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Many fresh fruits in all imaginable colors dominate the game Super 7 Reels. The Super 7 Reel Slot of Merkur is a real classic that clearly reminiscent of the analog variants in its design. But it falls in the US online casino Fast up that this game represents a clear simplification of similar games. Mercury has succeeded in releasing us.

A classic slot machine in a new robe - Super 7 Reels from Mercury

You will find that if you play super 7 reels for free without registration. This return on the true values of the machine game exercises a special charm on purists and fans of Super 7 Reels Online. Here you can see in the casino, how the probabilities work. Nothing hides behind complex rules.

The focus at Super 7 Reels online is on the main sign

If you play Super 7 Reels, feel immediately that especially the fruity main signs for the special atmosphere. At Super 7 Reels, it goes squeaked, fast and exciting too. These main signs can be found in the game:

  • Melons
  • Cherries
  • Plum
  • Grapes
  • Lemons
  • Oranges

As many other slots Also, SUPER 7 Reels Online On Building On Five Rollers And Three Rows. For exciting winning combinations, the paylines provide. With five pieces of it, all fixed and not changed in your number, is super 7 reels online. That's enough for the game of Mercury completely out to provide big profits. If the profit is slightly smaller than hoped, so is not a problem. The interestingly designed GAMBLE feature ensures that all players can get a second chance while they play super 7 reels for free without registration, if they want that.

Rules that offer free spaces for fun and tension - the machine games super 7 Reels online

With an RTP value, ie an average repayment rate, of over 96 percent, attractive profits are made possible if you want to play Super 7 Reels for free. What perhaps the one or the other experienced player is surprised, is the fact that it does not need a bloated rules to achieve such a high RTP. The fact that it is so easy to play Super 7 Reels for free is an invitation to players who may have not collected great experience with similar slots before.

In most cases, slots are designed so that a winning combination is paid out only when the first of the three or more same symbols are already on the first, left, roller. This means a read and thus a payout direction from left to right. If you play Super 7 Reels, this rule is completely eliminated. This reduces the waiting times to the next profit considerably. If you want to play Super 7 Reels for free, winning combinations can easily be read from right to left. Also, when the combination begins in the middle of the rolls, it is not a problem. In such a way, the actually low win probability is significantly increased.

The star - a special character, the outstanding

Where are the free spins at Super 7 Reels, so the free spells, and why does not dive wild symbol? Deliberately, the game developers do without these peculiarities. The installation of a scatter symbol you did not have to take. By reducing the peculiarities in the Rules of Super 7 Reels deliberately to a minimum, tips, tricks and a sophisticated strategy are no longer longer bonus. The chances are thus also good for beginners from the beginning. If you play Super 7 Reels for free, you can easily find out that the star is the scatter. He has, as so often, do not trigger the function, special features or even free rounds. He takes practically the role of the strongest main sign. As such he gives big profits and of course the star as Scatter is not bound to the paylines. A mere appearance on the rollers in any position is enough to claim the desired profit for themselves. All this can experience yourself by playing super 7 reels for free.

No risk - no fun - for players who want to have bigger profits

Many profits do not always mean that they are additionally great. Mostly it is so that the profits at Super 7 Reels do not have long to wait long, but mostly these are small. But that does not mean that there is no great potential in them. With the two gamble features, Super 7 Reels will last a surprise that can make the difference:

  • Card Gamble: The task here is to guess the card color. The probability of doubling, but also for the loss of profit, is 50 percent each.
  • Ladder gamble: Here the player climbs a ladder. Every step in which one does not crash, means doubling the previously achieved profit.

The return to the classic game - a conclusion to play online from Super 7 Reels

If you play Super 7 Reels for free, learn the rules. This is quite useful for many other slots. Who fell in US to games like Super 7 Reels, who can be with us Play slot machines for free without registration. Without registration it starts directly. To start in the pleasure for free, it just needs an internet connection. This means that today you can easily play from his smartphone for free. The credits at the beginning of the game are provided and it should not run so well, because you may have to work in the rules, so you just renew his coins or switch to another game where you have more fun.

The Super 7 Reel Slot - that's what he has to offer for real money

Not only how, but also where is a crucial question when it comes to starting well in the game. If you have decided first to try the attempt with real money, you decide in the best case for a licensed named US Casino. There are for example Free games without deposit. These are not just a small jump-off, but also a good motivation. Above all, if these free spins lead to the first win, the game makes the machine a lot of fun with the machine. A comparison before the registration is worthwhile.