, to land once in the bonus function (in the free gilds) to get to know all the peculiarities before you become an online casino with lucrative bonus switch.

Gold of Persia - That's how the title plays

Gold of Persia was released at a time when the appropriate setting was considered "thousand and a night" in many games. Instead of putting as a competitor on an Egyptian theme and a magical book, this game turns everything around an adventure with Aladin and a miraculous lamp. In addition to card values, there are therefore on the symbols, for example, the Aladin shoes, the Persian princess, gems and the Persian prince itself.

The rules do not differ from those of other machines: After determining a round of laps, at least two resp. Three of the main signs are made to generate a profit. If you play Gold of Persia for free, you will quickly realize that the playman in terms of design and sound failure can be delivered on a whole line and ensures a coherent experience.

Wild symbol

As a wild symbol, Gold of Persia puts online in the Persian princes. This not only ensures profit combinations with other symbols, it also doubles profits when involved in a successful combination. For free free spins or the like he is not responsible.

Scatter icon / free games

Scatter symbols are activated at Gold of Persia with the Persian princess. From three of them there are some Free Spins. Meet four, you may be happy about 20 rounds for free. And at five pieces there are 25 free spins. The free spells can be triggered online at Gold of Persia during the free play round.


If you play Gold of Persia, it goes many casinos When using $ 0.05. Upwards is the maximum application for Gold of Persia online at 10 $, if desired. Number of lines and coin are always fixed and can not be varied. After setting the lap insert, the game round goes with one click on the "Spin" button.

RTP (Theoretical Return to Player)

The RTP reaches the Gold of Persia Slot 95.97%. As seen very close to the 96% mark, which represents a kind standard value. If you play Gold of Persia for free, you will find that the games will appear all pairs of spins scatter or wild symbols. These are steadily concerned for extra wines next to the bonus functions. Therefore, the machine reaches a middle volatility.

Gold of Persia Play for free without registration

You should play Gold of Persia for free to get an overview of the individual functions. This is especially true if you were more likely to be at home with puristic machines of the playman like Fruitinator at home. By the way, we not only offer a guide in US for this machine. We supply tips and tricks for all important online gaming machines.

If you find that Gold of Persia is not you, you can try many other online machines from different manufacturers as a free demo version. If you can do something with Video Slots and you like Gold of Persia from Merkur, you will also find the best recommendations for your real money game in the casino.

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We are the same as all our casino recommendations: software or app installations are no longer necessary. Quick and easy you can play with us Gold of Persia for free without registration.

Gold of Persia - Looks Oldschool, but pays luck lucratively!

Merkur currently returns to the online segment. This is pleased to have many players who have often started their gambling career with the machines of this leisure manufacturer. Even if Gold of Persia does not look particularly modern, the slot can pay very lucrative thanks to the additional functions with the free plays. If you play Gold of Persia, you will notice that you often win more free games within the free spins. And if that is the case, then that usually ensures ordinary profits.

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That it does not always have to be the latest slots with HD graphics, this machine impressively demonstrates. Although he already has a few years on the hump, he enjoys relatively high popularity. As I said when he was released, video games like Prince of Persia and the Aladin theme were extremely popular. That's why he hurt a bomb at that time.