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The captivating adventure slot takes the online player to the mysterious mysticism of antiquity and tells a fascinating legend about the legendary land on the Nile and its great deities. The elaborately developed machine game allows recreational players to participate in the divine legacy of legendary pharaohs at the divine legacy. Who says Egypt slot machines are all the same anyway, should simply play Legacy of Egypt for free without registration and surprise.

Legacy of Egypt by play'n go at a glance

  • Egypt adventure in the 5 × 3 slot format
  • 30 active paylines fixed
  • Wild and scatter symbols
  • Free play feature with multipliers
  • Wide insert margin from 0.30 to 90, - $ per spin
  • Autostart and TurboPin
  • Very high volatility
  • RTP value 96%
  • Mobile available without download

Legacy of Egypt is a high quality Game Creation of Play'n Go, Immediately impressed by the loving details of the clear and precisely designed design. On the five rolls raise incredibly realistic symbol graphics from the gloomy ground, which reflects very stylish antique walls. The field is surrounded by artful stone columns and in the background shines the backdrop of a breathtaking desert landscape. In addition, the oriental soundtrack accused the scenery very atmospheric and adapts perfectly to every goggle event.

For lucrative profits, Cleopatra and Tutanchamun worried as a legendary ruler of Egypt, as well as four of their revered deities in animal figure. This includes the hawk statue of God Horus, God Anubis as a Schakal, God Sobek in crocodile form and the catfuck of the goddess. The symbol assortment is rounded off by the four letter J, Q, K and A. The main role in the legacy of Egypt slot, however, play the brilliant representations of the Skarab and the pyramids.

The Skarab Beetle was already holy in ancient Egypt and in the video slot has the magical power of winning opportunities significantly increasing. In addition, the Divine Horus wheel helps to benefit from the online player from immeasurable treasures that hide inside the magnificent pyramid tombs. What it is about it is to find out every slot fan in a flash of Legacy of Egypt for free.

Start in an exciting desert adventure with Legacy of Egypt Online

Before the start of the game, the player sets the height of the betting insert below the rolls as each machine. Legacy of Egypt is played by house from 30 fixed paylines and can be set on each line from 0.01 and up to 3, - Euro. Recreational players can therefore adapt the lap insert flexibly between 0.30 and 90, - $ to their own budget.

To postpone the value of the five appearance amounts, use either the minus sign left or plus right. Then the player taps on the desired amount, which is immediately displayed to the right as a total insert. On the far left is the info menu to view rules or payout tables and next to it is the current game credit.

The game is optionally started manually with each spin individually or automatically for a fixed number of laps. It is just as easy to deactivate the sound or turn the rollers in turbomodus. Legacy of Egypt for free is the best way to carry out all the settings and look for the particularly lucrative tricks in the gameplay.

Profitable Legacy of Egypt Extras:

  • Skarab Beetle as a wild symbol
  • Pyramid as a scatter symbol
  • Horus wheel for the number of free spins

Wild beetles have the property to transform themselves in the basic game as well as during free spins into every regular profit icon and thus give the player significantly more profit. However, scatter pyramids activate the fantastic bonus feature, but can not be replaced by Skarab Boys. In addition to the two important main signs, the divine lucky wheel is very special attention.

Play the lucky highlight at the Legacy of Egypt

In the bonus feature, the player comes to enjoyment Additional free spins, their enormous winning opportunities of the favor of the mighty Egypt God Horus. Each of Legacy of Egypt online from a free spin resulting profit is at least doubled or multiplied up to 10x. For this purpose, during the entire feature above the rollers, a special additional function is active, which randomly selects the multiplier for each spin and displayed.

In addition, pyramid symbols in each free play round take the double function as a scatter and additional joker. The number of available free spins is determined according to pure random principle and by the lucky wheel with the divine Horus eye in the middle. Where there are three ways to turn the Horus wheel.

