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Who is one of the trailers of classic casino slot machines, which will definitely have fun with super flip. Finally, the Developer Play'n Go, From which one is already used to successful automatic games, even here is great features that guarantee a long-lasting game fun. Since super flip is played according to classical rules, this slot is suitable for veterans as well as for novices, which try for the first time. Everything you need about information to master this game can be found in our review. In addition, you can then play with us super flip for free without registration and so free challenge your luck.

Super Flip - Overview and Features

In front of you see a machine in the classic retro design. So all possible symbols are displayed, which is classically looked at as a lucky charm. You will meet, among other things on shamrocks, horseshoes and stars, when you play super flip for free. But there are also the symbols that can be known from a conventional card game (Karo, Cross, Heart, Pik).


The most important thing to play super flip are, of course, as with any other slot, the different symbols that romp on the rolling. Finally, these each round decide again, whether they go out empty or earn juicy gains that fill their play account. After the following main characters, you should look out as you play super flip for free. You can also see here how high the maximum profit multiplier that can bring the particular sign if it appears five times in a winning combination:

  • Karo (X20)
  • Cross (X20)
  • Heart (X20)
  • PIK (X20)
  • Strawberry (X40)
  • Clover Layer (X40)
  • Horseshoe (X80)
  • Star (X80)
  • Diamond (X250)

So you see that it is well worth it to have as many diamonds as possible when you play super flip for free.

The mentioned symbols are not everything yet. Finally, there are also the special symbols that experience experienced players in their function other slots know.

There would be the wild symbol. This is embodied by a golden coin with appropriate violet lettering. It is able to replace all other symbols on the rolls so as to enable profit combinations, or to increase existing ones to increase the reward even further up.

An exception, however, is the scatter symbol that can not be replaced in this way. But that is to be crafted because it comes with helpful features. It is shown by a golden lettering super flip with reverse F, which moves. In addition to the profits that this sign can already distract itself, at least three copies on the rolling also mean that Free games so that they are allowed to rotate the rollers for free 15 times without having to pay a deployment. Meanwhile, the Flipped Reel feature is activated that will continue to increase your profits. In addition, in the free spots, a total of up to 90 free spins can be obtained.


Super Flip is waiting for an unusual melody that is not yet known from other games. So a relaxed atmosphere is sprayed, which only invites you to relax and ensures that the whole thing is not boring.

If you prefer to play without sound, you can easily issue it with just one click on the appropriate icon at the bottom left, so you can play in peace super flip.

Gamble feature

To make the gaming experience all the more exciting, Play'n Go has not to be taken to provide super flip with a gamble feature. So you can increase your profit after a successful round again. For that you only have to click on the gamble button. Then you can put on which card is next revealed. A special feature at the Super Flip Slot is that you can not only announce the color here, but can also put on the concrete playing card icon.
Put on the color (black or red) and keep right, your previously achieved profit is doubled. Put on one of the four symbols (check, cross, heart or pik) and have success, they will even be rewarded with fourfold profit.

So you can play super flip online

As already mentioned, Super Flip is played by Play'n Go after the classic rules of conventional slot machines. So you can see five rolls each with three symbols in front of you when you play super flip for free. Extend over these rolls, always from left to right up to 20 paylines on which the symbols have to be strung so strung so that winning combinations arise, thereby rewarding them when they play super flip online.

The number of payments can be set according to their preferences, with at least one and a maximum of 20 lines being played. Since the use is provided at Super Flip for each profit line, therefore, this also affects the round of lap.


If you play Super Flip online without registration, you can also determine the commission to be paid for each roll before each round. You can choose here between one and at most five coins per line.

Tips and Tricks

In particular, if you have not yet much experience with games like super flip, you should first familiarize yourself with all rules and features. First, play in favor of playing money to minimize the risk of loss and leverage a suitable strategy while learning how the super flip slot works.

If you want to make it easy, you can make use of the autoplay function so that the spins will be executed automatically.

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If your interest is awakened and you want to make yourself a picture of super flip, you can do this online. On our side you can namely Numerous casino games free without registration Try out and play super flip for free.

Super flip online to play real money

If you then familiarized yourself with this masterpiece of Play'n Go, you can play it in US for real money. You should look for you where you can Good casino bonus without deposit be offered. With us you will find US online casinos that waving with a good bonus.