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The younger casino enthusiast will certainly not know him: Hugo, the sympathetic troll from the interactive TV show and the well-known PC games. In the 90s he inspired people in US. Play'n Go has already picked up this topic a few years ago and published a Hugo slot. Meanwhile, there are some continuations that are also available to US players.

You can play Hugo for free without registration and acquaintance with the little funny troll.

Hugo Online: A first overview

Hugo of Play'n Go is a slot with five rollers, which ensures a lot of entertainment and also ensures that you can clear enough gains. The RTP of the slot machine is 96.4% and thus higher than many other video slots. The special features ensure that it comes to lucrative payouts and free spins when you play Hugo.

So you play the Hugo Slot best

Basically, the provider has made sure that the game is simply understandable and no tricks or tips are necessary to get profits here. But still the machine game is anything but boring, because here much is offered:

  • Special features
  • Interesting symbols
  • great animations
  • a good sound

Especially the sound makes a good mood when playing. The process is as I said simply. They set the use. Overall, there are ten paylines and it is up to you how many activate when you play Hugo. Especially when you play for real money, the uses are interesting.

So you can use between $ 0.10 and 100 $ - if you activate all ten paylines. We always advise this, because the more lines are activated, the higher the winning opportunities. If you do not want to take a high risk, you simply play with the lowest use. For what's the name: Kleinvieh also makes crap.

Profit symbols and bonus functions

If you are interested in tricks or strategy, then we can only give you some advice: Make yourself familiar with the special features of the slot machine. This works best by playing Hugo for free. You will learn that the many free spells and also the Click-Me Bonus Game ensures very special winning opportunities. But also the regular symbols provide for handsome profits. The main characters have two categories:

The map symbols: We know them all, because they are integrated in almost every slot and bring the lower payouts.

The picture symbols: Here the developers have come up with a lot and go to the topic of the game:

  • a gold lump
  • a sack with gold
  • dynamite
  • a pickaxe

But it's the special characters that you should pay attention to when you play Hugo.

The ulcious troll is the wild symbol and it simply replaces all other characters, with the exception of the scatter and bonus symbol. However, this is not everything yet, because if Hugo participates in one of the winning combinations, then the profit is doubled.

The evil witch, on the other hand, is the scatter symbol, which is not so evil, because eventually triggers, if she shows three times, the free play function. As Many free spins You can choose yourself:

  • 5 Free spins with triple multiplier
  • 10 free spins with double multiplier
  • 14 Free spins with easy payout

There is also the bonus game, which is the Pick-Me Bonus Feature.

The Pick-Me Bonus Feature at Hugo Online

This is then triggered when at least three treasure chests are displayed on the rolls. However, this symbol is only on the roller one, three and five to see. As soon as all three rolls show the treasure chest, the bonus game starts and you can find the great treasure with a little luck with the Hugo Online Slot.

With this feature you will find yourself in a new game environment again. The screen then shows four doors under which you need to select one to find the way into the gold mine and thus reach the treasury. But beware! Pay attention to Don Croco, because she throws her otherwise.

You certainly have noticed that Hugo has offered online so much. Since there are no hectic maneuvers, such as the computer game, make playing a lot of fun - especially with the prospect of lucrative profits to be collected. Even if this is a comic slot, the soundtrack is discreetly in the background when you play Hugo for free, which we have perceived as extremely pleasant.

Hugo is also available on smartphone and tablet

That would already be with another important topic. Because the mobile game continues to be continuing. Since the question is just me, if it is possible to play this slot on the phone or the tablet. In this regard, there is good news. Hugo is available for Android and iOS. This means you can play the slot in a mobile casino of your choice at any time. It is free for you whether you play directly for real money or play first in the demo version Hugo for free.

As far as the control and the options are concerned, they are as simple and well suited as the desktop version. First, only the most important thing is to be seen on the game surface: the spin button on the right side of the display. In the menu below you will find a lot of settings. For example, you can set a left-handed mode in which the controls are placed on the other side of the screen. You can also set your use, the autoplay function and much more. We call this exemplary.

Tricks, tips and more

We can only emphasize that it is not possible to influence the output of the spin in a slot machine in an online casino. Each slot machine is equipped with a random number generator. Even before you start a turn, the result is determined if you win or lose. However, that does not mean that there are no ways to make the most of the game.

The most important tip is here that you should effectively manage your balance. This means that you keep your mission low, so as to survive meager times without profits or with just sparse winning. The more you Play the slot for free, The better, the better your knowledge is about how the game is ticking when it comes to winning real money.

Games Hugo for free without registration

Hugo is without question a lucrative and entertaining game from the Home Play'n Go. You can test this machine game without registration and familiarize yourself with the rules. Many players use the option to test this slot without their own financial risk, with very different reasons:

  • The main reason is certainly that it has the advantage of playing the slot without temporal limitation and without its own capital. So it is possible to enter into the real money game later, as all peculiarities are known when they first play Hugo for free.
  • Some players prefer to develop their own strategy. During free playing of the slots, tips and tricks can be tested, which were collected on the Internet.
  • Often, just the fun is in the foreground. That is, the players want to switch off the stressful everyday life for some time and look for variety.
  • But also beginners and players who want to get to know slots should first play the slot machines for free without registration. Because so they protect their own purse, because due to ignorance about the peculiarities and the rules no losses can arise.

Turn a few rounds for free. You will see Hugo is a very special slot.

Conclusion: A lovingly implemented slot

This slot machine is really fun and many will indulge in old memories. Even if the troll and the TV show were often annoying, then play'n go has managed to get the most out of the acquired license. From the optical side the online slot can certainly convince and the sound is pleasant, so that he does not work annoying even after a long time.

For a variety, the free spins, the game and the bonus game, which can often take to trigger the free spins or the bonus game. Just try it yourself by playing Hugo for free. With an RTP of over 96%, the slot belongs to the better. If you like this slot machine, then try one of his successors.

The game for real money

After playing Hugo for a long time in the free demo mode, you can switch to real money mode. Because we know from my own experience that at some point the desire to come up to finally collect real profits. But not only nice money gains are to be expected here, but also a special thrill and a lot of tension. This is just then to experience when the slot machine is played for real money.

The slot machine brings an unforgettable time for the players and leaves properly excitement. But still this video slot belongs to gambling. This means that profits are not guaranteed. Here is the random factor and surprised with profits and losses. Only with good budget management is it possible that game pleasure fails positively.

Why not even try Hugo. Get free plays without deposit and start directly by - without deposit, but already with the first chances of real profits. We can one Good online casino recommend.