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Reel Rush belongs to the slot machines that do not Online Casino be missing. You could also call the game of Netent as an absolute classic that is not without reason to the most popular machine games of the US players. If you are one of the players in US who have not tried the Reel Rush Slot yet, then we recommend to catch up with it as soon as possible by playing Reel Rush for free without registration. However, we would like to give you a small tip before you get on the search. In this experience report, not only information about this online slot is hidden, we also reveal our US readers where they can play Reel Rush for free.

This article is not only aimed at US players who have never been able to play Reel Rush. Also experienced veterans could find here one or the other puzzle part to adapt their strategy to Reel Rush's gameplay online. This slot machine is anything but one under many. Netent has served some tricks to play the Reel Rush play an extraordinary experience. Without too much to reveal or even exaggerate, when playing, you do not expect anything lower than a completely new game principle, a slightly different way to get the free spins, and fruits, lots of fruits as the main sign. We are happy to give you one of the Most popular slots to be able to introduce in the casinos.

The Reel Rush Slot at a glance

Once you start to play Reel Rush for free, the somewhat funny playing field is the eye. This is actually from five rolls with five rows, but some positions on this field are covered, so only the middle row on roller one, row two, three and four on rolling two, the complete roller three and row two, three and four on Roll four and in turn the middle row on rolling five are visible. What it has and what it means for the player, we explain to you below, first we would like to focus on the optical aspects of Reel Rush online.

The Icons of Reel Rush are either from sweets in different colors or fruits. They all look like they are from a video game, which causes the machine game to spread a cheerful gaming atmosphere. This first impression is confirmed by the background music as well as the sound effects, which you can already listen to you by playing Reel Rush for free without registration. However, a fist thickness surprise is waiting for you with regard to the bonus functions. At Reel Rush of Net is nothing like that at first glance likes the appearance. As we mean, you can find out by reading our next detail overview.

The wild symbol

Due to the construction of the Reel Rush game principle, you will find the wild symbol of the slot machine exclusively on the rolling two, three, four and five. To find it, you probably do not have to look long while you play Reel Rush for free, because it consists of a brown motif with the inscription "Wild". Because of that there is no scatter symbol on the rolls during this game, the wild symbol can take over the role of all other motifs and replace them.

The re-spins

The re-spins are the key to unlock the hidden positions already mentioned above on the field of Reel Rush. The whole works as soon as the first profit combination lands, two positions are revealed on roller one and the first re-spin starts. If there is another profit combination, two positions are again revealed, this time on rolling five and the third re-spin begins. This process repeats until either no profit combination lands or all fields have been revealed. The former is the case, then all revealed positions are obscured again and everything starts from the beginning.

The Free Spins

If five consecutive profits are achieved with the re-spins, then pull into the bonus round of free turns. It is important to emphasize that not only all fields of the playing field must be revealed, but also the fifth turn with all visible fields must produce a profit to get the eight free spins. Self-explanatory, the bonus round can not be triggered again. The best way to see the whole process when you play Reel Rush for free.

How to play Reel Rush online

In principle, it is not necessary to take a look at the rules to determine that Reel Rush is a very special slot machine. If you have started to play Reel Rush for free, then you probably not only noticed the hidden rolls. Namely, the profit evaluation has also shaped slightly differently, which is also due to that uncovering of the positions. There are no paylines at Reel Rush, instead, the evaluation by means of earnings is used in this machine game. The special thing here is that with the unlocked positions also increases the number of profit routes. For example, at the first re-spin, they have 135 profit routes, at the second there are already 405 and at the fifth re-spin even incredible 1.875 profit routes. But beware, do not forget that all winning combinations consist of at least three same motives and have to land from left to right.

When playing, these twelve motifs will run over the rollers:

  • Five different colored sweets
  • A melon
  • Grapes
  • A plum
  • A lemon
  • A pineapple
  • A strawberry
  • A wild symbol

Conclusion and Reel Rush for free

Reel Rush is an almost unique game that gives it with this game principle and this way to the bonus functions hardly a second time in the online casino. Exactly these aspects are the playing of this machine game to make a very exciting and entertaining experience. In this case, there are no two opinions, this game in the casino you just have to try it yourself.

That's exactly what you can do with us now, because with us you can use the Play slot machines for free without registration.

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