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La Dolce Vita is a term? It's a kind of life setting. How to do it properly? How do you live, so that it is really worth living? Italians know it and have created a phrase that is known to us all. Gamomat took this as an occasion to develop a new machine game titled La Dolce Vita. The result is impressive. It appeared in March 2017 in the Online casinos in US and since then since then enjoy the hearts of those players who like to be relaxed.

Because everyday life is stressful enough, we want to watch the La Dolce Vita Slot close up close and reproduce a report to help you know what you can look forward to this game. This makes us a comprehensive test out of the sewing box, in which we inform you about the rules as well as gladly pass on tips and tricks to you so that you have a small lead, if you have La Dolce Vita online hunting for profits. To ensure that you can enjoy any strategies for free and without registration, we offer you the demo version for practicing. Yes, you read properly. With us you can play La Dolce Vita for free without registration.

La Dolce Vita - Special features and profit symbols

What awaits you? In about this one thinks when you hear La Dolce Vita. An Italian winegrowing area. In the middle, the field is embedded, which consists of five rollers and three visible rows. The number of paylines that have been predefined are limited to 10. Because there is not too many different symbols, the theoretical disbursement probability, so the RTP with 96.03% rather average. Take a picture of it by yourself by playing La Dolce Vita for free. The slot of Gamomat joins seamlessly in the breeze of the beautiful games of this manufacturer. This makes the work clearly beautiful.

Let's take a look at the main sign of the slot machine. We would think there are three of them, because all three have a certain function or. are capable of triggering a feature. It is the winegrower, the house and those wine bottles, which are provided with numbers. These are only available for free games. The others also appear in the main game on the rolls.

These are all symbols that exist at La Dolce Vita online - we sort them descending according to their value:

  • Weinbauer (Wild Symbol)
  • House (Scatter symbol)
  • Wine bottle (bonus symbol)
  • Wine barrel
  • dog
  • snack
  • olive oil
  • 4 wine bottles
  • Map symbols (A - K - Q - J - 10)

So enough of the empty words. We now come to the exciting gameplay.

How to play La Dolce Vita Online?

As you might know, a dedication must be defined with every online slot before the start of the game. Of course, this is no different at La Dolce Vita. You have two set screws available here. First, you can decide if you prefer to play with 5 or 10 paylines, secondly, you can set the use per payline between 0.01 $ and 0.60 $ relatively flexible. The cash register thus varies between 0.05 $ and 6 $ per game round. These are manageable amounts.

Incidentally, it is worthwhile - and that is a well-intensive tip that one, although you play for free, specifically sets such amounts that would be used in playing real money. The explanation for this is simple: With approximately realistic game you see how the account balance grows or shrinks and gets a good feeling how to play in the land-based US Casino too.

The rollers are turned by means of a mouse click. There are two options available here: single rotation or autoplay mode. The manual turning is certainly better for newcomers. So you get to know the features in peace. Another tip on the edge: Who plays in the autospin mode, has no opportunity to feature the gamble feature for the Developer of Gamomat are pretty well known. But you can sit back and watch relaxed. Best try yourself what to assert you by playing La Dolce Vita for free.

When the rollers are started first, there is no more. The insert is made. Now it is important to wait and hope. At La Dolce Vita Online you wins, if you find at least three identical symbols along a profit line so that they are found on the first three rolls from links and are on a payline. If that's the case, you have entered a winning combination. The amount of profit depends on the profit symbol and the length of the profit combination. Details can be found in the winning table. This can be found at La Dolce Vita in the lower left corner.

Now we have already mentioned that you can activate different features at La Dolce Vita Slot, which can not only provide more profits, but also significantly increase entertainment and tension.

Wild symbol

Hardly anyone knows La Dolce Vita better than a winegrower. Logically, he is the wild symbol. Who does not know it yet - the wild symbol is a kind of joker that can replace all other characters - only scatters and bonus symbols not. To significantly increase the number of gains.

Scatter symbol

The farmhouse is the scatter symbol that is always welcome. Regardless of where this symbol appears - as you have at least three of them on the screen, you win Free Spins. 3 Scatters Sharing 10 Free Speeds, 4 After all 15 free rotations and 5 even 25 Free Spins. Because the scatter symbol appears only in the main game, you can not win other free spins within the free game features. That that of the entertainment does not demolish, you can easily understand if you play La Dolce Vita for free and just try it.

But there is still a goodie. And a bonus symbol appears online at La Dolce Vita online within the free spells. They are wine bottles that show a sum of money. These bonus money just get you on top.

Gamble feature

We had already played. The gamble feature can only be activated if you turn the rollers manually, so the fingers leaves the car pin. Always, if you have achieved a profit, you can continue to play with this win. Two options are offered.

  • Card risk. Clicking on the playing cards invites the new screen. You can see a hidden card and two buttons - a red and a black. You should now guess which color the card has on the front. If you are right, the insert will be doubled. Anyone who lies next to it loses his commitment. The risk can be reduced if you halve the use by clicking on the button "1: 1".
  • Profit conductor. The profit conductor works at La Dolce Vita so: While it shows the zero at the bottom, the highest profit is displayed at the top of the maximum profit. Your profit is on the game. Two amounts flash alternately. One is higher and the other lower than its use. Click at the right moment, get up on the ladder, otherwise just off.

Would you like to get to know the feature? Then you should play for free with us La Dolce Vita. In the free game you have nothing to lose and still familiarize yourself with all the features.

Get the conclusion about La Dolce Vita for free

Our conclusion is clear. La Dolce Vita von Gamomat is a greatly successful video slot, which has the beautiful sides of life as a topic. Wine is not just a drink, but a life culture that is not only very vividly lived in Italy. La Dolce Vita games lets us share a little at all and brings us a couple of fun entertaining hours and by the way, nice profits, if you have a little luck.

The symbols are beautiful and above all very distinguishable, which is very pleasant for our eyes. The sound fits on the topic. The gameplay is undisputed anyway. You should take the opportunity and play La Dolce Vita for free without registration. The demo version is an excellent taste of what you expect in the online casino, if you then play for real money. Only that you have no risk. If you are looking for variety, then you can still with us Many other casino games free without registration try out. Just click through our pages. The right thing is certainly with it.

How to play La Dolce Vita online for real money

Who wants to play real money, should first use our offer and play for free La Dolce Vita. That's a possibility that you do not get commanded in the land-based casino. Because the operators go to the whole. Who wants to make the entry into the real money game with online casinos as cost-effective as possible, which is best looking for a portal, which firstly has La Dolce Vita in the portfolio and secondly attract with a good bonus program. As an entry-level aid there are two attractive bonuses. One is a welcome bonus that rewards the first deposit with an additional bonus credit, and the other one is one Casino bonus without deposit. These are usually found in the form of a registration bonus. Then you already get a certain credit or free spells for the successful registration, with which you can then try La Dolce Vita or other games. That's worthwhile because it costs nothing, but still have the opportunity to win money with a lot of luck, which you can play after some games where you want to transform profits into real money. And we wish you good luck now!