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This game is one of the relatively new slots of the Manufacturer IGT and thus to the slightly less acquaintances. His name, Goldify, is in fact not just decorative access, but the peculiarity in this machine game, because here the symbols are gold plated as the title in US meaningful pregnant.

In this slot with five rollers and four rows, it is about antique treasures, harps, Pegasus statues, columns and tone vases. All in all, one could call the topic as a kind of walk through the Olympus. For Zeus itself appears in this machine. Here, however, only as a wild symbol. At Goldify you can play with 40 paylines and set the scatter icon yourself.

How to play Goldify

This game was published by IGT 2015. It is a rather classic slot machine determined by coincidence which winning combinations are played. Therefore, you can not do much with this gambling with a strategy. The only thing you can do is to adapt the basic conditions at Goldify Online something to suit your needs before the first time you triggre the spin button.

This allows the height of the insert between 1.00 and 500.00 Currency units can be set over the left green button. The paylines are also adjustable. If you play Goldify for free, you can try this function yourself and set the reasonable use yourself for you.

Sound and design

The theme of the slot are, as already mentioned, the deities of the Olympus, one of the favorite topics for players in US. That we have to do it here with the god of all gods, Zeus can not be seen so easily. Only the ability to gild subject matters indicates. The second figure with human appearance in Goldify Online is a woman. This could be Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

The symbols and figures are lovingly drawn, but work in comparison to other manufacturers a bit old baking. Only the "gilding" of symbols brings a lot of variety in the right one-dimensional graphics. The music in the background, which you can also exhibit when you play Goldify for free, gives the theme of the game rather less. Here you can hear a driving heroic rhythm that does not bother.

Symbols and their treaties

If you play Goldify for free, you will surely ask yourself what it has with the (golden) apple. In fact, in Greek mythology in the judgment of Paris, there is a golden apple in the center of the dispute of the three most beautiful goddesses of the Olympus. The decision of Paris, Aphrodite as the most beautiful to select and give it the golden apple later dissolves the Trojan war. But that will not be discussed in Goldify by IGT.

In this game you can only see objects or objects (apart of Pegasus), with which Paris, Aphrodite and Zeus probably had more frequently. The most valuable is the main character, Aphrodite itself. The apple, even if he can be gilded in the Goldify Slot,, on the other hand, the final light.

Here are the terms of the Goldify symbols in descending order:

  1. Aphrodite
  2. Pegasus
  3. Roman helmet
  4. harp
  5. ring
  6. vase
  7. pillar
  8. Apple

The treaties can be read again in detail if you are about one Demo version Play on our Goldify page for free without registration.

Scatter symbol

As in most classic slots, you can also get over a special symbol of free games. The special thing about it is that you can select the symbol in advance yourself. To do this, go to the Golden G in the left area of the Goldify Grid Network and click on it. Now you can choose between the eight symbols of the game (except for zeus yourself) one.

This sign is gilded. From a triple appearance, a gilded symbol in a winning combination is upgraded by five times. In addition, it triggers from three appearance free spins and a defined number of additional gilded symbols.

These are given in Goldify as follows:

  • With three times appear = 15 Free Spins + 3 gold plated symbols
  • For four times appear = 50 Free Spins + 4 gold-plated symbols
  • at five times appear = 100 Free Spins + 5 gold plated symbols

Wild symbol

Of course, no joker may also be missing in the Goldify Slot. This task now finally takes over Zeus itself. He replaces the other figures and objects on the Olympus and complements the combinations accordingly. If you play Goldify for free, without registration or in the real money variant, you will always be very happy about his sight.

Additional games or special functions

In addition to the open-plan function, which appears after a certain number of gilded symbols, no further addicts can be found at Goldify Online. Only the free play mode has a slightly different look than the regular main game. Within the mode you can always get turns for free until you reach 500 free spins.

Tips and Tricks

Looking for a quiet place to make it undisturbed if you play Goldify for free without registration. So, in peace, you can try out the icons, features and features of the games and decide for yourself whether you want to get into real money game with this game.

Since the value of the respective symbol increases by the gild around fivefold and the apple is far less value than Aphrodite, it is worthwhile to recover exactly here. We recommend that you play Goldify, to pay attention to which icon in advance gild and thus convert into a scatter symbol.

All characteristics of the online games at a glance

We have all important aspects of Goldify play here for you:

  • Slot machine with 5 × 4 grid
  • Theme: Gods
  • Scatter and wild symbol
  • Free play mode

Our conclusion: Try out and play Goldify for free!

So do not hesitate any longer and try themselves whether Goldify is online for you the right pastime. We have therefore provided a free version on our site for you. Hereby you can play the IGT slot machines for free without registration and the rules and peculiarities of the games in a separate test game itself.

Play Goldify with real money

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