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Today is a very special day for us as an absolute dog fans, because we are allowed to give you the Dog House Slot of the Automatic Games-Schmiede Pragmatic Play introduce. To say it right now, this is a totally crazy online slot, which will blow up your imagination. Take a look at YouTube, there are videos where players in a free play 90.000 and even 129.Win 000 euros. In a free game! It is unnecessary to say that this slot is very highly volatile.

Play the Dog House online: The first impression

So let's go, let's take a closer look at this grenade. The Dog House is a bright color and has a cheerful presentation reminiscent of a children's play or cartoon for children. Here you can see a wooden year market bude decorated with a lamp chain. This year market building is the Dog House, a kind of paradise for dogs. In the background one recognizes a typical American detached house where the owners live. All this can be experienced up close by playing the Dog House for free.

A totally crazy machine game

Surname: The Dog House RTP: 96.51%
Manufacturer: Pragmatic Play Paylets: 20
Volatility: Very high Topic: Dog slot
Main sign: Doberman Miscellaneous: Free Spins, Sticky Wilds, Multipliers

The characters of the slot machine The Dog House

Four cute residents share the Dog House: a lovely look at Doberman, a friendly Yorkshire Terrier with bow in the hair, a slightly crazy exhausting pug and a funny-natural dachshund. What a mixture. The sound also remembers cheerful year market music, which is underlaid with a well-humored bark. At first she looks a bit overhead, but once you played the Dog House online a little longer, you realize that this over-rotated sound suits just such a highest volatile slot.

The Dog House is a game that is a treat for true high scooters. Here you can set a maximum game of play of 100 $ per spin. Together with the very high volatility, profit opportunities arise here, such as record gains on YouTube. These were won with a game of gaming of 50 euros. Of course, it is extremely rare to meet so good winning combinations.

However, it really makes it easy for the Dog House online to be optimistic, because this game just shines pure joy.

Play the Dog House

Before you do anything else, please first make the game use. Usually get used to the best by playing the Dog House for free without registration. Because if you play the Dog House later for real money, you do not want to come to the wrong key with a slot with a maximum use of 100 euros. For this you can finally play the Dog House for free for you to familiarize yourself in peace with the slot machines. Best of all take a look at the US rules.

Here is the most important thing at a glance:

  • 5 × 3 roll set
  • Very high volatile
  • 20 paylines
  • Scatter symbol that triggers the Free Spins
  • A game sequence where it is exposed, like Many free spells you receive
  • Sticky Wild: An adhesive wild symbol that can appear on the middle three reels.
  • Wild multiplier: x2 or x3 multiplier

Do not worry, of course we are still in detail on everything. However, this listing shows that The Dog House of Pragmatic Play is a little more complex slot where it goes up.

The basic game

When you play The Dog House online, it's a lot going on in the basic game. It's a game where you have constant heart grasses and the adrenaline is distributed right literally. This is just because the paw print with the lettering "bonus" on it and the golden, three-dimensionally illustrated dog coaches will reveal very regularly, whether you play the Dog House for free or enjoy the game with real money. The problem, however, is the paws that appear only on rollers 1, 3, and 5 are almost always the light and only twice. And every time you almost get a heart attack because you know exactly what happens when this paw printing appears three times on the field ... then the free spells come and they are really extreme. But the same more.

In addition, you have already done in the base game Welding wet, because of course the dog huts as a game and multiplier (X2 or X3) can of course bring even violent profits. For example, if you have two wilds and twice the Doberman on a payline. That would be four times the main sign, multiplied by X4 to X6. So if you tend to faints in front of the screen, this roller coaster ride is probably nothing for you ...

Please clear yourself: where light is, there is also shadows. Because somewhere, the money for these mega gains must come too. Well, Pragmatic Play gives the players super-fair 96.51% as distributions again, nonetheless one has a game that offers such profit opportunities, even long thirst trails. Also that makes the Dog House play a wild ride under full-adrenaline.

Time to cheer: Freespiele at The Dog House

If the luck is Hold and you will see the paw print on the roll set, you can definitely start to cheer, because in contrast to the free games of many other games, it is quite likely that you can now clearly clear off. The question is just how to full ... Should you play the Dog House for free, but can only be achieved to play money gains.

First, see a different room of the wooden hut, where the Dobermann turns on an apparatus with cranks and rollers. This determines how many free games you get. Mostly it is well over 10. Looking alone, hardly stand out before tension.

Then it goes right to the point. Now it matters that you quickly get as many dog huts as possible. Because they stick as Sticky Wilds and always have a multiplier of X2 or X3. The multipliers on the roller set are added together. So if you already glue three dog hoods in the fourth of, for example, 14 days, with x2, x2 and x3, then all gains x7 are expected for the remaining 10 free spins. And with every free game, more Sticky Wilds can happen. As soon as you have a few Sticky Wilds, you have to hope that several wilds are also side by side, best from the second roll (it can only appear on the middle three reels). For if you have a game on a winning line alone only on the second and third reel, only a high sign still on the first roll must come and it is already three times by the two wilds and wins it. Then the multipliers are correct, really fun.

So you can imagine what a profit potential is in this game ..

Here the bonus functions are clearly explained

Basic game:

  • Doghouse on the middle three reels acts as a wild symbol and replaces all images except the scatter symbol. At the same time it is a multiplier of x2 or x3.
  • Paw print is the scatter symbol. If you have it three times or more, the free game feature is triggered. There is no difference whether you have three or more paws, because the number of free games is determined by a separate playing field by chance.

Freespiel feature:

  • First, the Doberman sets on the apparatus with crank, how many free games you get.
  • During the free spells, the Sticky Wilds stick. All multiplier values on the roller set are added together. During the free-play features, no further games can be obtained.

Tips and Tricks

If you like modern machine games, The Dog House will delight you. In order for this somewhat more complex slot the maximum is highlighted, here are a few tips and tricks. Make sure you do not play with too high game inserts. Although in US is a dedication to 100 $ possible, but it is important to remember that this slot is highly volatile. So, when choosing your gaming insert, calculate longer thirst trails, otherwise you will be out of the money before you reach the most demanded free spells.

Conclusion: Play the Dog House for free

A good strategy is to get a feeling for a feeling of how long the thirst trails can be and how long it can take to the free games by playing the Dog House for free without registration. So you can calculate how much credit you should have ready and with which game use you can risk.

Our portal is a real place where you can practice completely uncomplicated without registration. Of course for free. This is the best website where you are numerous Casino games free without registration be able to play.

Experience the Dog House with real money

If you have truly trained for free and get a good feeling for how the game of the The Dog House Slots is, you will certainly have you to get to this game hammer for real money in the Casino to play. The game is just suited to miss it. Such a profit potential and an RTP of 96.51% can not be found every day. To maximize your fun, we have the Best Casino bonus without deposit Goed out, which we could find for you in German.

Now it is only in the hands of fate, whether they clearly clear. We wish you from the heart.