  • Opening of the Legacy of Egypt Features: The first bike appears in front of the field as soon as at least three scatter pyramids land in the field in the basic game. The scenery sinks in mystical evening red and the player changes to a new game level. The Horus Wheel rotates and triggers at least three and up to 20 free spins.
  • Additional pyramids Free Spins: Scares the player during free rounds somewhere in the playing field Two combined wild / scatter symbols occurs the next wheel of fortune in action and activated between three and eight pyramids spins. Where the existing multiplier of the preceding free game persists over all bonus rounds.
  • Double Bonuschance: However, succeeds a landing of three wild pyramids revolves the Horus Wheel with the double available number of bonus games and the player receives up to 16 additional free spins extra, which are also evaluated with the same multiplier of the last preliminary round. If all bonus rounds are consumed, it goes back to the originally triggered free spots.

Once the free play feature is opened once, new lucrative bonus rounds can always be added again and again. It is best to try to play Legacy of Egypt for free to get your own impression of the incredibly magical profit spectacle. With us that is Demo game available at any time without registration.

Symbols and payout values at Legacy of Egypt Online

Each character represents a certain value by which varies from the number of symbols and operating height of the player are distributed differently high gains. Where letters embody the lowest eigenvalue and include gods statues and Egypt legendary rulers to the higher-quality icons. The most valuable symbol, however, is the Holy Skarab Beetle, who acts as a joker at Legacy of Egypt.

Basically, with 3-5 identical icons in a pay line to payouts, when a landing from left to right on neighboring rollers takes place. Only scatter symbols have validity in every X-arbitrary role position. If you play a look into the payout tables for free at the Legacy of Egypt, you can inform yourself directly about the exact profit options for the currently set game use.

Payout margin after profit combinations:

Symbol character 3 icons 4 icons 5 icons
Letter A in bronze

Letter K in blue

Letter Q in silver

Letter J in green

0.05 to

15 euro

0.20 to

60 euro

0.50 to

150 euros

Goddess Bastet - Cat

God Sobek - Crocodile

0.10 to

30 euro

0.25 to

75, - Euro

1 to

300 Euro

God Anubis - Schakal 0.10 to

30 euro

0.25 to

75, - Euro

1,25 to

375, - Euro

God Horus - Falke 0.15 to

45, - Euro

0.40 to

120 euros

2, - until

600 euros

Pharaoh Tutanchamun 0.15 to

45, - Euro

0.50 to

150 euros

2.50 to

750, - Euro

Queen Cleopatra 0.20 to

60 euro

0.75 to

225, - Euro

3, - until

900, - Euro

Wild Skarab 0.30 to

90, - Euro

1 to

300 Euro

5, - until

1.500 euro

Scatter pyramids 1.50 to

450, - Euro

1.50 to

450, - Euro

1.50 to

450, - Euro

With 30 fixed payout lines, the yield of a game round can undoubtedly add to considerable payouts. Of course, the most common mega profits come to Legacy of Egypt during the special feature due to the additional multipliers.

Magic playing pleasure with the fascinating legacy of Egypt slot

Play'n Go applies and for yourself as a guarantee for first-class software technology and excellent game pleasure. With Legacy of Egypt, the renowned provider is absolutely fair to his reputation and supplies the online player a tense Egypt adventure in top quality. The elaborately designed video slot convinces with the brilliant design and exciting animations coupled with breathtaking odds.

Lifting frame highlighted when something important happens or to expect an exciting event. As soon as the Horus lucky wheel starts to turn, it will be really interesting. The fantastic free-playing spectacle is under the influence of divine magic and amazing profit payments are preprogrammed.

Play with us Legacy of Egypt for free without registration

We do not require registration on our website for the use of all test games. With us all US lucky knights without information of any personal information can always play Legacy of Egypt for free and develop their own strategy, how to best benefit from the gigantic legacy of ancient Egypt. We enable to get to know each other without your own risk and completely uncomplicated play with slot machines for free without registration.

To play genuine money Legacy of Egypt

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For example, free spins without deposit can be used as a unique logon bonus to play for free in real game mode Legacy of Egypt online. With a little gambling you can even concede an extra pocket money in the end and simultaneously looks behind the scenes of one to date unknown gaming operation. Therefore, it can never hurt to browse for an individually matching free start bonus and challenge in a new internet playothek his luck out of the first attempt for free.