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Off to the trip to India! Here you learn a holy animal of the Indians - the mighty elephant. The machine type Indian Ruby from Merkur Gaming is a particularly beautiful video slot. And as the name of the game - Indian Ruby - maybe suggest, the main sign is a red ruby. In addition to this, the remaining symbols indicate that this slot is the culture and traditions of India. Aromatic spices, vintage water carafe, golden chain put the players on the large Indian market, wherever there is something. Not only the symbols, but also the sounds are suitable for this atmosphere.

Would you like to play Indian Ruby for free without registration and make yourself a picture of it? The online game comes from the Home Mercury Gaming and is available as a demo version directly from us. So you try Indian Ruby online completely free of charge and without registration, so even without any commitment. Who knows Mercury Gaming, knows that one expects the best quality while playing. This development team is extremely long and extremely successful in the market of online casinos and may look back on a proud story. But not enough. Merkur Gaming continues to mix at the forefront and produces wonderfully exciting and entertaining games. This is how you can play Indian Ruby this time and sweeten the day.

Indian Ruby from Merkur Gaming

The slot machine, which in March 2019 in the US online casinos has been released, at first glance is not very spectacular when looking at the naked numbers. Here you will find five rollers. The visible grid comprises three rows. 10 paylines were predefined. And you play every round with all 10 paylines, no matter if you practice for free or slopes in the casino for real money. The Indian Ruby Slot continuously throws profits that are not to be despised. How to measure this? At the RTP value, which is 96.19%, and on volatility, which is estimated with means. We want to take a little time and introduce you to the game. You can, while we explain the rules and give tips and tricks to our best, play Indian Ruby for free and try to find a strategy that leads to particularly many win.

We still owe the profit symbols. They are the following (in descending value):

  • Red Ruby (Wild Symbol and Multiplator)
  • Elephant (Scatter symbol)
  • chain
  • Water carafe
  • spices
  • Map symbols (A - K - Q - J - 10)

How to play Indian Ruby online?

Next we want to devote ourselves to the gameplay. While you now play Indian Ruby for free, you should have seen which optical presentation is expected. The symbols are, as well as typical of Mercury Gaming, very nicely implemented. A click on the winning table reveals which profit combinations there are and how much these do. The profit is based on Indian Ruby online on the use per game round. This can be between 100 and 10.000 credits per retail line per game round will be varied. This corresponds to a monetary value from 0.01 $ to 10 $. If you play Indian Ruby for free, you should perceive the opportunity and try out which inserts are ideal for your game behavior. If you would visit a casino in US, you would not have this chance. At least not free.

Who wants to turn the rolls at Indian Ruby Slot, can choose between two modes: the autospin mode and manual mode. The former is especially good for those who often play and know very well, what matters, second is in particular to be recommended to players who do not want to miss the Gamble Feature. This is skipped in the autospin mode namely.

Stop the rollers of Indian Ruby, any profit combinations are displayed immediately. Now it's up to you: gambling with the profit? Or be glad that Indian Ruby has dropped a profit, and quickly start the new lap? Both are possible. You can decide freely. For over, the developers have included a few nice features in the Gameplay of Indian Ruby.

Wild symbol

The Ruby Alias Indian Ruby is the wild symbol and takes the function of the Joker. It replaces each other symbol with the exception of the elephant. At the same time, each payline where the wild part is part of it is automatically multiplied by a factor of 2. Thus, the wild symbol is at the same time a multiplier.

Scatter symbol

The elephant brings tension into the game. Who sees at least 2 elephant symbols at Indian Ruby, gets a re-spin awarded. The wild symbols and the elephants stop, the rest is red-to-turn. Now it's time to collect elephants. The more of them are on the paylines, the higher the profit falls off. If you play Indian Ruby for free, you quickly get a sense of how often this feature is activated and how high the resulting gains are.

Gamble feature

Two gamble features are offered when a round ends with a profit. A card game and the profit conductors. Just try both if you play Indian Ruby for free. At the card gamble you will see a series of revealed cards. One is hidden. Guess the color the icon on the front. In case of luck your profit is doubled. Choose the profit conductors, see the highest profit, which is prospect, at the top. Two amounts are flashing. If you are lucky, you win the higher. Otherwise you fall slightly down. Who likes, by the way, can also secure half the profit and only with half-gambling.

Conclusion about Indian Ruby for free

The conclusion to the game Indian Ruby is relatively unique. Beautiful symbols, matching sound, pleasant implementation, tension and entertainment are guaranteed. Unfortunately, there are no free spins. Although two scatter symbols are solving a re-spin, but Free Spins You do not get in the game. Nevertheless, Indian Ruby makes a lot of fun online. You should convince yourself by playing Indian Ruby for free without registration.

Because tastes are known, it may be of course that Indian Ruby has not automatically become your favorite game. also good. Then use our offer and just try Other casino games free without registration. We listed a lot of it with us.

How to play Indian Ruby online for real money

Who is it to blame if he thoughts, Indian Ruby once to play real money? Just. Then many long. Therefore, you should not pay your head about the head and get started, but you should be carefully superior and maybe looking for a good bonus. Maybe there is one or the other portal one Casino bonus without deposit. Then you still play Indian Ruby for free, but at least one has the chance of real profits.