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A good slot machine lives not only from his wise and innovative rules, but above all from his atmosphere. As a player you want to escape your own world and immerse yourself in an adventure. At Knight's Life, the classic of Mercury, this is easily possible. As the name of the game suggests, a knight is the focus of this slot. Merkur not only dedicates a major sign of the title of title, but binds on a skilful way many other exciting elements from the medieval chivalry life into the Game.

Knight's Life from Merkur - play online in the gloomy Middle Ages

If you want to play Knight's Life for free, which is welcomed by a classic construction with five rolls. The paylines are available in the same number. The rather simple, well-known and simple design of Knight's Life requires less according to a certain strategy than a moment of luck, which is mainly dependent on the favor of the special characters. Who has decided for the gambling and wants to play Knight's Life for free without registration, which will also immerse yourself thanks to the beautiful and typical medieval music deeper into the events. Mercury Has the musical elements designed so that they change with the game. If Knight's Life comes to a profit, the player decides, if he wants that, for one of two gamble variants. If it comes so far, the background music becomes much faster, so that the tension is clearly felt. The implementation is Mercur here perfectly succeeded, the music keeps music in the background despite their good integration and never feels disturbing.

The rules of Knight's Life Online - from main sign to winning combinations

The rules of Knight's Life is simple and clearly structured, so even beginners already enter the game after a few rounds. Who wants to play Knight's Life for free, which decides for a game with a traditional and typical structure, which is definitely for the design of classic analog Slot remind. But Knight's Life is just a little for nostalgic. Too complex and innovative are the actions that triggers the wild symbol or a certain number of scatter symbols.

The main sign of Knight's Life Slots

Those who play Knight's Life and also recognize a clear design language and a story that should probably owe that to the main character. These are for players who also play Knight's Life for free, divided into two categories. These are recognizable by the different expensive design:

  1. The three bold knights, the horse, the castle, the armor or sword are equipped with really more details than the remaining main signs.
  2. The rest of the symbols is represented by the card characters from the ace to the boy.

This distinction signals the separation of high disbursement characters and the character with a smaller payout value.

Knight's Life in the US online casino - the peculiarities of the machine game

Players who play Knight's Life for free makes it easy to start the start by taking a look at the rules before starting the game. At Knight's Life, which is free and without registration, the outcome of a round is enormously dependent on the special characters and their meaning for a game:

  • The wild symbol: It is shown by a symbol that should be a term every player: the logo of Mercury. Like an ordinary bonus icon, the Knight's Life is free to play the sun to replace any other icon. Thus, it completes profit combinations in which one or even several elements are missing. But that's not the case with Knight's Life, because the wild symbol brings a multiplier with it. If the symbol completes a profit combination, the profit achieved is paid twice.
  • The scatter symbolIf you want to play Knight's Life for free or even to play real money, this symbol is responsible for the Free Spins. The more these symbols, represented by a horse, while a lap appear on the rollers, the more free rounds there are. But with this symbol is not a long time. During the first ten free rounds, every profit is doubled and every win will even tripled from the eleventh round. In addition, all the main characters that show a knight during free spins in wild symbols. This multiplies the chance to make a big profit clear, so that the waiting for free spins is definitely worthwhile.
  • The Gamble Feature: You won, but the price drops lower than you have introduced yourself? If so, then there is after every victorious round, except to play in the autoplay, the opportunity to multiply its profit. As a player, you choose the correct color of an accessed card or tries to climb the next rung of a ladder at the right moment. In both variants the opportunities are the same. It offers care, because a wrong decision means that the entire profit achieved in the round is lost.

Trying out for your mood - Knight's Life Free play without registration

If the rules and the design of the game has aroused the interest in one or the other, it is easy to test these machines easily, quickly and without risk. You can easily on our side and Many other slot machines for free play without registration. Here everyone finds his new favorite game in an instant. Without registration you start immediately.

So the game makes even more fun - Knight's Life online to play real money

Who lies the medieval tactics and the atmosphere of the slot machine, which probably gets desire to learn what profits are still possible with the Knight's Life Slot. Who could play Knight's Life for free, who certainly has remembered one or the other tips and tricks that could prove to be quite practical in other games. If you decide in the Casino In US for Knight's Life Online, it is important to select a ticket that allows free spins without deposit. With this little thank you, that as a player for a registration that takes only a few minutes, it gets much easier in Knight's Life online for real money. the Free games, which the customer receives at the beginning, minimize the risk of a failed start. So there is real profits and despite the increased tension, the fun remains in the foreground while you play Knight's Life.

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