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Also in US, everyone who has taken care of history lessons has previously or later have heard of the huge legendary palace in Versailles, in the once the Sun Queen Ludwig XIV. house. With this time, Versailles gold sits apart apart. It is a slot that you can play online without registration. It's worth it, because here is an exciting slot machine with a topic, which has not been seen in the world of rolling yet.

On our page you can play Versailles Gold for free without registration. How the game works and everything you need to know, so your virtual excursion in the France of the 17. Century succeed, read here.

Design and features of Versailles Gold Online

If one thinks of France's history, the luxurious buildings and more or less well-minded kings are incurred immediately, which shaped the history of this country. Versailles gold deals with this topic and puts as the name suggests, in the regency of the self-proclaimed sunny queen. The game was created by the manufacturer EGt, which for the historical topics of his Slot machine is known.


Again, this workup is once again good. This is already evident in the optics of Versailles Gold. Gold is literally to take here, as here, a royal palace worthy, numerous gilded elements are found, which adorn the image of the machine.

If you look at the name, it is also little surprising that a huge palace fills the image background of the Versailles gold slots. This splendor then continues in the representation of the rolls, which are gold-dyed and decorated symbols.

However, at all detailed and all optical gapies, the slot is by no means confusing, which is important especially for novices for which the game events can otherwise be frustrating quickly.


There are a variety of different symbols that make up the game fun of Versailles Gold online. In order to be able to play successfully, it is always important to look at the symbols in advance and gain an overview of which main signs are included in the game.

You should know the following characters:

  • 10, J, Q
  • K, A
  • The coach
  • The clergyman
  • The princess
  • Ludwig XIV.

While these symbols are already able to yield considerable profits, there is also a special symbol of Versailles Gold, as it already knows it from EGS.

The wild symbol is embodied by a golden sun that alludes on the nickname of Ludwig as a sunny king. Especially here is that this character is a game and a scatter symbol in one. So it is able to replace all signs on the rolls to complete profit combinations and as a bonus it still acts as a scatter, so it free free games trigger. Always, if there are at least three suns on the rolls, twelve free spins are triggered.

To make the thrill perfect, there is also a gamble feature, as well as a jackpot feature that allows you to create immense profits while playing Versailles Gold for free.

The Gamble Feature allows you to increase earnings in Versailles Gold again by guiding the correct color of a hidden playing card. If you are right, your profit is doubled.

The Jackpot feature offers an ever-increasing jackpot, which is randomly played by all players, which just challenge their luck with Versailles gold, by arbitrarily triggering the Mystery bonus feature after a lap.

So you can play Versailles Gold for free

The game principle is very easy. Therefore, Versailles Gold is also perfect as an introduction to novices, which deals with the world of machine games in Online Casino want to make familiar.

If you play Versailles gold online, you will see five rolls in front of you where three symbols are located. After you have determined your use, you can move these rolls in motion by clicking on the start button. The pattern that the symbols will give as soon as the rollers come to stand, then decides whether they receive a reward or go out empty.

There are ten different paylines, each running on different tracks over the rollers. For a successful round, winning combinations must be created by lending the symbols several times on a payable line. If this succeeds, you get a profit whose amount depends on the value of the respective symbol, which is then multiplied by the deployment. Then you can start a new round Versailles gold.

Before each round, you can also restart the use to play Versailles Gold for free. The value to be provided amounts to ten diamonds here. If you want to challenge your luck, you can risk up to 200 diamonds to grab the really high profits.

Tips and Tricks

For beginners, it often seems tempting to start directly with the high missions to earn as sudden possible profits. Especially if you do not have so much experience, it is quite advisable to initially act at first by playing by smaller inserts Versailles Gold. So you can familiarize yourself with all the rules and features without any risk, before they risk more. If you then caught up a strategy, you can still increase the risk.

Play Versailles Gold for free without registration

the Developer of EGT Powered here, to create a unique gaming experience with a novel and exciting topic. Also, the features of knowledge convince at full line. A look at the Versailles Gold Slot is well worth it. With us you can make yourself a picture of the slot machine by playing on our side Versailles Gold for free. For this we have this and Many more casino games free without registration on offer.

Play Versailles Gold online for real money

Note that happiness is on your side while you play Versailles Gold for free, you can consider whether you want to earn correct real money gains. You can also play the slot about real money and in a US game room from one Casino bonus without deposit benefit, with which you can go directly and can play Versailles Gold.