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Rasputin, more precisely Grigori Jefimovich Rasputin, was a Russian hiking preacher. There are many rumors and myths to him. His pendants held him for a seer and sex god. For the Russian Zarin he was a miracle healer and consultant, who enjoyed a dissipating lifestyle. The Zarin believed he could heal her son as he was hated in the relatives of the Tsar. About a year before the tsar family was murdered, rasputin fell victim to a conspiracy.

Life up to his death was iridescent. Of the US provider Mercury Has accepted his story and set him a monument with the Slot Magic Monk Rasputin.

The Magic Monk Rasputin Slot at a glance

Gambling enthusiasts know the drama about the topics that are recaptured by software developers. There are cargo games that address fruits, others turn around the ancient Egypt or the Greek mythology. Surely every topic is exciting, if it comes with exciting functions. But even if they are often implemented creatively, it will be boring in the long run.

It is all the better if a provider brings an automatic machine game to the market, which brings the fresh wind into the scene and offers something that has never been done. Exactly such a machine is Magic Monk Rasputin from Mercury.

The developers put in this slot on an interesting game principle that we barely saw a different machine. We can already reveal here: Magic Monk Rasputin is an exciting slot that offers a great gaming experience like "old hare" a great gaming experience.

How is this slot machine played, which bonus functions he offers and what about the odds? We'll tell you, but you can also find it yourself by playing Magic Monk Rasputin for free.

So Magic Monk Rasputin is played online

At first glance, this online slot is played like a normal machine game in the classic sense. There are three rollers each with three rows each. There are also five paylines. To start the roles, a use of at least $ 0.10 is necessary. Maximum you can risk 5 $. The paylines are not variable, which means that in principle all five payout lines are played and they decide for the overall use.

So far everything is classic and there are no special features. But that only has the appearance, because after all, this turns around the Magic Monk Rasputin and that means that everything is a little different.


Mercury makes everything known on this slot on the head. Everything revolves around the Russian miracle healer and around the journey the steps turn up to the big ones. Not only is the topic new, the provider originating from US also shows that he has quite a hand for great designs. The 3 × 3 structure is nothing unusual at the software chiefs, but the rules go far beyond. Here a unique gaming experience is offered that there is so rarely seen.

When playing strategy and a portion of luck are necessary, but more in the next section. If you already want to risk a look, Magic Monk Rasputin can play for free without registration and get acquainted with the Russian miracle healer.

The symbols

The developers have tried to create an atmosphere that is soothing and forming a contrast between the monk and the spiritual journey. This is clear at every corner of the game. In the background is an almost spiritual music to be heard, but the thrill can not take anyone. We were able to play Magic Monk Rasputin for free and quickly found that the machine is quite exciting.

That rasputin was a person who knew what he wants and how he can reach it is known through his story. Even when playing the slot, this will be apparent when trying to protect the individual winning levels. There are not only profits, but also driven. It's not easy to successfully climb the towers.

For the main character, the provider mainly relies on things associated with the Tsar era:

  • Different colored crowns
  • Fabergé eggs in different colors
  • Rings with differently colored gemstones

A paytable is not needed here. The RTP is stated with values from 94.80% to 97.97%. How high the payout rate fails is dependent on the strategy that you are pursuing to play.

A wild icon is available at Magic Monk Rasputin as little as a scatter symbol. This will make it clear that no help is expected here by certain special symbols to form profit combinations. Even Free games If you are awarded, as well as other bonus functions.

The peculiarity of Magic Monk Rasputin

As far as the game seques, this is quite unusual, even if the video slot first plays like a classic machine. The 3 × 3 roll field appears on the screen. There you have to try to contact the different symbols on the five paylines. But there is a special feature when you play Magic Monk Rasputin. If you succeed in earning a winning combination, you will not get the profit, but climb one of three ladders who are arranged on the right of the roll field. They have quite high profits that can be compared with a jackpot. Which ladder you climb up, depends on the earned profit combinations.

  • When winning with rings, they rise the first ladder up, namely one to six stages - depending on the color of the gemstone in the ring.
  • Earn a profit with the Fabergé eggs, it goes up the middle ladder, even here depending on the color one to six steps.
  • For the third ladder you have to earn winning combinations with crowns and here it depends on the color of the crowns how many stages it goes up.

Each of these ladders in the Magic Monk Rasputin Slot has a different height. The left ladder has the slightest value, while the highest value in the middle has the highest value and the rights again has a lower value, but it is higher than that of the left. We assure you that the adrenaline is highly cooked here, which is a reason to try Magic Monk Rasputin online for free in demo mode.

But there is a small hook here in the gameplay. Because so easy, as some of them imagines now, to achieve the upper level and to achieve the main profit, it is not. Because here the miraculous rasputin speaks a word with. As soon as it shows after the end of a rotation on the rolls, all profits are reset.

In this context, however, there are some tips and tricks. So it is about possible to pay out the profits during the game again and again. This is recommended this when you see rasputin through the picture - at least it should be considered before all profits are lost.

MAGIC Monk Rasputin Free play without registration

There are many interesting games where it is a good idea to test them for free without registration. Magic Monk Rasputin Free play is also recommended, because so you can get an overview of the gameplay and the individual features. At Magic Monk Rasputin Online is therefore recommended for that because you can work out such a strategy so that earned profits are not constantly lost.

We had already addressed the RTP of the Slots, which lies between 94.8% and 97.97%. In the free game you will notice that the payout ratio increases in height, the more often you can pay off the cashpot of the ladders. But even if you play at risk, the payout ratio is not to be despised.

If you Play slot machines for free without registration, However, you only win virtual. As soon as you have familiarized with the gameplay of Magic Monk Rasputin, you can consider to play the slot machine for real money.

Conclusion: A unique slot with good chances of winning

Particularly gamblers who do not shy away from the risk are addressed by Magic Monk Rasputin. Many players put on slot machines with free spins and other features to make good profits, but this title works completely different. Here is the hope in not to face Rasputin, as well as the family of the Tsar hoped. Only then can you climb the ladder.

The game principle is really simple and who will be too exciting, which can easily be paid out his yielded profit. Each payout after one or two spins means an above-average high RTP. Try on the slot, nothing can happen if you play Magic Monk Rasputin for free!

To play real money Magic Monk Rasputin

Of course you can also play Magic Monk Rasputin with real money. In this context, however, we have to mention the following:

Merkur moved back in 2018 from the US gambling market, which was no longer possible to play the games of the provider in the online casino to play real money. However, the developer returns slowly and there are already some Internet playshots in which the slots are represented again. Where MAGIC Monk Rasputin is playable again in US, find out best by a casino comparison.

If you could play enough Magic Monk Rasputin for free and have enough experience, you should look for a reputable gambling platform. When looking for one good online casino If you also see if you receive free games without deposit for your registration. Even if this bonus Not to be valid for Magic Monk Rasputin online, so you can play the slot machines with the profits achieved. Especially because of the high payout rate, this slot is recommended if it comes to the free play of bonuses.