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USA have already come to us in our machine tester career games to all imaginable topics. So we accepted, we have already experienced everything and nothing could surprise us more. mistake! The other day we were invited to the Texas Tea and a better taught. Igt has found a topic that is so specifically that we did not know it in the form. The Texas Tea Slot is unique, namely a very charming! Convince yourself by playing Texas Tea for free! But please get our tips and the game instructions in German!

So entertaining is the Texas Tea Slot

Since we do not travel privately right now, we enjoy our freedom online! And where could one better than in the US, exactly said in the state of Texas? Prima, finally get out of US again and let the wind blow in a classic car convertible around the nose. This possibility we have to owe IGT, an extremely creative machine manufacturer. Above Igt Should you find out that in their games a trick and cartoon style is often used. So is the Texas Tea Slot squeeple. We liked the richly illustrated rolls very well and the tour with Texas Tea also. We encounter funny features such as a cute beetleier. In addition, we came past an oil tower.

Texas is known for oil funding, as we immediately asked if Texas Tea is a kind of synonym for the black gold. Since we can see how much it is still to learn for the USA. But we did not persecute this question, because Texas Tea required our whole attention. When we probably the first winning combinations and Free games find? The tension rose with every second and we were very very excited about the Texas Tea.

Colorful and packed with possibilities, this is Texas Tea of IGT

We have to say Texas Tea of IGT has saved us the day. Outside it was cloudy and gray, but the slot machine picked up our fun level on a maximum. We dreamed of Hawaii and enjoyed the cool sounds that accompanied us. Our strategy was to leave it entirely and above all for free. That was not a problem at all, because Texas Tea is available online in free mode and we have of course brought the machine game to our site. Finally, we want to experience that you can experience Texas Tea for free without registration whenever you want! But before you pull and get started in the casino without registration, we'll show you a few tricks that could be of use if you play Texas Tea for free.

So you can play Texas Tea for free without registration

If you start Texas Tea once, you will see immediately why the game is so popular. All features and rules you know from other slot machines can also find them here. All deposit settings can be achieved and modifying a simple accessible menu, according to your mood. The game is played on a total of nine paylines distributed to the five rolls. While the way of playing Texas Tea is simply and joyful at the same time, you will notice that the bonus functions are the icing on the pie or accordingly the tip of the oil tower.

Main sign at Texas Tea

One of the main attractions is certainly the great selection of main signs. These are not only scary butterfly, but also give them profits when they set them correctly in a payline. Every symbol brings different profits, so it may be tricky to keep all profit symbols in the head. Fortunately, we have the perfect help. After thorough analysis, we found the best symbols and sorted them to the following list. The further you look down on the list, the better the profits:

  • The four types of florals
  • The car, the bull and the plane
  • The armotype
  • The Texas Tea icon

Bonus functions at Texas Tea

You will encounter some bonus features that you will like. Starting with the Oil Dividend Bonus. For this you must see the Scatter icon three times or more frequently on a screen. Depending on how often it appears, you have the chance to draw a random gain of a previously defined profit margin based on your use. This can also be tremendous and should therefore be exploited as often as possible. The Big Oil Bonus is quite similar, because whenever you get a winning line of three or more symbols, you can collect a random profit when you play Texas Tea for free. Free spins or a wild icon does not exist here.

Texas Tea Play for free - our judgment

Explore the paylines without time pressure, do not use real money, all completely free. Texas Tea is a welcome change when it packs the wanderlust. You can no-binding along the highway and look how you like Texas Tea Online. You can with us Other casino games free without registration Test and thus find it great, which will make your favorite slot for a later real money game. Maybe it's texas tea? We think that Texas Tea online is one of the "American" slots you can find. Everything can do nothing, that's the American Way of Online Casino. Under this motto you can play Texas Tea for free!

Texas Tea to play real money? Not easy wait and drink tea

They would like a few dollars travel money? This idea will inform you with many people. Before the temperament blows with them, but at least briefly step on the brake and think very reasonably, which casino you give your trust. With us you will find a lot of serious providers who are suitable for this. Not only because there is one there Casino bonus without deposit gives, but because you should play a game to play money only in the audited online game hall. This applies to Texas Tea as well as for all other games. Never sit under pressure, but spend a relaxed and fun time with Texas Tea online, also in the change between real money and game money mode.