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The online slot Jammin's Jars looks very delicious! Strawberries, plums, apples, blueberries and co. Swirl on the field around and rainbow-colored jam glasses ensure extra profits. This extraordinary machine game of Push Gaming impresses with its innovative game concept, refreshing gameplay and the bright colored graphics and animations. But also the special symbols and features at the Jammin 'Jars Slot bring a lot of fun. For example, you can look forward to free games and a bonus game - as well as wild symbols with multipliers. The online machine brings all ingredients for an entertaining game pleasure and will inspire you in the NU.

Jammin 'Jars - The most important features of the online slots of Push Gaming

With us you can play Jammin 'Jars for free without registration and get to know the slot without obligation. So you familiarize yourself with the processes and rules and may even develop your own strategy. If you are familiar with everything, it goes to the online casino to the real money game, where you do not have to worry about beginner mistakes.

The design of the Jammin 'Jars Online Slots

This unusual fruit lot has the Manufacturer Push Gaming Designed in disco style. Everywhere glitters and sparkles it and you get directly desire to look "Saturday Night Fever". A disco ball is not just a part of the wallpaper, but also belongs to various animations. The playing fields are flashing again and again in colorful colors and sometimes the whole field is flooded by a radiant rainbow.

Before this disco background, the playing field is positioned with its colorful fruits. The slot machine is reminiscent of the match 3 games from the App Stores. The animations are - as expected - bright and a little shrill. All in all, there is a coherent overall picture that brings the two unequal design elements disco and fruits well in line. It's just fun to watch the fruits, and it becomes clear that the manufacturer also wants to offer a lot of visually a lot.

The sound of the slot machine

The background music and the soundscape fit the graphic implementation of the game. The player welcomes cheerful music that awakens good mood and pleasure. The special sounds for profit combinations, free spins and multipliers increase the tension and no time is disruptive. If you do not want sounds, you can park it with a mouse click.

So the machine game is built

If you play Jammin's Jars, you will quickly find that it is not an ordinary slot machine. Also in the gameplay, the developer has been inspired by Match-3 games in this machine game. There are no classic rollers, rows or paylines, but rather an 8 × 8 fields large playing field, on which the most diverse fruits distribute. Which initially seems to be getting used to getting getting used quickly for an AHA effect.

Among the fruits is the rather simply designed control panel. In addition to the start-icon, which is on the far right, the autoplay mode can be seen. If you click on the autoplay options, you can set the number of automatic spins and also determine what loss height of autoplay mode automatically stops. In addition, the last profit amount can be seen, as well as the currently specified game use and the available game credit. On the far left, the menu is housed in which player find important information and make various game settings.

Get to know Jammin 'Jars Free

If you play for free on our portal Jammin 'Jars, the slot is fully available. Test all possibilities and settings without hurry to get to know the slot really well. the Demo version is equipped with plenty of play money, so you can try small and large inserts and if necessary survive longer loss phases. No registration is required and after a few seconds it can start. Then you get well prepared in the real money game.

So Jammin 'Jars is played

As already mentioned briefly, there is no turning rollers with the Jammin 'Jars Online Slot and accordingly, you can not select any certain number of payments. There are no classic paylines. Profits arise when at least 5 species-like symbols touch horizontally or perpendicular. Despite the unusual gameplay, it is easy to play the online slot and there are no special tips and tricks necessary to buy profits.

Before starting the game, set your request set and start a new round by mouse click. Instead of rotating rollers, the 64 symbols fall down and are replaced by 64 new ones. Form of profit combinations, the associated fruits disappear. The remaining characters fall down and the resulting gaps are filled up from above with new symbols. Thus, during a single round, profits can occur again and again.

The possible inserts at the Jammin 'JARS Online Slot

One of the advantages of this exciting game is the wide range of possible inserts per round. Players with a small budget and beginners can already set amounts from 0.20 euros. Overall, there are 10 applications and maximum gambling fans with 40 $ per round. Thus, those who are concerned about particularly big gains have a lot of joy of Jammin 'Jars of Push Gaming.

The most important symbols and their treaties

One of the characteristics this slot machine with All other online slots Shares are the different facts of the symbols. Overall, the slot has 6 standard symbols. In addition, the number of symbols determines the amount of profit. An overview of the possible highest gains is here:

  • strawberry: The satellite strawberry is the most valuable sign of the Jammin 'JARS Online Slots. If you play with the maximum use of 40 $ and the profit combination consists of at least 25 strawberries, the profit is 4.000 $ - 100-fold lap use. If a winning combination has the minimum number of 5 strawberries, there is a profit in the amount of the chosen lap insert. In our example so 40 euros.
  • orange: Whoever gets the orange often enough, can also be happy about handsome profit amounts. If at least 25 oranges have formed a winning combination, you get a profit of 2 at maximum lap use.500 euro. The slightest number of symbols brings a profit of 20 euros.
  • raspberry: Third place in the terms of the game symbols ranging the raspberry. If you get a combination that is composed of at least 25 raspberries, become your player account 1.500 $ credited. This is of course again for the maximum lap use of 40 euros. 10 $ are available when the smallest possible combination comes about.
  • Apple: Make at least 25 apples a winning combination, waits for the highest use a profit of 1.000 EURO. This makes 25-fold use. A 5-apple combination generates a profit of 6 $ for the greatest possible use.
  • plum: Who receives at least 25 plums in a single combination at Jammin 'Jars, gets the profit amount of 1.000 EURO. As with the apple, the minimum gain is 6 euros.
  • Blueberry: The smallest profits are waiting for the blueberry. In the case of a fee of 40 euros, there are 10-fold use in the maximum possible combination - and thus 400 euros. The smallest profit amounts to 4 euros.

