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Those who loves fruits slots will love the machine game Royal Seven XXL from Gamomat also. With the Royal Seven XXL Slot, Gamomat, the manufacturer of casino played, created a slot that fully satisfies the needs of the followers of such video slots. Because here the fan of this genre finds exactly one thing: fruits without end. And as a creampipe on top of it, there is the lucky number seven. That explains why the Royal Seven XXL Slot has received his title.

We want to take the opportunity to introduce you as comprehensively and accurately as possible to this slot machine. We explain the rules of the game, inform about all properties, the gameplay, count up knowledgeful facts, give tips and tricks to you, so you can win with the ideal strategy as much as possible. But that's not all. You can play Royal Seven XXL for free on this page without registration, because we have at Gamomat the demo version secured. This means you can play Royal Seven XXL for free and get to know all the features in peace. The demo version works for free and without registration. It's that easy.

Royal Seven XXL by Gamomat

Gamomat released Royal Seven XXL online in March 2016. Another video slot with the topic of fruits thus went online and enjoyed countless fans throughout US. The slot appeared with five rolls. Three rows are visible. About this visible grid up to 20 predefined paylines stretching, which extend from the left to the right edge. This "up to" means that you do not have to play Royal Seven XXL with the full number if you do not want. Overall, the game is rather slim. One could say to the essentials limited. On many features has been omitted. What exactly means do you experience in sales about the gameplay. You see it even if you play Royal Seven XXL for free and try it in peace yourself.

First we throw a look at the symbols, the main sign, if you want. As is to be expected, they are all kinds of fruit varieties. We include and sort your value for falling:

  • The seven - according to the name of the game Royal Seven XXL
  • melon
  • Grapes
  • plum
  • orange
  • lemon
  • Cherries

That's a total of seven different characters. Because they are happy and often as "stacked symbols", so stacked symbols appear, it may be good that you have filled several rolls with the same symbol. The whole thing is reflected in the RTP, the theoretical disbursement probability,. This is 96.11%. The volatility is little intoxicating. Winning combinations will create them accordingly often, the profits themselves will rarely be really high in the online casino at the Royal Seven XXL.

How to play Royal Seven XXL Online?

The gameplay from the Royal Seven XXL slot is not too difficult. You can actually follow your own intuition. And that will tell you the following. Before shooting it needs a game of play. You have the opportunity to change multiple set screws to control your risk and the associated winning opportunities yourself. At the Royal Seven XXL online game you do not have to play with all 20 paylines. You can also halve the number and play with ten games. Furthermore, you can set the number of coins that you bet on each retail line and give the coins a value. The use is at the end between a reasonable 0.10 $ per game and 12 $ maximum. Again our tip at the point: You can play Royal Seven XXL for free and explore how what game use is worthwhile for you and how it changes the account balance. You should perceive the opportunity and experiment a bit about.

We had already mentioned. The number of features is strongly limited to the Royal Seven XXL machine game. This is not unusual for fruits slots. If you play Royal Seven XXL, therefore, you will not find wild symbols, no scatter symbols, so that no free spins and no bonus games that leave free spins or other additional gains await.

But there is a very good way to continue to gamble with a win that can be done with a rotation. You can double him with luck or multiply. That depends entirely on your risk-taking. But here it is important to note. You must start any game manually by pressing the Spin Button. The AutoPlay mode skips this so-called Gamble Feature namely. In addition, the feature is impossible for the higher gains. Get to know this feature best by playing Royal Seven XXL for free.

Wild symbol

We already mentioned it. Unfortunately, this search for this. Who knows nothing about it: Wild symbols are jokers who can replace all other symbols and thus lead to more frequent and greater win. In fruit slots, these are rarely before.

Scatter symbol

There is no scatter symbol that brings free spins or the like at Royal Seven XXL online.

Gamble feature

But there is a gamble feature. Whenever a game round ends in manual spin mode with a profit, you have the chance to further increase this profit. There are two options available. At the bottom, several symbols are flashing now. First, a card symbol. If you click on it, a new screen will be displayed. In the middle a hidden card flashes. You can now speculate. Do you want to guess the color of the card icon? With the 50/50 chance you can double the insert. It is a matter of happiness and the courage. If you are right, you can gamble again and win more, you are wrong, goes on with the ordinary game. If you want to split the risk, you can also split the profit and only with half the profit. That too is possible.

The other way to use the gamble feature is the profit conductors. If you click this, a new screen is displayed. You see a ladder with different amounts of money. At its top is the maximum amount you can win. Two amounts flash alternately. One is higher, the other lower than the profit you would have at the moment. Click at the right moment, climb the profit conductors up. In the wrong moment this means a descent. If you play Royal Seven XXL for free, you can try the whole thing without risk and explore if one of the two variants is the better for you.

Conclusion about Royal Seven XXL for free

Our conclusion is: we are a bit torn back and forth. We probably know that it is hard to make the classic fruits slot again and again exciting. But we also know that Gamomat usually sets higher standards, as far as graphics and sound are concerned. The symbols of Royal Seven XXL online do not work very high quality. The sound also has air up, if you understand what we mean.

The gameplay is through and straight, straightforward and keeps a few surprises ready. You should, if interested in the game, play Royal Seven XXL for free without registration. Make yourself a picture of this video slot. You will find this and many similar in most US online casinos. Many you can practice for free. Generally we have a tip for you. If it turns out that Royal Seven XXL will not get your new favorite game, you can still Many other slot machines for free play without registration. We have a lot of it on our pages. Just follow the game descriptions and the links. Look around in peace and try out whatever you wanted to try.

How to play Royal Seven XXL online for real money

If you like the extremely easy-designed Slot Royal Seven XXL and think about playing this for real money, then only too. Are you already registered customer with an online casino? If so, look for Royal Seven XXL there. If you have no darling under the online casinos or your home portal does not have this game in the portfolio, then just use our lists. We have the best online casinos for you glowing and gladly refer to the ones that deserve to be mentioned. If you start as a new customer on a platform, then you should use an action. Get a bonus. Because a bonus always means that the entry into the game is cheaper for real money. If there is a registration bonus, this is a free gift for you. This usually gives either a credit for different games like Royal Seven XXL or Free games without deposit, which you may also be able to use for a whole series of games.

The good is that this type of bonus is easy to get and it does not need a deposit to get this. The successful registration is usually sufficient. If you want to know, in which Online casinos there is this, help our lists at this point.

A tip for all those who did not know that yet. Of the free bonus, the free spells does not mean that they can simply be able to pay off profits that lever with these free spins. These profits are subject to the bonus conditions of the respective portal. This means that they need to implement / use these gains later several times. If there is still a profit on the credit side in this procedure, you can also pay off it to a certain height.