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We felt it immediately on this day - if we go to the casino today without registration and testing machines, we would have great luck. We were reinforced in this assumption when we got the note that Magic Mirror Deluxe II play for free without registration on the program. We started and went to us immediately into the online casino, where the slot machine was already waiting for the test for free. We laughed at a sun. We knew that! Is not that that Trademarks from Mercury? sure, of course! Thus, our mood barometer struck again powerfully, because with Merkur, the play has always been fun!

We kept with all right and have summarized everything here, what you should know about Magic Mirror II for free.

Our experiences and experiences with the Magic Mirror Deluxe II slot

Our English is not so good, but it is enough to find out that Magic means "Magic" Mirror means "mirror" and deluxe means in the US language that the slot machine is highly delicious. II is that the game has a predecessor version, which obviously spelled up again. We combine: Magic Mirror Deluxe II of Merkur was developed in US for the online casino because the players have already spent a lot of time online in the first version. That's really promising, we thought, and opened happily magic mirror deluxe II online. Of course we tested extensively all without real money and came right at our costs. We practiced all kinds of tricks to elicit the machine as many free spins and bonus as possible. We studied the rules that we will explain to you, so that you can play like a professional Magic Mirror Deluxe II from the beginning. Previously, we would like to give you a few other information and tips.

Magic Mirror Deluxe II by Merkur is mysterious and entertaining

It is really no wonder that in US the demand for the Magic Mirror Deluxe II slot came up. The slot machine is a little mystical and everything looks like "Miracle". Do not we all need now and then a miracle? Play for free at the Magic Mirror Deluxe II without registration there is now on the push of a button. We were highly pleased that we could discover wonderful main signs. These are not even so many different, but exactly the right ones to promote happiness. Now you may advise: Which profit symbols will be found online at Magic Mirror Deluxe II online? We take the right to just spoils. We have discovered the last unicorn at Magic Mirror Deluxe II! It lives there directly on the rollers and looks really splendid. You can see him that in Online Casino dedicated to be taken care of his well-being. They do not believe, as demanding such a unicorn is. This most likely only copy in US feels pudel well and thanks the good care with rapid gallops over the paylines, then makes a full braking and participates in profit combinations. We talk about other main affords and highlights at Magic Mirror Deluxe II in the next section.

If you are online at Magic Mirror Deluxe II, you can expect miracles

The unicorn is the proof that it is worth to believe in miracles. Magic Mirror Deluxe II Online is the perfect machine game for people who have a positive attitude or want to learn this again. Playing for free at the Magic Mirror Deluxe II Meaning Luck Law and pull it into your life. Looking at the profit symbols is somehow almost healing, which is not only alone at the unicorn. The acoustic experience is also great at Magic Mirror Deluxe II and awakens happiness. Since you are allowed to try Magic Mirror Deluxe online without a time limit, without registration and free of charge, you can make your bliss on your own. That certainly has a therapeutic effect, at least we found Tester that when playing. The unicorn surrounds with valuable rings, of course with a lot of bonus and with a woman who is clearly a real lucky fairy. You want to finally play Magic Mirror Deluxe II for free? Then we now show you the concrete strategy!

How to play Magic Mirror Deluxe II online without registration

If they are now finally immersed in the Magic Mirror, they end up in a really fantastic world. In this country of magic and the uncomplicated rules of the game, they will find themselves quickly. Especially if you have a brilliant companion like us for your trip. To set your first steps into the spheres of Magic Mirror Deluxe II, you must first press the start switch right below. You will quickly notice that in this country does not happen much without this button. But there is still a work of magic that can save you this hard work. Especially for the Magic Mirror, an autoplay button was also made. You now have it particularly easy, because you do not need the start button anymore. Instead, the rollers of alone rotate as long as the function is active.

Although the scenario plays in a land of unicorns and magic, the machine structure with five rollers with space for three symbols each experienced player is well known and simplify the handling of the Magic Mirror Deluxe II slot.  In addition, the magical mirror still has ten paylines ready, which are still very important to you.

The Magic Mirror Deluxe II main sign

If you are looking for a little closer to the environment at Magic Mirror Deluxe II, discover some new faces, creatures and symbols. Since you probably do not know about the money or gold values in the Mystery country, we will help you here. We have put together a practical list that should help you to correct the value of the main signs correctly. The further you see down, the more valuable the winner:

  • The card symbols 10, Bube and Lady At Magic Mirror Deluxe II we were puzzled first, but then we like the scales of the eyes. Card games always bring luck, so they fit fantastic to the unicorn, which has the same job. We have often seen these three playing cards at the sample and they brought us profit combinations with nice, smaller win.
  • The other card values, king and ass, Of course, a bit more value are worth. That makes sense, because the king is finally the king and the ass is legendary anyway. Everyone should have one in the sleeve!
  • The magic ring is very splendid and valuable, equal to the pink symbol. We could not quite recognize what it should be, but we suspect a hat, altar, mushroom, monument or stone table. Maybe it's also some accessory of the unicorn, we are still lacking the expertise.
  • The Unicorn is, as we have already indicated, extremely rarely and most likely threatened from extinction. Maybe it's a styled, if you make a unicorn winning line?
  • The true happiness is most worth the most likely, as it is most likely magical and certainly as animalist for the unicorn jobbone jobbone (urgent glitter buckle, bolt golden hair, polish hoofpedicure, rainbows). Maybe she is the one who holds the Magic Mirror in his hand? [/ Noedit]

The special profit symbols and bonus rounds at Magic Mirror Deluxe II

Scatter symbol: If you see three or more magical mirrors in the fields, it's time for ten free spells. If there are more, you're lucky. You immediately get a good sum of money. You will receive a randomly normal symbol within the Free Spins, which now has the ability to spread to the rest of the respective roller. If you will see three scatter symbols again, not only your free rounds will be extended, but you will also get another random sign that is also an expanding symbol. The Scatter icon at Magic Mirror Deluxe II is really useful!

Wild symbol: are two types of symbols really enough for Magic Mirror Deluxe II? Yes, but what two different symbols, if they can be combined? And so the Magic Mirror was built, which also serves as a wild symbol, a kind of joker. It's best to try it for free at the Magic Mirror Deluxe II.

Our judgment: Magic Mirror Deluxe II Play for free is Pure Unicorn Magic

If you are curious and want to play Magic Mirror Deluxe II, then best for free. With a little playing money from the casino in your hand, you can first play with the unicorn, with the lucky fairy acquaintance and let off steam at the rollers. Play slot machines for free without registration is no wonder, but the slot machine with the magical mirror already!

Magic Mirror II Deluxe to play real money? The lucky fairy is there!

Enough for free? Then secure a pair Free games without deposit or one Cash bonus For new players! In the list of our casinos is guaranteed to find something great! If you trust yourself to use real money, Magic Mirror Deluxe II is an exquisite choice. The unicorn scares impatiently with the hooves and the good fairy has gotten her wand. Together they certainly have a good chance for a real money gain!

As for the value of the symbols, there are different categories that match the symbols.

The numbers and letters symbols, for example, are Q, J, 10, A and K. They are on the lowest level and have the slightest value in the game.

The magic board, the diadem and the unicorn symbol belong to the middle level, and give much more profits if you combine them. The princess symbol is the best in the entire game. It can achieve the jackpot (the up to 10.000 $ can be great).