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If you open Rising Liner from Merkur, you understand immediately what the word "liner" is. Because the Rising Liner Slot is a line game. More specifically, a pay line game. The whole look of the classic fruit slot is extremely tidy and clear what you will find yourself as soon as you will play Rising Liner for free. You play here with five rolls. However, every roller has only three rows. The fruits pictures are great. And the 3 × 5 roll set is simply wonderful.

Rising Liner Slot Machine - Game Overview

When you call Rising Liner online, all 20 possible paylines are displayed above the pictures. These are really many who are shown there in the typical representation of the presentation: each pay line in a different color. At the edge of the roll set, the numbers of paylines in just this color are, so you can track well that five fields together arise which gainline. At Rising Liner you have the choice during the game if you want to play with 5, 10, 15 or 20 paylines. The picture before the start of the game shows that you have a huge number of profit opportunities at 20 paylines.

A slot with fair profit calculation

Because Rising Liner counts the winnings not only from left to right, but also from right to left and also when in the middle three equal pictures are created on one of the lines. If you look at these 20 different colored paylines, the whole roller set is so covered with colorful lines that you can hardly recognize the images that are responsible for the possible profit combinations. This dense network of paylines has also lent to the game rightly the name Liner. The word "rising" is probably for the rising sun, because this is that Trademarks from Mercury.

Instead of a wallpaper with a topic like South Sea or pyramids you have decided here for a monochrome, grapevine background. This also contributes to clarity because it does not distract. In addition, the focus is directed to the rollers. Because the rollers and thus the symbols are really big at Rising Liner and put the as always to the bite delicious-looking fruits properly. Especially when playing online on a smartphone, the big pictures are particularly pleasant.

By counting the profits from left to right, from right to left and centrally, is created with a few, but beautiful pictures, a very exciting gameplay. Because through this fair counting way you have a lot of profit opportunities. That there is no scatter symbol and none Free Spins gives, does not bother at all. In addition, some special features are offered in a game without free spins. What makes an RTP from 96.02% then really fun.

The Rising Liner Slot in numbers

Surname: Rising liner RTP: 96.06%
Manufacturer: Mercury Paylets: 5 - 20
Volatility: high Topic: Fruit
The most valuable symbol: "7" Miscellaneous: Propagating spiral game

Atmosphere of the game

If you play Rising Liner for free, you will be addressed with every pixel on the screen: "It's a slot machine". It really creates the pure machine game feeling. You are almost feeling as if you were not in an online casino, but in one US terrestrial casino. But this dark-grapevine background with the Mercury sun on the top right of the corner, mediates such a puristic slot-machine atmosphere that is almost amazed. The fruit images also fit exactly in this feeling. They are neither too old-fashioned, nor polished to modern or have a 3D design. Nevertheless, they jump so much that you enjoy the sight properly. As you say so beautifully, the eye is with and in this fruit salad very special.

The sound of the online slots

The sound strengthens this atmosphere that focuses on the game, again very strong. Because there is no melody, but only the dull locking of the rolls is heard. If you play 20 lines, you often have several chances of winning a winning combination at the same time. The profit combination belonging to each other-colored line is indicated by a beep. After that, some music comes, which says: "Attention, high voltage, now you can multiply your use with the gamble function". If you click on the risk ladies at Rising Liner online, the pulse is easily massively accelerated by a pumping techno sound. So you are full of one second to the other.

If you click on the card risk, a no less pumping hiphop / drum`n`Base sound sounds. In both cases, this is skilfully played with the sound. While in the baselame, even if you play Rising Liner for free, only the login of the rolls is heard, plays the Rising Liner Slot when you win, a few more sounds and a short victory melody. Go into the gamble mode, it gets really wild and the pumping beat chases the pulse to 180.

Rising Liner play

As the name implies, you have to think closely at this game, with how many paylines you want to play. Even while you play Rising Liner for free without registration, you have the choice between 5, 10, 15 or 20 paylines. The game's use, which is set, is always calculated for a line. So if you play with a game of play of 0.10 euros, it means that you set at 5 paylines 0.50 euros, put at 10 paylines 1 Euro, at 15 play with 1.50 $ and 20 lines - with 2 Euro. Of course, they also gain significantly more at several lines, because all possible winning combinations are displayed and summarized in the event of a profit. So you can not say absolutely flat-rate, one or the other is better.

