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The Joker game fun in retro style is one of the Most popular Mercury classics In US. With us nostalgics can now enjoy the 1: 1 implementation of the original money making machine from the playclothes as an online version. We provide recreational players Jolly's Cap free of charge without registration without notice.

Jolly's Cap by Merkur Gaming

Jolly's Cap online in profile:

  • Classic slot machine
  • Five three-row rollers
  • Ten fixed paylines
  • Wild and scatter symbols
  • Card risk and happiness
  • RTP value 96.40%

The Jolly's Cap Slot impresses at first glance through his nostalgic fairytale vintage design. In the background, the imposing fortress of the Königsburg can be recognized, whose towers decorate waving flags. Lightbeige Karos divide the antique-style rolls in a delicate CRAMENUANCE. With each Jolly's Cap rolling rotation, a quieter, played on the piano sounds and successful game rounds are clearly clear through various sound effects, such as acoustic coin distributions or to old carton films reminiscent of triumph.

Although the grim-eye-catching king suggests a strict rule on the five rolls, it takes over a very profitable role in the game. In addition, the cheerful princess, the white mold and a royal Edelfasan provide lush profit distributions, which are also supplemented by five colorful card signs. It is really exciting to play for free at the Jolly's Cap, as soon as the Schelmisch grinning Joker and his fool's cap arise somewhere in the field.

Start online at the start and Jolly's Cap

The popular retro machine game of Merkur is based on a simple game structure and is generally played with ten active paylines. Play for free at Jolly's Cap Start online players with a demonstration balance of 2.5 trillion coins and choose to the bottom left of your desired betting insert between 1.000 and 50 million coins per spin. In addition, above the roll window on the right further setting options for additional functions are available.

For example, you can stepless the volume of the soundtrack and play in full screen mode or with Quick Spins. Mobile phone players can also choose between a left or right-handed setting. Likewise, recreational players are available top right of all rules and winning tables for Jolly's Cap Online. If everything is set as desired, the turn button is pressed down either the rotary button for single or autostart and you start to explore the match.

Of the king's fun maker in Jolly's Cap Slot

Of course, the fun-driving Hofnarr may not miss any major royal court for the amusement of the royal society. Thus, the Ceccere Joker drives with his fool's cap also with every round Jolly's Cap playing all kinds of Schabernback and thus enhances the game fun. Especially, because of the Jolly's Cap - so in US of the Joker cap - as a second main sign over the rollers.

Jolly's Cap Schabernback with Lucrative Tricks:

  • Joker - Wild icon replaces all other characters except scatter
  • Narrenkappe - Scatter symbol turns up to two characters in additional Joker

At the Jolly's Cap for free, every leisure player will quickly discover that the cap of the mischievous joker has made self-employed and its own foolish jokes as scatter and wild symbol. Where the scatter function does not cause free plays this time, but ensures extra wilds. If the player lands somewhere in the playing field one of the foolkaps, putting them up to two X-arbitrary profit symbols and transforms them into additional jokers.

Span of winning opportunities at Jolly's Cap Online

Depending on the number and symbol type in a payout line landed icons, gains of half to 200 times use are achieved. The Jolly's Cap main prize pours five jokers, but king, princess, mold and pheasant bring also considerable coin gains, with a consecutive landing of three to five same symbols necessary for the validity of each winning combination and the evaluation always on the first roller left begins.

Jolly's Cap Profit Factors by Symbol Combination:

Symbol graphic 5 icons 4 icons 3 icons 2 icons
Playing card 10 in blue

Playing card J in green

Playing card Q in yellow

10x 2x 0.5x -
Playing card K in orange

Playing card A in pink

20x 5x 1x -


25x 10x 1x -
princess 50x 15x 2x -
king 100x 25x 5x -
joker 200X 50x 10x 1x

In addition, online players players who play Jolly's Cap for free and start the rolls for laps for more marginal yields, the popular Mercury Gamble feature available. This creates an exciting additional chance to make more of small coin gains. Our Jolly's Cap Demo game without registration is ideal for testing your own intuition with both gamble options completely risk-free.

For example, the virtual lucky knight can use a generated low round profit for card risk and find out how often he manages to double the coin number through the right color choice. Just as there is the possibility to climb to the top stage of the riskers. It definitely is fun to eat out his individual strategy in Fun Mode, if you use everything or better gained half a profit and only recorded with half.

Nostalgia and Joker Fun with Jolly's Cap of Mercury

The Classic Slot in Vintage Look takes the online player to a nostalgic trip to the fairyland with kings, princesses and tricky fun makers. The naughty grinning bowls with her groove cap are all kind of lucrative Schabernback and bring the Jolly's Cap Player just as laugh when the player account fills with one of the foolish Joker. In addition, the uncomplicated operation and easy gameplay for each smartphone user is ideal for relaxation for in between. Especially since our homepage no personal details are required for a registration required to play Jolly's Cap for free.

Jolly's Cap play for free without registration:

  • Just switch off after work with demo-game money.
  • Lossless experiment with risk games.
  • Waiting times or breaks bridges without your own risk.
  • To enjoy Jolly's Cap online for pure entertainment.

With us leisure players can be found at any time Play slot machines for free without registration For perfectly risk-free gaming or to get to know new games.

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