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More than two thousand years ago, the rise of the Roman Empire started. The Romans began a victory train across Europe and to North Africa, only the USA, ie our US ancestors, resisted and could stop the Roman army. Today we know that the Romans were superior to the armies of all other European tribes, especially with their strategy. But even before tactical tricks, the Romans did not shave back when they used their legions or their cavalry. In this area, the Roman emperors like Julius Caesar were even considering their counterparty in such a way that they had no tips for their Centurios. The Roman Legions and their military successes therefore still practice a fascination of people in Europe and especially in US.

Roman Legion of Gamomat

Exactly with this fascination, Gamomat tries to build with the Roman Legion Slot. We therefore wanted to find out in our test, among other things, whether this has succeeded in the US game developer. But of course we did not forget to make us the other areas of the slot machine and find out both the strengths and the weaknesses of Roman Legion online. In our test, however, we continue to go, because we are of course aware that you want to know which bonus functions has the machine game to offer and whether you can play Roman Legion for free. Enter with us on an online journey through time and conquer Europe with the Roman soldiers. You can of course retain when playing with real money, you can naturally retain as made.

Roman Legion online at a glance

Playing at the Roman Legion you actually feel the feeling of marching with the Roman troops. This is of course all things on the graphic of the slot machine. An automatic machine game of one Game developers like Gamomat Of course requires more than a good graphic to get a good rating from us. Therefore, we not only throw a fleeting look at the optical appearance, but also look very closely in the game mechanics, sound effects and bonus functions. In order to tell you about our discoveries in these three areas, we have taken the chance to play Roman Legion for free without registration and discovered a lot of interesting.

The field of the Roman Legion Slots

Would not be the extremely interesting Roman topic, you would be tempted to assign Roman Legion to the category of classic slot machines of a casino. When playing the free version without registration, we came across a machine game with five rollers and three rows. Another important detail, which we have found out thanks to the ability to play Roman Legion for free, is that the game has five paylines. Complicated was apparently at the Romans only the Latin language.

The graphics and sound effects of Roman Legion

Open the slot machines and takes some free turns, sting an instantly the elaborate and high-quality designs in the eye. This first positive impression of the graphic is still confirmed in the course of the spins, because some animations were also incorporated by the US playman in the gameplay. We discover this, among other things, every time we play Roman Legion for free and lands a winning combination with the main signs or with the wild symbol.

The background, however, appears somewhat unspectacular with its simple black. We can not only see the banners of the machine game about our playing field, including the Roman troops marching in a sunset with their flags and coats of arms, we can clearly recognize the Roman Legion. With regard to sound effects, we have the experience that both the typical sound effects of a slot as well as an added slightly inappropriate slot machine music is recorded. Incidentally, we can not find a button for deactivating these sound effects.

How to Play Roman Legion Online

If you have to do it with a new unknown slot machine, then you should first get an overview. After all, you have to know where the buttons are used to configure extremely important game parameters such as the operating height. In addition, Slots like Roman Legion have some of the players supporting and thus extremely helpful components such as the autoplay function. Where all these buttons are located, we explain them at this point.

Low bottom left, you can only make a single but always incredibly important setting. At third place of links you can regulate the height of your use. To the left is the display of the five paylines and this follows the payout table including a detailed explanation of the rules that you can call you by clicking on the "I". The right-hand lower edge of the screen are the autoplay function, as well as the quick setting for playing with the maximum set and also the manual start of the turns can be found here.

The five paylines of the machine game run all from left to right over the rollers, according to which they are also examined in this order for possible profits. Our winning combinations must end up on the far left starting. According to these rules, therefore, simply embark on that with the four main signs to land the legionnaire, coins, the Roman eagle and the flag of the Legion two of these symbols on the left roll starting side by side, so they get a profit. For all other motifs, however, you need three symbols for a profit.

Overview of the motives of Roman Legion

The slot machine is played with these ten motives:

  • Playing card symbols from 9 to a
  • Coins
  • A Roman eagle
  • A flag of the Legion
  • The legionnaire as a wild symbol
  • The legionary to horse as a scatter symbol

The bonus functions of Roman Legion

There are the bonus functions that make the anticipation of the anticipation of us players. Whether it is classic functions such as free spins or on their positions remaining motifs, because with these bonus functions we can land players with a little luck a particularly big profit. When marching with the Roman legions, one experiences exactly this kind of anticipation and even if you play Roman Legion for free without registration. Why you are already allowed to look forward to the beginning of the game.

The wild symbol

Of course, Roman Legion of Gamomat, like all the high-quality machine games of this manufacturer, has a Joker matching the theme of the game. The wild symbol of Roman Legion is represented by the face of a Roman legionary and how usual can it replace all motifs up to the scatter symbol. The legionnaire can also form its own profit combination and that already, if only two equal wild symbols land on a payline.

The Free Spins

The cavalry was one of the most important troops of the Roman army. This could be the reason that the US gaming developers have chosen a legionary on a horse to perceive one of the most important tasks on our rollers - the release of free spins. For this purpose, three scatter symbols are needed and these do not have to land on a payline exceptionally. In this regard, however, there are two less good news, because not only when you play Roman Legion for free, you must refrain from profits with the scatter symbol. In addition, the legionary to horses only appears on the rolling one, three and five. Become the ten Free games However, activated, then you can benefit from another bonus function. All legionaries land during these turns remain at their positions for the entire duration of the remaining spins. A small movement drop comes to the end, the free turns can not be triggered again.

The gamble functions

The gamble features of Roman Legion can be used by you if you have received a profit. However, this is only available for smaller winning and without using the autoplay function. In addition, you do not have to use any of the two risk games in the online casino if you do not want this. They also decide while playing with one of the two functions when they want to pay off their profit.

Take advantage of the game card version of the risk game, then you have the chance to double your profit. This happens according to the rules whenever you predict the color of the game card pulled next. However, if they typed it, then the profit is unfortunately completely lost.

On the other hand, it looks a bit different from the profit conductor. Although the chances of raising its profit, there are also 50/50, but it should go downwards on the profit conductor, except when it comes to the last level, there is still part of the profit used and exactly the you can pay off.

Conclusion and Roman Legion Play for free

Who prefers car data games that you can spend without much time to read the rules directly, which is exactly right at this slot of Gamomat. The good graphics comes to the game, especially in the symbols, but also the Roman troops marching over the rollers are a true eyes. For the advent of adventurous fun, three bonus functions also contribute!

No question, this trip to the Roman Empire you have to have experienced and therefore you can also with us Play slot machines for free without registration.

Before you move into the battle with real money with the Romans, you must log in to a casino. As part of this application, you grant you Online casinos Experience has shown that a fantastic welcome bonus, which sometimes even starts with free games without deposit.