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Although Tizona is an extremely modern slot, the machine game takes the users into one long ago with. Knights, castles, swords, bulging treasure chairs and horses are the main sign in this very popular slot machine from the Home Mercury. We now want to explain the rules of the game to our readers and have also put together some targeted tips and tricks with which Tizona online is even more pleased.

Submit online with Tizona in the world of heroic knights

Among the US players and even in users from many other countries, the Tizona Slot is also so popular because of the RTP. The theoretical payout rate of the slot machine is 96.06%.

At Tizona there are five rollers, each of which shows three symbols. These are the following pictures:

  • king
  • lock
  • horse
  • chest
  • armor

In addition, there is still the map symbols 10 to ASS, which are likely to be known most users of so many other slot machines. In addition, there is a scatter symbol represented as a shield at this machine, and the sword embodying the wild symbol.

With the lovingly designed profit symbols, successful animations and perfectly matching sound, it has been able to create a Casino game of the extra class to the provider Merkur.

User, who tried it on our website and play Tizona for free, will also quickly realize that the machine has some additional features, which is even more exciting, and high gains possible. We will discuss these features in detail in the following paragraph.

The special features make Tizona from Merkur so exciting

The Tizona Slot has ten paylines that extend from left to right. These can not be activated by the players individually or deactivated or deactivated, but are always all active.

The highest profit in the regular game round the king introduces, but also the other image symbols ensure good profits in the online casino. It will be particularly interesting if the additional functions from Tizona come into play.

Wild icon with extras

Who plays Tizona online, will always be happy to see the picture of the sword, because this is the game and allows for further profit combinations by replacing the regular symbols and thus produces a closed row of equal symbols.

The further right the sword appears, the more valuable it is, because it slides with each rotation further to the right. So it's at the beginning on the fifth roller, there will be four more turns to see. It is therefore useful not to stop playing while still seeing a sword on rolling two, three, four or five. Otherwise you would do without a guaranteed game in the next round. Of course, if the user Tizona wants to play for free, this strategy does not matter, of course, as it is only about virtual game money anyway.

Free spins with special functions

Already the regular play makes a lot of fun on this knight slot, but Tizona is really interesting online, especially when the free spells begin. These are triggered by the scatter, which must be seen three times when the rolls stop. On which payline the scatter symbols appear, is not relevant. More Scatters also mean more free games. the Free games are free for the users, so no renewed use will be deducted from the credit. Each scatter that appears during free spins will also be credited to a scale. As soon as four scatters have appeared, the wild is twice as high and thus ensures that the players at Tizona online more. With a total of eight shields, the sword is already three fields high, and when the user creates the Tizona playing to show twelve shields, it becomes "wild on reel" and is thus seen throughout the roller.

Risk features can increase the profit at Tizona

In addition to the exciting features that Tizona make a very popular slot very popular in US, the two are also available for Mercury's typical risk functions. With the card risk or the risk manager, it is possible with a little luck to double the profit several times. Both functions can also try interested casino fans when they play Tizona for free. But no one should be too greedy when playing a real balance, because after all, the risk function is also possible to lose the risked profit.

Test yourself: play Tizona for free without registration

We want interested users Casino games free without registration can test in order to try to try out at home, whether you really like the game. Of course you can play Tizona for free without registration. So you do not need real money to test the popular knight slot completely for free once. If you should come to the taste for free at the Tizona, you can of course log in at any time in a casino that has Tizona in his program. We can only recommend every casino fan to try Tizona online once.

Tizona play with real money and real win

If Tizona likes to give you so well after the first test that you want to play the game with real missions, you should look for a suitable online casino. Without registration, play is not possible, but reputable providers are responsible with the data entrusted to them.

When using real money, you must at Tizona at least 0.Put 10 $. The maximum use per game round is 20 $. For some internet casinos, you can even give yourself the first missions from the arcade and play with real money Tizona for free. For one small casino bonus without deposit You just have to register with these online tracks only and make a start credit or a few free spins automatically appear on your account.

If you decide to pay yourself a little money yourself, the bonus is even higher. Many online casinos For example, double the first payments of your customers and also free spins are often part of the welcome package.