If you play Jammin 'Jars for free, the profit amounts described above also apply to you. Just not in euros, but in play money. This helps you to get a good taste of which real money gains you can expect and how it is about the frequency of profits ordered.

Wild symbol: special signs with special skills

The winning sums described above apply from Jammin 'JARS for the standard game without special symbols. If a wild symbol comes into play in the formation of a winning combination, the gains can be significantly higher. The game is the jam glass at this machine game - the main sign of the slot. It replaces each other symbol to make combinations or enlarge it. If a wild symbol is involved in the winning combination, it does not disappear again, but passes on a field where there is another chance to form new combinations. This continues until no symbol combinations are possible.

The special feature of this wild character is the multiplier that starts at 1x and increases with each combination achieved. Forming in the course of a round, for example, 10 combinations, the next win is 10-fold multiplier. If any combinations can be made more, the playing field is cleared and the multiplier of the game starts again from the front. Up to two jams Wilds can mix in the standard game simultaneously under the fruits. You can always form new combinations for yourself or together. If at least another jam glass appears, the free-play mode starts.

Jammin 'Jars play: Scatter symbol and free spins

The rainbow glass is not only the game, but also the scatter symbol of the slot machine. After the free spells are started, they do not cost the rounds. At the same time, a little luck can create real and above all high gains. If you play Jammin 'Jars for free, then of course there are only play money gains, but they also allow a good impression on how the free-play mode can expire.

Also with the Free Spins Wilds and multipliers are used. While the game continues to wander a free field after each winning combination, the jam glasses remain as Sticky Wilds, while the fruits fill the gaps and fall down.

The bonus feature

A small but fine extra offers the rainbow feature at this online slot of Push Gaming. This bonus game is randomly activated and unmistakably announced by an animation including huge rainbow. The bonus feature can only randomly start if there is no profit before.

At the beginning of the bonus round, one or more bonus fruits appear in XXL format by randomly. A giant fruit transforms all symbols that position it is in fruits of its kind. As a result, partly large combinations can form. An additional possibility So, not insignificant additional gains. Since you can play for free on our portal Jammin 'Jars, you will also get to know the bonus Feature exactly before you use your own money in the online casino.

Jammin 'Jars at a glance:

  • No rollers and no classic paylines
  • 8 × 8 playing field with 6 different fruits
  • Profits from 5-he combination of a fruit style
  • Game inserts from 0.20 $ to 40,00 Euro
  • Wild symbol with increasing multiplier
  • Free play mode
  • Rainbow bonus game with bonus symbol

Conclusion: Unusual slot machine that makes fun

The Jammin 'Jar's slot machine is perfect for those who like to discover new things and like to go on paths away from the usual. The game principle and the construction of the machine game are unusual and pull the player quickly in their spell. The graphics have succeeded and the sound cheerful and animating. Not only discofans will enjoy the design of the slots. The inserts offer something for players with a small budget and for those who like to play with high amounts.

Even on features, the exciting online game is not poor, which is not unusual for the titles of the software manufacturer Push Gaming. Free games, wilds and multipliers are the same as a bonus game as a bonus game, which always ensures even more profits and even more variety.

Jammin 'Jars play for free without registration: It's not easier

She did the Jammin 'Jars Slot curious? Just try it free. Players from US come on our portal without registration and do not have to download game software. A mouse click is enough to enter the demo game. The full bandwidth of the visual design, the sounds and the features is available in your free game. Make yourself familiar with the operation, get to know the settings of the slot in peace and experience all peculiarities without spending only one cents.

You want to try more games risk-free and without obligation? no problem! On our portal, a variety of casino games are waiting for free without registration. The variety will inspire you and offer you the opportunity to discover your new favorite slots. Soon you get up to the gambling professional, without even visiting an online casino.

Jammin 'Jars in Real Money Casino: Discover the best online casinos with top bonus

After you could play for free on our portal Jammin 'Jars and get to know in detail, you are ready for real money game. But do not log in to any casino provider, because only the best should be good enough. We introduce you Excellent online casinos before and make you the search for your new gambling provider easily.

The recommended casinos have a lot of benefits to offer. This includes a great choice of choice, a secure casino environment and of course an attractive casino bonus. Bonus offers must not be missing in any casino, which requires customer satisfaction. Even if a good deposit bonus is important, a gambling provider makes his players with one Casino bonus without deposit a particularly great joy. Also, such offers we have put together for you.