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Ladies and Gentlemen. WE Proudly Present ... Showgirls! Well, we give, the ladies will be less enthusiastic from the machine game showgirls than the gentlemen, but believe us, the game is good and can address both sexes equally. And that's why we are pleased to introduce you to the slot machines Showgirls from Novoline.

SHOWGirls online is a casino game that is assigned to the Videos Lot category. This game comes from the manufacturer Novoline and in November 2014 started its traction in the online casinos in US. The success gives Novoline right. Because the game enjoys great popularity. Before we now respond to the details and explain the rules, explain tips and tricks and explain any strategies, we want to inform about a few facts, because where Novoline on top, quality is in it. You certainly have noticed that if you enjoy themselves and there in online casinos. These manufacturers understand their craft like hardly a second group. We do not know how much 100 games have been published by this development team. Maybe you take a little time in advance and follow our best advice we will surely get to the man often: You should play in advance showgirls for free without registration. That goes directly with us. The pleasure is 100% free. So you can familiarize yourself with the game and features that the showgirls slot offers.

You can expect a video slot with 5 rolls. Three rows form the visible grid. There are 25 paylines over this area. A total of 11 different symbols that we will listen below, there are. The theoretical disbursement probability is 94.93%. This is a medium-prone value for slots of this class. It is allowed to expect a whole lot of profits, with each win being not too high. The richest are the bonus rounds and the gamble feature at Showgirls online, if you have the necessary luck. But later more.

This is the main signs that adorn the rollers. We sort in your value descending:

  • Red heart with "wild"
  • Champagne bottle with "Scatter icon)
  • Blond girl
  • Black-haired girl
  • Red-haired girl
  • Brunette girl
  • Map symbols (A - K - Q - J - 10)

Click on the payable table (called payable) makes it clear why we mentioned that the men may have more fun with the game than the women. It's about the amusement, the temptation by light ladies. And that's why the showgirls are the main characters in the game. Let's explain the gameplay now. That's why it's all about. Here decides when to win how much. For the purpose of better understanding, you should play in parallel showgirls for free.

How to play showgirls online?

Once the game screen is loaded by Showgirls online, you will see the most important controls right in front of you. And also the colorful symbols. You must start to define the game's use. You choose how many paylines you want to serve and how high the use should be. Your commitment - and that also applies if you play showgirls for free - is the benchmark for later profits. The use can be between 0.01 and 125 coins per game round. They control the risk as they would like.

If you play showgirls for free, you can also try to be more courageous than you would normally be. Otherwise, it is advisable to play in this way as they would do it with real money. Fix is always fun when you play showgirls - whether free or money.

If you turn the rollers, you can choose between manual and automatically. Attention. The car pin performs the game independently. As often as you want. But you should know that then the showgirl's gamble feature will skip. And we come to the features.

Wild symbol

The red heart is the wild symbol. It replaces all other symbols except the scatter. That brings more and higher profits.

Scatter symbol

The symbol with the champagne bottle is the scatter symbol. If you see more than 3 of them, it triggers the "Girls Gone Wild Feature". What is that? Try it out and follow our advice: Play showgirls for free!

You get 15 free spells, so free spins. You can win with every turn. If you see a heart on the fifth roll, the chance rises to an additional wild symbol. At the top you see the 4 showgirls. Starting with the left, there is a rose for every game on the right roller. Has received a showgirl 3 roses, it turns on the rollers 2 to 5 also in wild symbols. The result: even more profits.

Gamble feature

If you play for free at the showgirl without registration (or even in the game for real money) with a winning combination a profit, you can play with the showgirl continues to play - in the Gamble Feature. Click Gamble. A new screen is loaded. You see a hidden card. The front will show an AS. But in what color? Decide! If you are right, the profit is doubled, otherwise you had bad luck.

Conclusion about showgirls for free

Who plays showgirls is not disappointed. The gameplay convinces on entire line. The entertainment is not too short. Retroactively, we also believe that both sexes are equally well maintained. do not you believe? Then convince yourself. With us you can different Play slot machines for free without registration. Without obligation. Just for the fun of it. To get to know and practice. It is worth it!

How to play showgirls online for real money

Price question: What is still beautiful as a showgirls for free? Very easily. The showgirls slot to play real profits without having to make a commitment. You probably do not know what we mean. We mean Free games without deposit! Get this kind of bonus. There are casinos with a NO DEPOSIT bonus, which is also available for showgirls online. The whole thing costs nothing, but offers the chance to clear real profits. Try it best with showgirls. It's really worth it!