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Alice in Wonderland stands for a colorful and magical entertainment. A true classic that fascinates people for decades. And that's exactly what Big Time Gaming has finally recognized and creating a magical casino game implementation with White Rabbit. The game is the perfect interpretation of a great story and the gameplay is grateful to the well-known colorful specifications. White Rabbit puts playful standards and professional players love this new challenge. A classic meets innovative game ideas, so present WHITE Rabbit by Big Time Gaming the players.

White Rabbit - The Wonderland of winning

The Australian Spieler Big Time Gaming has transformed the idea of Alice in Wonderland excellently into an exclusive online casino game fun. White Rabbit Online takes up new features that so far not in the Casino world have occurred. The innovative Feature Drop System will certainly provide for a sensation. Players love win lines and profit routes. White Rabbit offers a lot of profit routes: up to 248.832 are possible here. The professional player heads from joy and can barely expect the start. White Rabbit Means fun, good entertainment and many winning opportunities. A lucrative gaming package is rounded off with an impressive graphical implementation and the right sound failure. At White Rabbit Online just fits everything. You are welcome to try the game for free.

Corner data and facts about White Rabbit

  • Payout ratio: 97.72%
  • Number of rolls: five
  • Scatter symbol: yes
  • Wild symbol: yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Profit routes: 248.832
  • Use: 0.10 to 20,00 $
  • Bonus rounds: Yes

Phenomenal slot adventure with profit transducers

Five rolls roll in luck. With the correct symbols, the player can quickly screw up the winarometer at White Rabbit. Each roll has between two and seven symbols. And if as many symbols as possible roll roll, the higher the winning opportunity for the player. For example, if seven symbols are run per roll, the 16 means.807 Megaways. What Megaways are? An innovative implementation of the Manufacturer Big Time Gaming. Interchangeable rollers describes the scenario excellently. The number of symbols varies with every rotation and so new and higher profit opportunities can occur again and again. A feature every player loves fast. Enormous profits and a certain tension are the main features of the special feature that is equally appreciated by professionals and new entrants.

The symbols and their factors

The following symbols will meet the players and depending on the number increases the multiplier. And there are not a few main signs that can fill up the winarometer with a little luck.

The Queen - the trump card of the game

  • 5 times means 25
  • 4 times means 10
  • 3 times means 5
  • 2 times means 2

The red gemstone

  • 5 times means 5
  • 4 times means 1
  • 3 times means 0.5

The blue gemstone

  • 5 times means 2
  • 4 times means 0.5
  • 3 times means 0.3

The green gem

  • 5 times means 2
  • 4 times means 0.5
  • 3 times means 0.3

The Grinskatze - a well-known symbol from the Alice in Wonderland series

  • 5 times means 2
  • 4 times means 0.3
  • 3 times means 0.2

The hat maker - another cult character with profit potential

  • 5 times means 1,3
  • 4 times means 0.3
  • 3 times means 0.1

The teapot - here too an important factor

  • 5 times means 0.7
  • 4 times means 0.2
  • 3 times means 0.1

And who hits the twins, he had luck this time

  • 5 times means 1.9
  • 4 times means 0.3
  • 3 times means 0.2

The wild symbol - known and popular

A lady named Alice and her mirror symbolize the wild symbol. Of course, suitable for the topic chosen. Even with White Rabbit, the wild symbol serves as a joker and replaces other symbols on the rollers. The best shoot and a secure knob the player is known to get through a regular play. Here is the option that you can play White Rabbit for free and the first experiences with the wild icon can record. Just newcomers love this possibility and play in the real money mode slowly and without loss.

The sleeping surprise and the scatter symbol

White Rabbit Online offers a variety of surprises and the player is literally waiting for the next virtual sweets. That would be the caterpillar for example. The little sleeping giant, which laid on a mushroom to rest. Rolls the caterpillar, then random up to four bonus wilds can be thrown on the rolls. With a funny animation, the caterpillar blows the smoke of the shisha on the rollers and thus produces the bonus wilds. If it comes to profit now, then this is counted right up to time three. To make the caterpillar smoke online at White Rabbit online, some revolutions are needed. It is recommended that you play White Rabbit for free and wait for the caterpillar.

And still waits the main actor and name of the game on his use. As a scatter symbol, the White Rabbit now finally occurs in action. What is his job? To give the player fifteen free spells. How it works? The white buns must roll on the rolls two, three and four at the same time and the winarometer can already with the Free Spins be filled. Have you feel like trying? Then you should immediately play White Rabbit for free and try again and again. The first successes will be quickly adjusted and the game fun is guaranteed.

The cupcake extension - a great feature that tastes

Cupcakes only exist in the free play mode and these taste the player with certainty. If a cupcake rolls, then suddenly the sixth roll is unlocked. With a little luck and skill, this can hold up to twelve rows. If the queen still visits the field, then it smashes right in the profit plan. White Rabbit is a lucrative and entertaining affair that comes up with many small surprises.

Players should first use the free option. You can play the White Rabbit Slot without registration and develop the necessary feeling. This is a prestigious schedule for professional players so that they prepare for later real money mode.

Playing Mobile Mobile - The Wonderland to Go

Why not use the time and put the rollers on the way? White Rabbit is available in US for example in the mobile version. Whether on the smartphone or the tablet, the entertaining machine game is also a real highlight in the mobile variant. As a recommendation here is here, a large display simply puts the game fun better. The many small details and animations make more fun. You can enjoy the online casino world to go and do not need to do without seconds on this budding classic. Expressed in German, on the way again the cash register improving, well-minded Fortuna assumed.

A new game system excited - the modern online casino entertainment

They too would like to Casino games for free without registration? In the series tips and tricks, the gathering of experiences is at the top of the strategy of players. White Rabbit Free play is a perfect entry into the colorful casino world. And if then the free play rounds start, then the player feels in the casino world arrived. The free spins at White Rabbit can be achieved in two ways. The well-known and playful option, three scatter symbols roll one and the free turns start. But the developers from the White Rabbit Slot have yet to introduce another special feature. How about it could buy free games? Unconventionally, for example, 12 free games can be worried. A hitherto unknown solution that brings the player in temptation. Ultimately a countable investment. Because almost every free play round ensures coins in the cash register. It is a slot machine with many surprises, a true classic with a lot of potential.

You should play White Rabbit for free and get started directly. Whether new entrants or professional, the handling is quickly overlooked and the unknown features are internalized after a few minutes. Who wants to experience exciting and profitable moments as a player, which are also incredibly well animated, which is exactly right here. With us you can play White Rabbit for free without registration and directly with a pinch of happiness the first profits retract.

Use the benefits and collect the bonus

Take advantage of the many welcome presents as a player and start with the profit maximization immediately. For example, the Casino bonus without deposit An optimal start signal. With a payout rate of over 97% it is worthwhile. Immediately and fast roll certainly the first white rabbits or maybe the queen one.

An exciting online casino game in the style of a real classic

The right to the classic of all stories is incredibly detailed. Alice in Wonderland not only serves as a template and inspiration, but was selected as a stand-alone game theme. Anyone who chooses the higher missions at this game will ultimately reward in the Alice in Wonderland style, ultimately rewarded. This is of course very interesting and exciting especially in real money mode. A tip so that you can better overlook the rules: you should first play White Rabbit for free without registration and earning important experience points. So the experienced players go to a game. Whether Profi or Casino newcomers, this game was definitely developed for real happiness knights. Here it goes fast, boredom and loss of time until the next spin here are wrong. The voltage sheet draws like a red thread through the gameplay. A true classic was created here, which is still for great entertainment after hours. The game makes it possible.