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Are you brave enough to dive with the shark in the depths of the sea? If so, awaits you at Razor Shark on the dark seabed a treasure worthwhile it is worthwhile. Push Gaming has packed a lot of extra features in this deep-sea adventure. These include mysterious Mystery stack icons, unlimited ongoing free spins and lucrative multipliers that make the game extremely exciting with the shark.

Razor Shark online is running with five rollers and four rows, which are surrounded by a rusty frame. A total of 20 paylines are possible. On the symbols, in addition to the dangerous sharks, further pictures around the deep sea diving and the sea. Push Gaming has been prescribed in this machine completely completely to the underwater topic, because the like typical map symbols are in vain for Razor Shark.

Razor Shark: The slot machine at a glance

Major actor in this slot machine is of course the name-giving shark with its knife-sharp teeth. The design at this slot is dominated by the depths of the sea. At the beginning of the game you will be welcomed by the title. Here you can already guess that it can be quite dangerous, because the S from Shark shows clear bit tracks and these are of no less than the white shark highest personally.

In the main game you are still relatively close to the water surface. The waves are visible at the top, left and right next to the playing field, small fish romp in clear water. Also a funny clown fish is bounded curious that happened. Coral and other aquatic plants line the edge. Once the bonus is enabled, it goes down to the dark sea ground. The background gets darker. An old shipwreck protrudes into the picture. Fluorescent jellyfish, which, however, disappear relatively quickly, and a slightly scary-looking lampfish watch the gameplay.

In addition to the conventional computer, you can also go on your smartphone or with a tablet on a dive down to the sharks. Push Gaming has taken care of this slot to ensure that the presentation of mobile devices is just as appealing and the game fun is not too short on the way. You only need a browser and a stable online connection. Then you can play Razor Shark for free, no matter where you are currently.

graphic & Sound at Razor Shark

As soon as you play Razor Shark for free without registration, take the dangerous sharks on the symbols acquaintance. A total of five different species are shown on the sign. However, the game developers have designed all symbols in a comic manner, which makes the sea creatures a little less dangerous.

The design with this machine game is completely successful and as a player is also felt directly in the depths of the sea. Bloats dominate and reflect the home of the sharks. The background is lovingly animated by gently moving the sea plants in the water and beating the small fish excitedly with the fins. Once individual symbols are part of a profit combination, they too are animated and additionally highlighted by the field. The profitful profit appears centrally in large golden numbers.

If you play Razor Shark for free, a pleasant sound accompanies the game. As soon as a second bonus symbol remains from the left to the rolls, the rising tension also becomes clear in the melody, which engages the voltage structure. At the same time, a purple bubble appears behind the field, which crashes as soon as all the rolls have come to a standstill.

In general, the underwater world of Razor Shark is relatively clearly built. The playing field stands out well from the background, including the left the symbol for the payout table and the rates of Razor Shark can be found online. In addition, you will see your current total balance, overall use and profit. Right are the two buttons for the settings of AutoPlay and the Spin Button. This is represented by two curved arrows bent to a circle.

How to Play Razor Shark Online

As with all slot machines, the game with the shark is recommended to use the free demo version first. So grab the chance to play Razor Shark for free without registration! So you can get to know all the settings, bonus features and the individual symbols, before it goes to use with your real money. You will find that the game run at Razor Shark is designed intuitively to have no problems.

To bring momentum into the underwater world, you only need to operate the spin button. Already the five rolls are in motion. Each time click on the button click on it is too complicated? Then use the autoplay feature that has integrated Push Gaming. By clicking on the AutoPlay button, you can set optionally 10, 20, 50 or 100 turns. In order for you to handle the game in the automatic turns, it is possible to set a loss limit and a single winning limit. The limit is always based on a multiple of the overall use. The loss limit can be adjusted from X5 via X10, X20, X50 to X100, the single gain limit is almost identical. Instead of X5 you can also select the option "Without limit", all other values are the same.

When a limit is activated and you reach this, the note appears "You have reached your chosen loss limit for this session."Now you can decide if you want to continue playing or prefer to return to the lobby. For both options a button is available.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to turn the sound on and off while you play Razor Shark. When the rolls turn too slowly, the turbomodus is the right game setting for you. After you have enabled, the rollers turn in a fleet pace.

To achieve a profit at Razor Shark, at least three same symbols have to land on the rollers. These must appear both on one of the paylines and as a contested position. Best look at the Razor Shark play, which options there are.

