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If you come from US, then you have already dreamed one or the other somewhat to seek the distance and explore the remote corners of the earth. Much more exotic and further than the Easter Islands does not work. All the more exciting is this Online slot machine from Gamomat, who deals with the miraculous and wild world of this place.

With Wild Rapa Nui of Gamomat, you dive into an exciting world where there are also great treasures in addition to different species and mysterious monuments. This machine game is suitable for both the experts of casino as well as for novices that are looking for a simple but exciting entry into the world of machines.

On our site you have the opportunity to explore this wonderful world yourself and with a little luck to earn big profits by playing Wild Rapa Nui for free without registration. All information required and explanations are available here.

Featuring and features of Wild Rapa Nui Slots

The Easter Islands, located in the southeast of the Pacific, are known for their juicy green meadows, extensive primary forests and the forming volcanoes. There is little surprise that exactly these design elements were integrated with Wild Rapa Nui, making them a unique atmosphere full of exoticism while they play Wild Rapa Nui for free. In addition, the endless widths of the deep blue ocean are presented, which further strengthens the feeling of a remote island far away from the home.

As far as the picture background. Before that, Wild Rapa Nui's lettering traverses in brown and green letters, so no question arises where they are currently. Among them are the rollers on which everything goes. They are decorated in a dark brown, which is ideal with a colorful and light background, so they always keep the overview when they play Wild Rapa Nui for free.

Seamlessly, the different symbols also join in the topic. In addition to the playing card symbols, you also have it with exotic animals, sculptures and natural phenomena.

It is important between the main signs, which are only for pure profits and to distinguish the special characters that are once again equipped with very own functions.

The main signs are the following at Wild Rapa Nui:

  • J
  • Q
  • K
  • A
  • White feather
  • egg
  • humming-bird
  • Sea turtle
  • penguin

Add to that the wild symbol and the scatter symbol.

With the game you have to do it at Wild Rapa Nui online always when you see the stone sculpture on the roll. With the exception of the scatter, it is able to replace all other symbols to generate even greater profits.

The scatter is a motive in which a volcano breaks out what the sky is wrapped in a dangerous orange. This can cause you free games for free, with which you can play a few rounds without use Wild Rapa Nui for free. For this, at least three scatters must appear. The more it will, the more More Free Spins You can earn.

Gamble feature

While playing Wild Rapa Nui online, Gamomat is also the opportunity to further increase your profit after a successful round. There is a risk game in the form of a ladder on which different winning levels flash. After clicking the appropriate button, you either land on a higher earnings level or to zero, so your win is in Wild Rapa Nui. Therefore, you should always enjoy the gamble feature with caution when you play Wild Rapa Nui for free.

Wild Rapa Nui online play

First of all, you have to decide how big the deployment you are willing to risk. This is the basis for being able to play Wild Rapa Nui.

Then you can start the lap and move the rollers in motion. There are five pieces from these rolls, which are arranged side by side and on which three different symbols are located. After round start, the rollers of Wild Rapa Nui then in motion. Whether you get a profit or go out empty, decides as soon as the rolls come back to stand.

In addition to the use, you can also have the number of paylines with which you want to play Wild Rapa Nui online. So you can play either with 10, 20 or a maximum of 30 paylines. On these, it is then necessary to arrange one of the symbols several times for winning combinations.

The number of set lines also depends on the use, as this is provided for each set profit line. The minimum insert per line is at Wild Rapa Nui 0.01 coin. Maximum you can spend 0.60 coins, which is then multiplied by the number of payments.

Tips and Tricks

In particular, if you are not so experienced with this game, you should first take it best a bit quieter. Play free of charge for lower bets to calculate the risk better. So you can consider an adequate strategy without registration after you have met all the rules of Wild Rapa Nui. The autoplay feature offers you the opportunity to sit back relaxed while the automatic turning of the rollers brings you profits.

Wild Rapa Nui Free play without registration

To make yourself a picture of this exotic island, you should try the Wild Rapa Nui Slot just try yourself. You can also Many other casino games free without registration Try out our page.

Gamomat has created a handsome slot with great features that promises a lot of fun. Challenge your luck with a virtual holiday by playing Wild Rapa Nui for free.

To play real money Wild Rapa Nui

But not only game money gains are waiting for you on the island. Instead, they also have the opportunity to play with real money to drive proper bonuses. For this you will find many offers from us US online casinos, Waving the Bonus.

So you can win real money while discovering the world of Wild Rapa Nui for yourself. Here is yours Casino bonus without deposit, with which you can get started directly.