Main sign

If you want to play Rising Liner for free without registration or challenge his luck with real money, there are seven classic pictures, of which the "7" of course is the highest. At Rising Liner, the "7" is a thick seven of pure gold. Among them then comes the halved watermelon, which lets one of the water in the mouth. As well as the dark grapes vine. Among the value comes the orange, which still has a green leaf, and the juicy plum. The lowest counts the lemon and the double cherry.

As a special feature, Mercury has come up with the hypnotic spiral, which spreads over all adjacent fields and is the wild symbol. What we actually arrived at the Rising Liner.

Tips on the game

Even if you play Rising Liner for free, it comes to luck and not the strategy. However, we can give you two tips: If you are someone who likes to use the Gamble Feature (ie the risks or card risk), it can be worthwhile that you always play with the maximum number of 20 lines. So the probability is very high that you almost gain something in every second spin, which you can then multiply with the risk function (hopefully).

If you are more about being able to play with a certain amount of money as long as possible, and it is not so important to win in almost every second spin, then choose the lowest number of paylines at Rising Liner online, so five. If you want a middle thing between these two variants, choose from Rising Liner online 10 or 15 paylines.

If you suddenly have the feeling, now comes next a lucky strap or a rotation with a very high profit, you can simply press the "Max" button at Rising Liner online. This enables you to enable the highest number of paylines, and the maximum playable money, without having to search for a long time in the settings. You should not be mistaken for this key.

Where we are already with the keys, here are their functions:

  1. "Per line": Here you choose the game insert per payline. To know how much money you use per spin, you must take the amount X5, X10, X15 or X20, depending on how many paylines you have selected. The calculated game operation is also displayed under the field.
  2. "Paylines": The button has no caption, but here is only a number: 5, 10, 15 or 20. Among them is a sign that looks like an X that has been crossed out. Here you choose between 5, 10, 15 or 20 paylines.
  3. "MAX": As described above, you decide here with a click for most paylines and the maximum possible game use on a blow.
  4. "Autoplay": The AutoPlay button has a circular arrow as a sign, ie an almost closed circle where an arrow is at the end. In the Free version, which we have tested could not set any number of autoplay rounds. Here you play for so long on autoplay until you press the "Stop button", which stops the autoplay mode, or until no more credit has.
  5. "Stop button": This only appears when you play in AutoPlay mode. She ends autoplay mode.

If you have won something, the following buttons appear:

  • "Card risk": This button shows two playing cards and leads you to the card risk.
  • "Risky": This key looks like the mobile phone the "Reception Display", because there are three bars one above the other. She leads her to the risk manager.
  • "Collect": If you do not want to bet, click Collect or right back to the Spin button. In both cases, the gain will be added to your credit.

If you are in the risk manager or in the card risk, the following keys are displayed:

  • "Collect Half": By clicking this button, you decide to keep half of your profit and to put the other half as a betting.
  • "Collect": If you have won something while betting, you can set it again to double it again, or you can accept the gain with this button and return to the base game.

Under the rollers you will be displayed to your credit as well as the use per spin. The "insert per spin" is therefore the use that is deducted from your credit per spin. Here, for you, "use per line" x "Number of paylines" was calculated. Above the field you will find the volume, the payable and the rules, but in English, not in German.

So, we finally come to the most exciting part, the gameplay.


Finally the time has come. You have chosen all settings as your strategy? Time to press the Spin Button or the AutoPlay button for the first time. So you can start and play Rising Liner for free. Finally awakens the classic slot to life. Completely noiseless and free of free the rollers turn to engage with a dull tone. Depending on the number of paylines, the revenues are partly very common. Above all, there is usually a stately number of profit combinations that are all together.

To maximize your luck, you can now bet. If you want something more careful gamble, chooses "Half Collect" to secure a part of the yield. Having lucky the spiral appears, it's time to cheer. Because it spreads over all adjacent fields, and paves the Reels. Since every adjoining field becomes a wild symbol, the eyes will be like how much you can win at once - especially when you play with all 20 paylines. So do not wonder if you suddenly jump up and perform a spontaneous joy dart.

Conclusion: Rising Liner Free play without registration

But what are we telling you here, you know yourself, a picture says more than a thousand words. Just make yourself a picture of this slot without registration. To understand his rules in peace and to get to know all tricks, play here first on our side a few round casino games free without registration.

Collect the experiences at the slot machine with real money

Has Rising Liner convinced you with this extremely fair way to count? Namely from left to right, from right to left as well? Do you feel like this is the slot that will bring you luck?

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