The symbols at the Razor Shark Slot

Without a question, everything can be found on the symbols about the subject of ocean. As soon as you play Razor Shark for free, you will get to know the five different sharks that lurk on the rollers. Through the different colors you are well to distinguish from each other. The following Haiards has Push Gaming brought into play:

  • The grim looking shark with the red background
  • An orange shark with lace teeth
  • A pink shark that looks a bit confused
  • A green shark with smaller teeth
  • A rather funny looking blue shark

The fearsome white shark with the red eyes is responsible for the highest payment with a suitable winning combination and is therefore the main sign at Razor Shark. In addition, he acts as a wild symbol. This means that in addition to the scatter he can replace all other characters and increases the chance for further profit combinations. Existing combinations can be extended or incomplete arrangements can be completed.

In addition to the sharks you will find on the rollers a diving glasses, an oxygen bottle, diving fins and an underwater camera.

The scatter symbol muts as a sailing symbol with. There are two different variants. A bronze mine with the inscription "bonus" and a black mine with the imprint "+1".

Lucrative bonus features in the game with the shark

The Razor Shark Slot is packed with various bonus features. The most important feature are the so-called Mystery Stacks, which in turn can trigger more actions. Below is an overview of the bonus features at Razor Shark:

  • The Mystery Stacks at Razor Shark: A special feature of Razor Shark by Push Gaming are the Mystery Stacks, the mysterious pile. They are made of algae who land along coincidence on the different rollers. The algae then release the nudge & REVEAL FEATURE OF.
  • The nudge & Reveal feature: The Reveal feature means that the algae reveal your mystery. Either profit symbols or a gold-colored shark. The profit symbols lead to a direct payment depending on the amount of the combination achieved, whereas the shark enables another feature: the Razor Reveal.
  • The Razor Reveal feature: As soon as Razor Reveal has been triggered, all symbols of the Mystery stack turn and land either on a scatter or insert multiplier icon. With the multipliers you have the chance for further profit multipliers.

Free games within Razor Shark

Three or more Scatter symbols release the free spells at Razor Shark. Pro further scatter is also activated another free spin. In addition, the Mystery Stacks are moved around a place. As soon as the free spins start, the second and fourth roller row fill with algae. During the free spells, a multiplier starts, which starts at x1. As soon as the nudge in the free rounds & Reveal feature is activated, the multiplier is increased by 1. The freelays end only as soon as no Mystery stack is available more on the field. Depending on this, this can last for a while, while your profit account fills with a little luck steadily.

Once you have the Free games have reached, fall down towards dark seabed until the message "Welcome, you have reached the Shark Bonus". Your profits during the Free Spins will be displayed to the right of the field. After the Shark Bonus free to go back to back to friendlier waters.

Although the many extras look a bit confusing at first glance, but playing a few round Razor Shark for free, they will quickly understand the various bonus features.

Play Razor Shark free without registration

Razor Shark for free and get to know the many peculiarities at this slot is definitely a good idea. Escape yourself without risk of a dive and explore the underwater world with its different seacomers. On our platform you have the option - many casino games free without registration are ready to try. Also the shark with his sharp teeth can be found with us.

Especially with a slot with so many bonus functions, we recommend to test the way from the game with real money the way of playing. Take a look at the information and rules that you can call. Although there are no secure strategy or tricks for a profit, but useful help for the attitudes and playing. With the right tips, you will soon be familiar with the best under water.

In the Free demo version is behind the credit, total use and profit a "fun". So you can see that you play Razor Shark for free.

Play Razor Shark with real money

As soon as they are sufficiently familiar with the rules and have enough rounds behind, it can go to the use of real money. The minimum set of this slot is 0.10 $, maximum are 100 $ per spin possible.

At Razor Shark, the 20 paylines are fixed. That means you, no matter what use you gamble, always play with all 20 lines. However, the amount of your use is crucial. The more you use per lap, the higher the possible payout amount. If, for example, five white sharks are at the end on the rolling standing as a winning combination, you get 5 coins in one insert 0.1, when using 100, however, are proud 5.000 coins credited to your profit account.

According to the payout rules in the Razor Shark Slot, the symbols of a payline must appear from left to right on the field. Only the highest line win is considered. The RTP value of Razor Shark online is 96.70%.

For the Razor Shark play with real money you need a suitable online casino. We recommend that you invest some time to find a casino, which is playable and trustworthy in the US market. Check if the European lucky license is present and whether secure payment methods are offered. If these criteria are fulfilled, players from US can play there without worries.

When researching, you will find that Many online casinos Welcome new customers with a welcome bonus. The bonus can be the form of free games, one Casino bonus without deposit or have an extra credit. After choosing yourself for a casino, the first Razor Shark plays game with real money nothing in the way.