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In 2003, a slot machine came out, which conquered the hearts of the fans in the storm. The automatic game also bears the title "Queen of Hearts". Moment, there rings what ... Queen of Hearts was called the Princess Diana, also known as Lady Di,. And it seems like the developers have this Slot On the subject of romance and love you used as inspiration.

In any case, this is about a princess, which is full of love, and an angel with arrow and bow, which acts as a lovers and distributed the hearts, the main sign of this game. A white rose, a typical engraving ring of the English nobility and as a main sign a big, red heart, do not leave any doubts about this slot: This is about big feelings. This game sprays warmth and invites you to dream. Also the background in a gentle purple creates a pleasant, dreamy mood. And in the daydreams you can also advise the pictures of this machine game. A beautiful castle, like a Disney movie, a royal crown and of course the beautiful, blond princess start almost by itself to tell a story.

Queen of Hearts Slot: Love is in the air

So if you are susceptible to royal romance and fairytale pictures, Queen of Hearts will be a detour to a perfect world. No wonder so that the Queen of Hearts played nothing from his magic after so many years. You should play Queen of Hearts for free and make yourself a picture of the game.

The Queen of Hearts Slot at a glance

Surname: Queen of Hearts
Manufacturer: Novoline Paylets: 1-9
Volatility: middle Topic: Princess Romantic
Main sign: heart Miscellaneous: Free games, heart bonus

The free online version brings back the game hall feeling

So it is not surprising that this game had a sworn fan community that scored the gambling halls in search of exactly this slot. This creates legends. Probably also to take into account this behavior of the fans has Novoline decided to bring out the online version of Queen of Hearts in the style of a real gaming machine. You feel, if you can play Queen of Hearts for free, immediately returned 15 to 20 years in time. You will have the impression while you play Queen of Hearts for free that you are sitting in a US game room around the year 2003 when the slot first appeared. You can see with Queen of Hearts online the all of us so good known cladding of the machine game, this wooden box with all the buttons, as you have been standing in US recordings. A real, good, old slot machine. The screen is embedded in a wooden cladding on which the operating buttons are mounted.

Stylishly control the slot only through these buttons. Retro slots are a giant trend in the slot machine industry and this design really makes memories again be alive. Both the unforgotten Duchess of Wales, as well as the good, old time of the machine games. Especially players who normally prefate in localities such as the doner-shack or the playbothe will be thankful to Queen of Hearts online.

The presentation of the Queen of Hearts Slots

But what awaits you exactly if you will play Queen of Hearts for free without registration? As already said, they sit in front of a real gambling device. Everything that does not belong anymore to the housing of the panel has just been left black. So at Queen of Hearts is really the feeling of sitting in front of a physical device. You almost want to put in the screen pure, so well-confidence is the sight.

The screen of the virtual slot machine has a purple background on which the roller set is. Left and right on the side are the start or or. To see endpoints of paylines.

Under the field, all important information can be seen. To the left of the last recovered amount, which, if you want to play Queen of Hearts for free without registration, of course not in Euro, but in credits. Below you will find the current credit. In order for a realistic gaming experience to be offered, you will only get relatively few coins at the free online version, so you really come to sweat like in real life, if your credit balanced. Both Most demo versions of slots If you get a billion coins, so you have a hard time to go bankrupt. So you have to exactly think if you play Queen of Hearts for free, with which game use the round is played, otherwise you have no chance, ever the coveted free spins to reach. Here one keeps strictly to the clear line, the real gaming experience free of charge in an online casino slot as a reality-treat as possible, without it losing its charm. And that will succeed Novoline well well.


This is also evident on the sounds, because even here you keep yourself at the original sounds of the gambling devices. The dudeln, when the rolls turn, the clacks when snapping the rolls, the noise when calculating the gain to your credit and this unique sound that a slot machine made when you changed the game mode or the game. Self-string that the gamble feature is the ticking of the alarm or metronome and clinking of the coins. All sounds that every old school player knows only too well.

How to play Queen of Hearts online

The gameplay is really quick and easy to understand, despite the many keys that there are. If you play Queen of Hearts for free, you will meet the following keys:

  • Select Game: explains itself. Here you can choose which machine game you want to play. In demo mode, select the Queen of Hearts Slot automatically.
  • Choose coins: Here you can select the currency, so to speak, which is not really important in the demo version.
  • Payable calls - Who would have thought that - the payout table. So you can find out about the possible profit combinations.
  • 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 Lines: Sets the number of paylines you play with. Only when you play in the free game without registration with a few paylines, real real money feeling comes up.
  • Bet one: Here you set the game insert. At the same time, this button acts during card risk as "on red betting" button.
  • Bet max: Here you put the game use to a maximum. At the same time, this button acts during card risk as "on black betting" button.
  • Start - Skip - Take Win: Acts as a spin button, as "SKIP AutoPlay" button and in the color bet accept profit.

The premature stopping of the rollers can be triggered with each key.

Play the characters at the Queen of Hearts

Next we look at the different symbols:

  • heart: The heart is the main sign. The only sign already counts when it appears only once on the payline (then of course left left, since only is counted from the left). In the freechows, the heart is randomly distributed as a bonus of an angel on the rolls.
  • rose: Nothing symbolizes romance more than the flower of love. No wonder that the Rose at Queen of Hearts is the second highest symbol.
  • Castle: The castle is the third highest symbol.
  • The princess: The princess is the scatter symbol that triggers the Free Spins. As soon as it wins, it is animated with an angel. This is with arrow and bow of the winged messenger of love. Not only does he always meet in the heart, but distributes heart symbols as a bonus during free spins.
  • The English crown
  • Ruby ring with red rose: The red rose stands for the English nobility "house Lancaster". The ring is a classic engagement ring of the nobleman.

The ring and the crown have the same value.

Among them then come as always A, K, Q, J and 10. There is no wild symbol.

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Conclusion: Play Queen of Hearts for free

Queen of Hearts from Novoline has always been a very special game that has a damped and faithful fan base and had. Especially in US. All the more so the fans will be happy that not only the slightly newer game Queen of Hearts Deluxe, but the original version in this stylish gambling slot are available. Also all retro fans swearing to the original machine game feeling should be considered this casino slot as an alternative to the fruit slots. The game is also one of the best tips for anyone who wants to sniff "playclothen air" during the pandemic again.

Last but not least, this is also a recommendation to all who are looking for real money-like feeling in free mode. Here you should follow your own rules and your own strategy, as you easily get into trouble through the narrowed number of free coins. Therefore, it is considered it here like the real money game twice, with how many paylines and use one plays. You want to make your own picture? Here you will find the best ways to try casino games for free without registration.

Queen of Hearts with real money in online casino

The slot is really easy to understand and all relevant information has just read you. So there is no tricks to learn more. Say in good German: You could play this slot immediately for real money. If you want to challenge your luck, you definitely take the Casino bonus without deposit with, which we have researched specifically for you. Your retro experience is now nothing in the way. Much luck!