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Magic Stone by Bally Wulff is a video slot for real treasure hunters. You can go on the search for forgotten relics with a beautiful lady. Apparently the search takes place in an Egyptian pyramid. Some found objects have real magic forces that promise a lucrative bonus. There is an exciting structure regarding the story. Say in good German, you should definitely try this slot machine yourself if you want to have a say. The question arises as to whether this slot has not been developed by Gamomat.

In this review we refer to the specification: "Bally Wulff". Who wants to go on a unique discovery tour together with the fearless and beautiful treasure hunter, can now play Magic Stone for free and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Magic Stone game construction

Regarding the game structure, Magic Stone Online is a pretty rare game with interesting special features. The offer of the features is distinguished significantly from the crowd in the online casino. The rules are easily comprehensible, because after all, there is no plenty of extra functions. This slot machine is clearly structured and very clearly built. For this reason, this slot is excellent for beginners who have not previously dealt with casino games so far.

The basic construction hardly differs from most other games that can be found in a casino. There is a playset that consists of five roles. Each one of the five rollers has three symbols that are brought to the game. The number of paylines is fixed and the player does not have to break the head on how many lines he should bet best. There are ten payout lines.

In addition to the main sign, the Magic Stone Slot has two special symbols. Both characters have the Joker function. One of these icons is an ordinary game symbol, with which independent profit combinations, which provide top payouts in view, can be formed. The second game icon has a very special ability. Whenever it appears, it also transforms some other characters in wild symbols with the Joker function. The Scatter Symbol, which is known from many other games than a stray sign, is not available at Magic Stone Online.

Unfortunately, the slot has the Popular free spells or other bonus functions in the game of the game as well. However, there are two different gamble features in which you can board with his win. The profit must be brought into a risk game as a use. With a little luck, the profit can be significantly improved in a risk game. For which of the two available gamble features you decide, is completely free. Of course, this automatic machine game also has autoplay mode that allows multiple rounds to be completed in a row. Who can barely expect it, Magic Stone can play for free and start it immediately.

graphic & Sound

From the point of view of the graphic performance, Magic Stone is a rather solid slot. On high quality 3D animations you will have to do without this game. There are only smaller graphic inserts that clarify the gameplay. There is a lovely lady who is the most important person at this trip. With this lady, it goes off into a dark pyramid. You can see interesting murals trying to decrypt. You do not need to look for a long time until you encounter a treasure chest or other valuables in this pyramid.

The most valuable find in this expedition and a very useful icon at the Magic Stone Slot is a gray stone panel. This blackboard with an inscription on an unknown language has fascinating magic forces. What powers can probably be degenerated when you manage to translate the ancient text? The operation of this game is quite simple. Under the game set are the buttons with which all the plays can be performed. Most of these buttons are self-explanatory and do not require a big explanation. With the button far left, the payout table can be opened, which you can see all the information about the possible win. It should be best to play Magic Stone yourself and get your own overview of the location.

Tips & Trick

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Magic Stone - the magic stone

Magic Stone is a unique game of Bally Wulff. There is a pretty tempting game system with all two different wild symbols. Before starting, you should set the height of the desired inserts. The specified use is deducted from every rolling distance. Before each game round you can customize the height of the insert individually. After a rotation, a profitable symbol combination can arise. The evaluation is automatic and you can play completely carefree, without a calculator, magic stone. If AutoPlay mode is not active, you get the offer to play with a profit of one of the two risk games. Which of the two Gambles one would like to get involved in, one is left to self. Who now feels ready, Magic Stone can play for free and test its strategy.


There are ten standard symbols at Magic Stone Online. In addition, there are the two wild symbols as a bonus sign. From the standard symbols, profit-making patterns can be generated from three identical icons that are on a payline. All winning combinations start on the first role and run into the right direction. Among the standard symbols, there are the following icons:

  • A treasure chest that is full of pearl necklaces
  • A chic vase with incorporated gold and hieroglyphs
  • A Skarab Beetle with Gold Jewelry
  • The horic eye as a mural painting
  • Card symbols between ass and 9

Top wild

The top game is a simple wild symbol at Magic Stone Online, which promises the highest payouts for self-combinations. This is a beautiful lady with a backpack. The lady can be brought as a replacement for each standard icon. Already two icons with the lady can produce a self-combination.

Feature wild

A gray stone panel is the feature game at Magic Stone. This is probably the most valuable symbol in the whole game. First, this character can replace all standard symbols and thus supplement winning combinations. The feature of this sign is that it can transform up to three other symbols also in wild symbols.

Gamble feature

There are two different gamble features available in this game. As soon as you have achieved a profit, you can choose yourself if you want to use one of the two ways. After each game round you can get off and cash in your win. There is also the opportunity to put only half of his hard-fought winning.

  • Card risk: In the card risk, the player receives a 50:50 chance to guess the color of the next card. If you lies correctly, then the insert will be doubled. If you have bad luck, then you lose his use.
  • Risk: There are several steps on the risk manager with set profits. The amount of use determines the entry point at the respective stage. There is the possibility to get up to the top level and to recreate the maximum profit or fall down and lose its mission.


Magic Stone is always played with ten paylines. It can be bet from 0.01 to 0.60 per line. Overall, between 0.10 and 6.00 can be set in each individual game round.

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Magic Stone - missing treasures

With Magic Stone you can not have a lot of fun. Bally Wulff has made this slot as lucrative as possible. Every time the feature is wild on the playset, you can look forward to several wild symbols. Very profitable combinations can arise. Who can not get enough risk, has the opportunity to properly trim his spiellaune in the Gamble Feature. Overall, this slot machine is quite varied and has been made quite simply designed. This is the ideal slot for all newcomers that are not particularly familiar with casino games. Also aeded hare will have a lot of fun at this machine under warranty.

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