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Choose the hotline online! UPS, that might might be misunderstood! Please do not go away, because what may sound like spam or advertising for an expensive phone hotline, is in reality completely serious and above all for free. The speech is not from a hotline, which they understandably suspected, but by hotline of Netent. This in turn is a highest exciting slot machine that you can try for free. This does not cost 1.99 $ per minute (or which prices are called by US phone hotlines?), but nothing. You do not need a single cent real money. What you need are strong nerves. Are you a good motorist? Then Hotline online is certainly the right game for you.

We have tested it, for very good, and give you tips to the hotline play for free without registration.

Hotline Online is a rapid slot machine with unique story

If you play hotline for free, leave US, at least online. The machine game leads you to Miami, where you meet your new buddies. These are from the variety, with which they would probably not get involved in true life. It is immediately to guess that the cool lady and the two gentlemen are only on real money. This is not bad, but something is liable to you. Some criminals? Or maybe they are agents of intelligence? Or about the mafia? That knows, if any, only Net. The employees have prepared everything and negotiated a deal with the people: they may appear at the meeting point without registration. This is a hotel. There you only call the codeword "Hotline play for free without registration" and the key will be handed over to the expensive slide, who parks in the hotel garage. In life, however, almost nothing is free and thus your part of the deal is at Hotline online, to get the rollers and pay lines to grass and get bonus as well as free spins. We have no idea if there is a body in the trunk or secretly be used for smuggling shops if you race from the hotel to the casino and back again. Hotline for free play is somehow highly monistic, but also lucrative. Since Netent is a serious playman, but we do not assume that the handcuffs click.

Mysterious and raging fast: hotline of Netent is nothing for Sunday drivers

The thick clunkers have told us immediately that hotline play for free is a real adventure that is about lucrative shops. In our US city, we have never happened to us that we chose a hotline online and then lent ourselves completely stranger your car. The US speed limits? They do not apply to Miami. At least not, when it comes to the opinion of the armed man, which just sets the rules. He has his pistol firmly in his hand and monitors the winning combinations. He does not speak German, but that does not matter, because playing for free at the hotline only deeds. You get free spins and do your part in the Online Casino, maybe as a kind of straw man. You do not ask any questions. You should just play hotline and press strongly on the gas pedal of the car, that's your job. Oh, and still something if you are a man and want to hear one of our tips: Do you prefer the fingers off the lady. That's certainly already awarded and a lockvogel. Not that you want to illustrate that of the armed type without registration using his pistol. You will not find any time to flirt anyway, because with the hotline slot you have to do all your hands full and will not feel any leisure to distract yourself elsewhere. Apart from that, you have a luxury cart as in this game maybe only once in life. So, use the opportunity to play the hotline for free!

How to play hotline online without registration

Now is the time ripe to add a quick start to Hotline. Do not let your business partners wait and show how professional they are! Start it immediately to get to the accelerator pedal, better said the start button. This is located in the middle of the lower edge of the screen. You can certainly think about what this switch causes. Yeah right. He starts the game. If you operate it online, the wheels turn for a round. But if you want a faster gameplay, just look after the button next to the start button. This is the quick play switch and brings the rollers faster to the stop. Combine it equal to the secret button, activate the autoplay feature with which the rolls turn automatically.

With hotline you get the modern slotfeeling, finally there is probably the best roll arrangement here. With five rolls, which are divided into three rows, you can see after each shoot fifteen symbols, in the best case of course neatly clean as winning combinations. Incidentally, the three rows mentioned in this game have a second function, because they count as so-called hotline. Since the name of the machine game is based on it, these are guaranteed very important, but later more. Your chances for a winning combination while playing are theoretically higher than many other games. The 30 paylines are far more than the average of ten, fifteen lines, which you usually find in a slot machine.

The Hotline main sign

Of course there is no right or false way to play the hotline slot. Each player has their own style. But that does not mean that we can not give you any tips and tricks or strategy as a suggestion. We already find it very practical to know all the main characters in advance. Thus, you do not have to, while in the game are highly concentrated, fumble after the monetary. Here we have a practical list on which all relevant profit symbols are sorted according to their value. See the upper end of the less valuable signs and below to the jackpotcrackers:

  • The woman in black first grabbed the chic ring. Later, it turned out that this is not too much value. Well, what should, in a US proverb, it is finally: "Kleinvieh also makes crap".
  • The necklace is decorated with a variety of emeralds and already brings good real money or play money.
  • With the crown, the lady has caught a lucky horse, because this was a relic from the Middle Ages and a unique.
  • The man in the chic white suit has not only offer a lot of profit, but also an extreme cool sunglasses on the nose.
  • The meaningful smiling colleague in the blue suit has a handgun and knows how to deal with her.
  • The black dressed in black still hides her motive, but she seems to be very on jewelry. Who knows what she wants? And why does she talk about? How do the two men fit into the profile? We go to the thing later.

The special profit symbols and bonus rounds at hotline

If you really want to convince your partners at hotline, then you prefer to return to the hotel with bonus. Free games are always welcome. This has placed Netent as a precaution.

Wild symbol: The bonus Bet function uses the three hotlines that you can see on the main screen next to the corresponding ranks. They made it right if a lettering with "hotline" appears in the row briefly. Although their use increases strongly for each of the hotlines, but the benefits are the same. Here is an example: A wild icon lands on one of your activated hotlines. It expands immediately to the remaining fields of the roller and a respin is triggered. The wild stays there and you get the chance to restart the process.

Scatter symbol: For us no scatter symbol was allowed to miss and we were not disappointed. This appears as a sunset and can not appear on rollers 3 and 4. When three of these signs are scattered, they get seven free spells. The best part is in combination with the game. If a game falls on a hotline, while free spins are in progress, the expanding wilds are not just for the Respin, but for the rest of the free rounds. Incidentally, RESULINs do not consume a free round and give them even more free chances of profits.

Our judgment: play hotline for free without registration brings you dick into business

They are really curious and feel ready for the hotline slot? We advise you to try it for free. Miami streets are certainly unknown for them and their partners in the game are twilight and they should make up something. With play money you are no risks. You do not have to call hotline to get such play money, because we have provided: just go Play slot machines for free without registration!

Hotline from Netent to play real money? Please in the best online casino!

We keep it short, because maybe you are already on the accelerator pedal and want to test hotline with real money. In itself that's a great idea, but please contact a really good casino trustworthy. Such a thing can be found very easily on our pages. All are ready to use real money players for their registration a welcome bonus. Some even go so far and Distribute free spins without deposit. So, drive this little detour, but then press the tube!